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January 31, 2012



Adrienne is a FUCKING FAT CUNT..come get me bitch!


Oh sorry DG I Love the Hoof!!!


oh boy did Adrienne make me dislike her on that reunion show. She was terrible!!! How dare she try to make Lisa look bad! Kyle was horrible too! So annoying!

Mimi Le Fleur

I love it when I come to this blog and find content so funny I laugh myself into a fit of tears. This time I didn't get to the first word, the drawing was enough to send me to the floor in a dead roll of hysterical laughter. Thank you, David, for providing the perfect end to this day that only shows up once every 4 years or so


Here is the funny part. Adrienne is in-bred. Here grandfather Joe G. Maloof married his first cousin Fanny! This explains a lot!

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