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April 20, 2012



Bravo could just change their name to the 'Mean Girls Network'...

I'm ashamed I love this show

There have been a few 'meh...' episodes this season...Glamping was another.

Here are my itemed issues (get some wine..)

1) Leave it to Alexis to find the most beat down 'glamping' venue. Seriously. That place was a boy scout camp until some genius bought 'linens' at Target and sent postcards out to select zip codes in the OC. They delivered their food in a paper bag and left those crazy bitches with open flames! Wha wha wha??? I'm surprised the fumes from all the cremes and potions that it takes to make Alexis appear human did not explode.

2) Tamra...ok, again I think there is something wrong here. Seriously wrong. Me thinks things are not as happy as our bubbly little Tamra tries to convince us they are. And by the by...what happened to her oldest son? His dick shots on Is Anyone Up? were precious.

3) Anyone else think Gretchen is getting ready to hand Slade his lovely parting gifts and have her assistant show him the door? I'm betting money the Pussycat thing is a disaster. A disaster he created for a paycheck. Wake up woman!

4) Vikki Vikki VIKKI...please. That man. Sweetie, you can do better too. You don't need a man that fawns all over you. You need a strong man, that tells you he loves you, that you are a crazy and need to calm down then bangs you so hard your head dents the headboard. (sorry, that was graphic but you know I'm right. High five!)

5) Heather. Sorry. I love her 'Oh dear..; when something goes wrong. It's a lovely mix of 'these people are horrible' and 'I was so hoping you would do better'. Nice. Dismissive, yet warm.

Finally: Jeana Keough hinted that she appears later this season. That wonderful bag of household drama is always a good time. I miss her daughter. She seemed like the only sane one there...

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