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August 30, 2012



Draw a picture of that silly LibTard Carole! She tells LuAnn that saying 'Indian' instead of 'Native American' is politically incorrect - LoL! Though thought the really cool, right-on band playing at LuAnn's x-mas party telling everyone they wanted to F*ck u in the Azz was just so hip!!!
She takes the place of those two Friuts/Nuts/Flakes - Alex and Simon that got thrown off the show!!!


Don't you love it when people call liberals lib tards- guess I am a lib tard so here goes
good job on the t shirt. and just to piss off Stacie - Obama 2012


I just discovered your blog, just discovered this post, and just discovered that iced tea hurts coming out of my nose. Thanks for the riotous laughter, even if I am several months late to the party.

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