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June 06, 2012


Nicole Rand

THANK YOU for speaking the truth about Ramona! Why she has so many fans, I'll never know. Her odd syntax, constant repetition and lack of any refinement is grating.

Also, the new gal's name is actually Carole. Radziwill. Married to the son of a Prince (and Jackie O's sister). So, technically, she's a princess. Not seeing her throw that title around. She's also won Emmys and a Peabody for journalism. I was also widowed at a young age. . . my husband also died from Cancer. So, obviously, I adore her.

And Aviva?? Heaven!

Thanks again for your spot on insights!!


Gilmore - did you catch the Ramona/Heather confab in Heather's office?? Heather talks about how her son had a horrible liver problem at 6 months (or something like that). Ramona comes back with "my daughter was born dead". I couldn't believe it! The ultimate one upmanship!


I just wanted to say that you always always make me laugh. Sometimes you really really need that. xoxo


Anyone else see the resemblence between Aviva and Claudia Schiffer???


Great recap as always DG and who gives a flying fuck how Carole spells her name.

yeah Aviva and Claudia, as is if Aviva would be her MOTHER!

Nicole Rand

Relax. I was just clarifying her name was Carole not Caroline. Not a big deal. . . .


Then why bother to clarify it to begin with? It doesn't matter who she is and what she's done, as long as she plays her part.

Nicole Rand

Never mind. I'm totally on David's side, just clarifying her name. . . and the fact that I like her because we were both young widows. Sorry it upset you so much.


Your forgiven


DG, your Ramona drawings always make me lol even though the expression is usually the same. Briliance! Have you ever done a Sonya drawing? I'm not sure if I have ever noticed one? Anyway, she is a sexy mama but can look like slightly bird-like sort of like a Hilton too. Do you think? There has got to be a hell of an image there!

Bryan, quit picking on Nicole, and btw it is you're forgiven, not your forgiven.

Your blogger

Thanks everyone for commenting.
Nicole, I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. Life can wonderful and also horrifying at times. Wow, I just can't imagine losing a partner like that. Hopefully time has eased the pain.

JNO, thanks! I drew Sonja a long time ago which you can see in the link below. They're super quick doodles. I will definitely, definitely be drawing her again this season properly. She's totally Hilton infused with bird DNA. :)


Your Real Housewives recaps and artwork continually make my day. And you're always so nice, not mean, in your posts. Thanks David!


Sorry jno, I prefer Your, it's easier and Your not forgiven either. You now have the curse of Jesus Barbie on you every part of your body will become synthetic.

stay away from space heaters and direct sunlight.

Marcie Gee

Whenever I need a giggle, I visit here. Ramona "...looking like a flare gun went off inside her ass". Bwah ha ha ha ha. That's exactly it! You make me laugh. Thank you.


LOL!!!! Marcie!!!, thats a good one!! =)


I love that you gave Ramona teeth like a llama. She's about as attractive as one. Oh, and ever notice hoe llamas only have one expression, just like Ramona?


This is the funniest place in internet world. Thanks, David, for keeping us laughing.

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I could not stop laughing at her face expression... idk why, but it kinda makes me accossiate it with dirty things ^^

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