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May 30, 2012



Great caricature! You are skilled... All the idioms they combine / don't understand are some of my favorite "housewives" moments.

Mommy Bags

You are awesome. I just started following your site and you crack me up everyday. Gretchen is fake and not a true friend. Jesus Barbie is just on a different planet and hello can we wear a tighter and more see through white tank top while we zip lines? Vicki let me not even go there who ever did her face lift did a crappy job because she looks worse than she did before FCL. And can someone please let the "ladies" of the OC know that bandannas have not been cool since Scott Baio used to wrap one around his leg on Happy Days. I love Heather and her adorable ass husband and she is the most stylish on the show.....why because her ass is for NY.
I have traveled to CR and yes they are a very good looking group of people. Peace


Alexis's unknowingly zinging herself with the malaprop was just too funny. I can't believe the others, especially Heather, let it fly by.


Often I TVo back a couple of words to confirm I really heard what I thought I heard.

"White Elephant" ~~ huh?

Giana Forzareli

Sounds like a wonderful adventure with your friends! I wish I had the artistic ability to do caricatures. It reminds me of the wild and fun time I had in West Virginia. My boyfriend and I found a great place to enjoy zip line tours and rafting. We also experienced a hunkie zip line guide that helped us out. It was hilarious watching my boyfriend get jealous. We had a blast zip lining over the New River Gorge. Cant wait to go back and see the New River Hummingbird Festival.

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