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November 08, 2011



I didn't even know RHWofA was back! I have missed your blog so much and I'm delighted that you're posting more regularly! Never leave, please, your recaps are so much more fun than the actual shows! xoxo


Neigh Neigh everytime she is on screen I'm just waiting for her to let loose a massive fart!


You didn't mention Kim's assistant, SWEEEEETIE!!! She looks a little more natural this season, and that's saying something because she still has the stencil brows but her hair (while still a weave) looks better. And I agree with you, Gilmore...I, too, would love to see Apollo with less clothes on this time around!

I love your make my day when I see that you have a new post! I have to share with my girls at work. They love you, too.


@Bryan: I am sure "Neigh Neigh" (hahahaha!! Good one!:) ) has let many a butt queef loose on set:) She just has that look of a "lady" who does that. And @David: Thank you for remembering to leave out her missing lower molars. Lindsay Lohan's recent sad teeth on the step-and-repeat mesmerized me: You'd think she'd notice something awry when (if) she brushed that morning, or when she adjusted her lip gloss for the cameras. Neigh Neigh is on camera for the world's inspection as well. You'd think she might use a bit of that "CASH MONEY" she's racking up on some reconstructive dentistry.
Just sayin'.

Pamela Woodson

Now, when the housewives are on (and I'm almost ashamed to say that I still watch), all I can think about is that I can't wait for the "Where Are They Now?" shows to air! BRAVO is probably already planning future seasons! It amazes me that there are people that actually say that they LOVE these women. While it's OK, in my book, to "love to hate" them something is terribly wrong with ANYONE who actually loves them! BTW, Kandi IS the exception! She is truly talented, an artist and NOT a pig!


Love reading your recaps! It's like watching the shows with a snarky friend :)

(And why do the ladies on these shows always have their confrontations/discussions/whatevers at nice restaurants? They're really more suited to a place like Checkerburger)


She's rich bitch. She a real big tymer.... And that will be $13,000 in cash for 2004 Charger. What's your best cash price? Did I mention I'm paying in cash?

When Kim, who's baby daddy could be her son, and Kandi, who making sex toys and Phaedra, who wants to own a funeral home-- are the normal ones... Atlanta, we have a problem.

Realy thats the best you can do for a cash price?


I most interested in kims story...what I really want to know is how much nene makes? If we can know how much jersey shore peeps get, why can't we find out nene's worth? It would be nice if she is the richest, she should be, she is the best part of the show. I just wanna know lol. How much should a person have to be deemed rich these days? I know she explained she meant it in terms of rich in life, etc, not money. but she should just say it, if not I think she really isn't as rich as bethanny.


I'm sorry, but that drawing does NOT look like NeNe.

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