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July 19, 2012



Welcome back Gilmore. You've been missed! Please please please give us a drawing of the NY husbands. I'm finding that the new ones (Aviva's, Heather's) should provide some very creative characterizations.


Thanks for the treat!
In typical HW style, they are all talking at once.
You nailed it :~]


Great drawing as usual, I'm with you and said the same thing on another blog about Heather I want her to keep driving Ramona batty so she finally snaps and runs amok in bra and spanks down 5th avenue.


OMG I love yor artwork. I went back and looked at all the RHOC pictures. They are hysterical. Great job!


Geeeeeeeeez, that's a funny painting. You got them spot on, again. I hate them all. That Heather is so fug I cringe. I want to steal Aviva's leg and beat them all with it.

Italiano bambino

Love ur drawing SO spot on..

Ps- u got a new Fan :)

The Other Anne


Please grace us with an OC Reunion drawing. So much material to choose from-your beloved Vicki telling her pregnant daughter to shut up, Barbara Mandrell and her youngest sister (I forget her name-Lerleen??), Andy running from a bird, and Brooks. Complete with four kids from two (not three!) different women...


Hello guy, are you know that everyday i visit in the pretty on the outside site.........


Do carol!! And her big ass Nose lol...

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