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September 15, 2011



So glad you're back. I've missed the blogs and your art.


missed you so much!!!!!!

I am sad Alex will not be back, but ok with the rest being cleared out. NYC is such a rich place to mine, there have to be some awesome personalities out there. Maybe even some with more substance, less psycho narcissism. Who knows?

Little Edie

I will bow to the Bravo gods if they are really dumping Jill and Kelly.

I rully, rully like feel that like my authentic self would be seriously happy if I never have to hear jillzarin talk about Bwavo, Bawby and blow jobs for baubles again.

But Alex? I shed a tear.


Alex and her other half were the typical pretentious half baked 'right-on' NY LibTards - I will miss them the most.


crazy i never expected bravo to do this but i think its great that jill is gone she was always so annoying to me and now my fave ramona wont have to deal with her anymore! I kinda liked alex and thought kelly was hilariously stupid. Hope the new girls they bring in bring something interesting to the table.
And yay two posts already this week? love it! If I had tons of money I would pay you to have posting on this blog be your full time gig! haa


Welcome back and congratulations on your artistic business! I hope Bravo does commission you to do're AWESOME!

I really really liked Alex before this season. I have to say,'s like...she "found her voice" and realized it didn't come with an off switch. Too much. We get're not gonna take it anymore! Now chill...

To be honest, I missed a bunch of shows this season. I want to watch this franchise but it's almost too much anymore. And all the shouting and cruelty and and and... I got divorced to escape alcohol laced never ending misery and drama, so it's a little hard to watch sometimes.

But the fact that Jill got canned? Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! 'Bout time! I love it when someone is like, "But I'm really nice! Really!" proves herself to be a ginormous B over and over again. AWESOME! Maybe she can reflect a little. Regroup. Debitch.

Thanks for posting...I miss you!

Mimi Le Fleur

I'm sick of them all but I actually think Jill made the show and it's going to be a snore without her around. Like her or not, she put some zip into things. I think Bravo has kind of ruined their own show again.. Isn't the first time, won't be the last.

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