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May 21, 2012



Oh! Like a knife in the heart. I always agree with your views of ladies. This is the first time i disagree. Its painful lol

I'm still waiting for you to draw slades mom, i see her as an elton john look a like and was positive you would see it too. haha


Teresa and Joe are your stereotypical Greasy WOPS... I wouldn't trust either one of them!


Thanks, no on anywhere has mentioned her new phone. I miss her old phone. It looked like yellow Bakelite.


Big fan of your blog. I definitely think you should do one of Teresa and Joe Gorga seeing a "physical therapist" together ... haha! Oh me, Oh my.

Punky Brewstein

I love your art - but this pic looks a little like a hyrbid of Fantasia and Kourtney Kardashian imitating Theresa! :)

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