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February 12, 2012



That was a sweet remembrance of her talent and gifts. Thank you...

Kimberly Cooper

You amaze me with your ability to either draw a perfect likeness or a fitting charicature. RIP Whitney, indeed. Such a loss. Thanks for a great rendering as well as posting a terrific song from her collection. XO


Already jokes are being made about this amazingly talented woman's demise, makes me even more sad. How wonderful of you to treat her with such respect and kindness. Your portrait captures her perfectly. I had never heard "My Love is Your Love", thank you for posting it. I don't think I have ever seen Whitney look as beautiful as she did in that video. May God bless her on her journey...


I for one am disgusted by the press's relentless quest to use her problems to paint such a horrible picture of her. Her death is tragic enough - it does not need to be compounded by making public the details of how and where it happened.

Barbara Streisand said it best. It is a shame that Whitney's beauty and talent could bring us so much happiness and joy, yet it wasn't enough to make herself truly happy.

She had the voice of an angel. Now she is one. May she RIP.

Teresa Beard

Amen! <3

Teresa Beard

um ,,,, that's a heart following my Amen,, I miss her so and thanks David for your talent and all you do! LUV U!


David, your drawing of Whitney shows the true essence of her...beautiful on the inside and outside! It's just a shame that all of the joy and happiness that she brought to us through her music was not enough to fulfill her. She was searching for something to fill a void. Her music is timeless and will live on forever!

Rest in peace, Whitney...we will always love you!


She HAD the most amazing voice ever, though that was years ago.....


thank you for this heartfelt post.


Wonderful portrait of such a lovely person. I join the outrage that the media has exploited her struggles with addiction. I don't agree that addiction is a disease, I prefer to call it an affliction. I also disagree that so many people point the finger of blame at Bobby Brown. She was her own person capable of making her own decisions. In any event, ones weaknesses are not the sum of a person, to me they are just part of her life. She does not need to be idealized in death- she was simply a beautiful & talented woman who's life was more than her problems. Her critics need to remember that she's someones daughter, mother, sister and friend. They need to stop standing in Judgment and be grateful for the gifts she shared! She was more than just an entertainer- she was a kind person with a pure heart and a generous nature. She was a huge blessing to so many!!! May she rest in peace and the memory of her cherished !

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