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June 12, 2012


Anna Port

"This is just an observation but did anyone get a vibe form Aviva's husband? Like perhaps his loafers might be a little light?"


I thought the VERY SAME THING! The men in Fran Drescher's life have a tendency toward this, no?


LoL, I love Sonja!
Carole on the other hand is a bit to 'right-on' & 'cool' for me, though they are All just a little too impressed w/ themselves which I find utterly captivating for some reason...
You have to be completely self absorbed to be a Bravo Housewife it seems. They certainly find the winners out there!!!

Nicole Rand

You're so right Anna! What does Fran do to all the men in her life???

And how horny is SONJA? That drip pattern expert was far from hot. . .


Moldy House Morgan needs to reel it in, no wonder she can't get any repair men, bitch tries to fuck anything with a nutsack. This latest Mr fix it dude was not going to touch that sad old trick.

Also these girls need to realize they are no longer womb fresh ready for babies, last year the nonsense with Pinot Singer and now D'Lulu thinking she can still procreate, OY!!!!


DYING with laughter Gilmore! You described Miss Sonia perfectly. Despite all, I still love her. I'm also loving that they aired the bit about LuAnn's son. Nothing bad about Noel - seems like a nice kid. Um, kinda sounds like a weekend mom if she doesn't know he's failing a class right? I mean, they do send out progress reports. Why isn't she on top of his homework? French is her thing right? Just sayin, maybe PinotMona was right on this one...


Everytime they show Sonja in her house it reminds me of Grey Gardens.


LOL!!!!!! Jennifer, watch that happen for her and Pinot Singer when they get old and no one wants to put up with their shenanigans.


I can't watch this show anymore. They all stink, but, Sonya is one horny old sow. You captured her perfectly. She makes me vomit.


damn she looks like my gay friend from the army ... I wonder if his name now is Sonya


I said I would never watch the NY housewives again but this new group is a hoot.
Aviva is the sh*t stirrer in the group and it looks in the previews that she fights with everyone. Sonya going through a mid life crisis again this year. Heather seems normal- figured out how crazy Romona and her hubby are right off the bat.
I don't why Romona has any friends, is she that rich that people have to be nice to her?


PS- Luann wanting a baby? will have to adopt-her baby making days are long gone
Looks like Luann and Vicki G both have gigolo's.


Yes but Frenchie is far far more attractive then Vicki's Foghorn Leghorn is, even with the new chompers


You're so talented! This is my first time that I see your site. I definitely agree with you about Aviva's hubby. I DID get a vibe. I'm surprised no one else has commented on it.

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