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February 22, 2012



OMG, I know that we are in a recession, but does BRAVO have to pick women that are this low-can they not find any other successful women - oh yeh, they probably wouldn't go on this show. She calls her self a socialite...are you kidding me - maybe social- "lite" like a lightweight when it comes to having any social graces. Is she supposed to be the Kim- big poppa, live off of men replacement, now that Kim is married? She's hideous! And I think NeNe is being totally a diva and disrespectful of the people in South Africa - she actually asked the women at the buffet to keep fanning the flies - are you kidding!! These women act like they have never seen any other cultures - Cynthia seemed the only cultured, respectable person...wearing clothing that was appropriate and fitting in the environment. Do they think they were going to a country club and not the jungle? Back to Marlo - take your chanel wearing, bed cover having, high heel walking big ass off the show!!! Too loud and obnoxious - yeeck!

Lady Ice

I enjoy watching her - if I want normal people I wouldn't be watchingreality tv...give me a hot mess like Marlo any day .... I think some folk out there are just a little sensitive to the F word and want to be all PC and stuff...I hate me some prissy hypersensitive queens!


Uhhhh Lady Ice, what the fuck are you doing posting on a website run by a gay man? As for hypersensitivity, the same could be said for the N word and the people that get up in arms when you even mention the letter. And good reason both words are bad and those who use them should be shot on the spot.

I think one of the best descriptions for SOME not ALL of the the Atlanta tricks comes from a description given by the late grate southern sage of Atlanta Julia Sugarbaker,to someone who lived and behaved with the same lack of tact as they do. Julia I'm sure would have no problem enlightening said group of Atlanta tramps,

"They are Rude Lazy Horny and Dumb"

Puhvis Kukk

I agree - I thought she'd be fun to watch but she isn't. Too contrived, too hard, trying too hard.... And none of them seem to be that interested in the country as such. For all the talk of motherland etc, they are pretty ignorant. Even the model who got cornrows and the matching wardrobe (so we all know she is SERIOUS about this trip) is trying so hard to take it all in and be deep that it seems fake, and painfully boring.


Marlo is an annoying waste of time. Insecure, a wannabe, and dangerous. Gilmore - don't waste your artistic talent drawing her...


I'm sorry but all of the housewives shows suck anymore. Sometimes they are so painful to watch that I skip through half of the show. As an african american woman I take no offense at all to the poor representation of black women on ATL because most of these chicks are a joke. As far as Marlo using the "F" word, really?? I learned a long time ago not to give any credit to ignorant uneducated people who spew hate out of their dirty rotten mouths. She's a nobody, completely irrelevant. Just pray for her please.


Hi David.
I thought you drew a nice portrait of future Marlo.
Here mouth and eyes look a little tired like when Marlo ages a bit.
And she isn't aging well.
Not to be rude, but she looks a little like a crack-ho.
NeNe needs to step up from that expensive trash.
What the hell is wrong with her?


Can't stand the loud mouth in-ur-face trash on this show.

Little Edie

Carrying Birkin bags on safari? Beyond ridiculous.

The members of Atlanta's Piedmont Driving Club must be having the vapors over all of this.


@ Little Edie, actually they are breathing a sigh of relief, for refusing all of the Atlanta house wives applications


Thi$$ Marlo caricature goes into your Hall of Fame, David!:)

Mimi Le Fleur

I can't stand this pig of a woman, either. I thought I'd seen it all on the Atlanta housewives with that giant cow, NeNe, but Marlo makes NeNe seem likable and fun. UGH!! I can't bear watching her. I do enjoy some of the other housewives, in particular that silly Phaedra. Sly one, that girl. She's smarter than she's letting us know.....


I think you are dead on with her. she is rediculas!

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