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February 08, 2012



LOL!!!!! great recap, I think the guy with Heather wasn't the hubby, that was some kind of broker or something, her hubby is a bit older but still good looking.


That was the BEST review ever of the OC -- great writing -- I love the portrayal of poor, emasculated Slade.... What is with that guy?


I only watch the show so i can enjoy your recaps!! Hysterical!

When they cast Jo, of Jo and Slade, they didn't realize Slade was the housewife. Slade and Vicki, the two originals.


I think that was Heather's broker surveying the lot not her hubby.

I hate to say this but I like seeing Slade to humbled and reduced to his present state. He was so arrogant in the earlier seasons.

I like Peggy and it was Alexis' husband's place to tell Alexis about Peggy. I like how Peggy hinted at that Jim was a big partier back in the days. Jim Bellino reminds me of a sleazy greasy guy I knew decades ago who was a coke dealer and quite the ladies man. Once the drugs and money dried up, he became a born-again Christian thumbing his nose at the crowd he used to hold court with. I hear Peggy leaves mid-season and I am sorry to see her go. She was the most real of all the Housewives.


Thanks everyone for your comments. That guy with Heather was her realtor? Ha! Shows how much attention I was paying to her and her storyline. Chances are I was playing Words With Friends while sipping some cabernet during that segment. :)

Jen Gary-Baker

There should have been a warning before your awesome artwork - I nearly spit out my soup, it is THAT perfect!

I have been so eagerly awaiting this season of the RHoOC and I just know it will not disappoint and as always, neither will you!

Jen in PA


OMG!!! Can't get enough of you! Remember how last season we snickered at the affectionate (albeit accurate) pet name we gave to Alexis' um, clothing line? Kootchure!! Hah! Good gawd, I almost felt sorry for her trying so hard to look busy with three juice bottles and a wrapped oatmeal bar, puhleeze! She is flat and even more boring than last season...crickets is all I hear when she is on the FFWD button will get a good workout this season...keep up the awesome commentary! MWAH!


The level of complete, total and utter delusion these women have about themselves and their skill sets is mindboggling. I about lost it when Alexis wanted to be like "Katie Keurig".


I agree w/ the above post by Cher, though this is why we watch these self-absorbed, narcissist, pretentious silly ladies.

"Katie Keurig", was perfect! 'Cause she's a silly goose also!


Oh, you are soooooo back, David Gilmore. I enjoyed your mob wives pov, but you can tell RHOC is home are firing with both barrels.

I really wanted to hear what Peg had to say about the dumpster full of chum....Tamra was digging like a trailer park schnauser but Peg wouldn't give up the Jim B packing a python? Doubt it. I can see him in a Trans Am trolling for coke hoochies, more likely. Bottom feeder.

And didn't Alexis NAIL that booty doc segment? The editors as always are the stars of the show. The cut back to the two news anchors after her bit was the best. Said it all.

I like the sketch, didn't notice the camel cooch. Nice touch! If I had to select a fruit to match A-Bel's bottom, it would not be pear, cherry or peach. More like a deflated lemon.


There are priceless little comments from Alexis...Keurig was one. The other one was when she question whether Dr. Booty was a real doctor or not..
He has a masters in booty-ology and a Ph.D. in Badonkadonk!

Little Edie

Five, four, three, two, one ...

and Katie Keurig aka Jesus Barbie has just crashed her car through the front door of her plastic surgeon's office in a total panic after seeing how much she resembles her mother in David's drawing.

"Doctor, nose, eyes, lips [again] ...STAT!'

God forbid she look 'plain'.


I love how you wound up this particularly hilarious and spot-on recap of the OC housewives! Reminds me of the soaps in the 70's when they would question which characters would be doing what. Or am I remembering Carol Burnett's spoof of the soaps? Either're brilliant!

Like sands through the hourglass of are the days of our housewives.


I think you pick on Alexis because you're anti-religion. Reverse that and imagine someone picking on a housewife because she was the gay would be offended by that. Sure she's stupid and not talented but I think she has a good heart and being surrounded by those other cutthroat housewives is very intimidating to her. Cut her some slack.


In Gilmore's defense, he isn't picking on Alexis because she is religious. She is ripe for the picking because she is a hypocrite who is dumb as a box of rocks! She just sets herself up, and he knocks 'em down. The jokes write themselves.


@Shay, I could NOT have put it any better, well done!!!


Typical of most everyone in show business and Hollywood, all of the Housewives are shallow self absorbed creatures. I love the ones who take themselves sooo seriously the best!!! They have no clue how completely entertaining they are! Too funny!


Poor Tubba Wubba.

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