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November 02, 2011


Maureen Guy Drescher

Love your blogs.

cher SF GIRL


Pan-full-of-gravy-dora, Pan-roasted-dora, Pound-cake-dora...etc LOL

Mermaid having a seizure! You are spot on with all these chicks.

Why is it the more money people have, the worse they dress, behave and decorate their houses & faces?

Real life cartoon characters, all of them. Fabulously captured artwork as usual!

honest gurl

I find it strange that you either label these women anorexic or, if they're at a normal weight, imply they're too fat. And Russell did not beat Traylor she wasted all his money on her permanent mask & left him, then made up a bunch of BS accusations to save face. She is a proven liar & CON ARTIST.

honest gurl

I do love your accurate portrait of her though!

Me, your blogger

Hey Honest Girl,
When did I label these women as anorexic? Sure I say a mess of crap about them but I don't recall making the sweeping statement that they have eating disorders. Am I forgetting something here? I definitely didn't say anything like that in this posting. But since it's been raised, I do think Taylor is too thin. Why she's that way isn't something I can say for certain. Probably stress. Camille has a rockin bod-- I have to give her that and she should. With house managers and nannies and cooks and whoever else is on staff, she should have time to exercise. Adrienne looks to be in great shape as well. Kim is thin but I don't think that's an eating disorder.... I think she does a little of pills and forgets to eat. Kyle and Lisa both have appropriately normal bodies. I don't think they need to gain or lose weight. Brandi is thin but I think that's how she is. Dana also has a normal build and that's totally cool with me not that I'd think she'd care what I think. Now as for Pandora.... ok.... I was having some fun with her name. She reminds me of this woman I saw on some obscure reality TV show set in England and the woman was constantly eating. Like nonstop. She'd be nibbling chocolate or chicken or scones or cookies or some of anything. I thought it was adorably cute. By calling Pandora the name I did was being a dick. I own that but I never said she was fat. I've been at this recapping things for years and I've made up names for lots of these gals and some of the guys. Maybe calling Pandora Pain-au-chocolat was too much but hey..... I thought it was funny. My apologies if I offended.
As for Taylor wasting Russel's money and being a con artist that's not anything I've heard before. I'm far from an investigative journalist so I haven't researched this issue. I did see photos of her beaten up that were recently leaked and saw a couple stories on various Entertainment shows.
So...... sometimes I get it right and sometimes I get it wrong......
I do want to thank you for saying my portrait was accurate. :)

chef biatch


You do not have to apologize or explain anything you've said to anyone but I do applaud you for doing so.

Great recap, as usual.

honest gurl

Hey David,

Thanks for your response & sorry for nit-picking... you have a great blog & recap! I guess I was feeling a little sorry for Lisa (not to mention Russell), as in my opinion she's been maligned & falsely accused by Taylor. Based on a number of things I've seen & read I've come to that conclusion. This article gives more insight into their past - that she was a "frequent check-signer" on his behalf & passed herself of as a Ford Motor Company heiress:

In any case sorry for venting my Traylor-frustration at you... it's just hard to see someone as incredible as Lisa go down because of her lies. Maybe I should vent elsewhere though! :)

Great blog & incredible art! <3 <3

honest gurl

As far as Taylor's weight... many have claimed she lost weight intentionally to become a spokesperson for the diet supplement Regeneslim:


Wow, you did an amazing job on the capturing Adrienne & Taylor's facial ezpressions (or lack of...), anyway I look forward to reading ALL your posts!


Any plans to draw Kim's boyfriend? What's his name, Ken?


VV - I totally agree... I would love to see Davids version of Kims boyfriend

Abby@moncler pas chere

I completely favored your website, I uncover the knowledge priceless and can make sure to bookmark it.


Do not apologize for anything. It is your blog and you are amazing.


Kim's boyfriend looks like a drugged out Tom Sizemore if that's even possible. Did you see Kyle's giant man hands when she was wiping her tears away at the thought of her sister being killed by that drifter?


I loved Lisa's party, I especially loved the secret orgy room,


Oh yeah and no matter how you draw or photograph her, Lips McGee going to look like a caricature, she cannot look any other way.


I thought the same thing when I saw Maricio's mom getting a face lift... What were they lifting?? She looked great. And Kim's BF is a N-O!!! Did you notice they both had runny noses.... umm HELLO of course Kyle isn't going to like him


Nice draw !!
I love your tone and your style. You are really funny, keep going!


Let's just say for as young as pandora is she is not on the skinny side....she is straight skinny...she is not high school skinny or gay skinny. She is what most women think of as average...which means she doesn't look like she is in shape...I doubt she exercises vigourously or eats only healthy foods. Nothing wrong with that unless you are overly health conscious. I'm sure she will be fine. Taylor seems OK to me, she is skinny but she doesn't look like she is dying to me. I have seen much worse and I hate how people give you a hard time when you are skinny. As if something is seriously wrong with being skinny when its much worse to be overweight. Being overweight is unhealthy, even 5 pounds over affects your health but you don't see people acting like you are going to die being 5 lbs, even 50 lbs heavier. Its just so normal, its average. People always judge no matter what. You gain 10 pounds and everyone starts saying you are getting fat, you lose 15 and suddenly you have an eating disorder. People should be whatever they feel comfortable with and own it and stop worrying about what other people say. Don't take it so personal.

Lilian Hulen

"Does it make somehow look younger or does it just make them look like they've had plastic surgery?" - The answer will depend on the patient and the result of the surgery itself, based on the ability of the surgeon to exceed expectations. Anyhow, you're very good at drawing. How long have you been doing this?

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