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September 26, 2011



I haven't watched WWHL yet but have read about it. I'm sorry that awful moose said such stupid things. She's a pig. Please don't give her dumb words and actions any power by allowing them to spend any more seconds in that creative and beautiful brains of yours. You've been much too kind in giving her the moniker of moose.

Chin up.


This show has GOT to be the worst on Bravo. This woman is so hideous!! Her telling those women to wear stilettos and change their hair and that they are too fat or frumpy dumpy....hello has she looked in the mirror!!! And why the hell can't she keep a man!! Why would anyone go to someone who doesn't have a decent relationship to set them she is making herself her own client? Whatever....botox cow.

Linda G.

Ugh she makes me sick! She's so hypocritical and you hit the nail on the head she's a total "butt head!" As always love your posts - glad you're back!


ugh this was the most awkward disturbing wwhl ever. she was so offensive and annoying even andy looked real pissed the whole time. how ironic that she is a matchmaker and cant find a guy who wants her. i felt so bad for andy dealing with that witch


Spot on assessment on all counts.

She's vile. Inside and out.


I was so cranky, but then I read your viciously funny and spot on assessment, and now I feel better. I laughed so much after the elevator remark and the size 13 foot comment that all my cranky went away. Thank you.


And she yells all the time. Why be so abrasive?

Also, I find people who refer to themselves as "friends of gays" annoying. It's like they think they've achieved some elite status with the "gay community" and earned special card or something...if you have to point it out, there is probably something wrong with you. If you aren't a douche or biggot or racist, people will probably notice it for you.

She definitely has some jerkfaces on her show, but sometimes, she's right there, jerkfacing it up with them...


Can't stand Patti Skanker.. her comments were more than offensive.. Why do people always classify their friends.. "My straight friends" , "my gay friends" in my world they are just "my friends" I hope Andy wises up and gets her kicked off Bravo. She is horrible and I would never "dumb myself down" for anyone! Please make her go away! So happy to see you posting again!

honest gurl

IMO this incident was all planned & designed to create some controversy to distract from the Russell Armstrong fiasco. Sad considering the truth of that situation HAS been swept under the rug so more Bravo "stars" can promote themselves.

Mimi Le Fleur

What I don't understand is why her show is still on the air. There is nothing authentic or real about it. Her employees are all butt kissers; the pathetic women or even more pathetic men who show up to date the millionaires are horrific in their neediness. I mean, come on!!! Who could possibly show up for that club without being a wallet dater? Her non stop bullying of clientele, employees, and everyone within shouting distance is so very annoying. Plus, she absolutely sucks at matchmaking. My two chihuahuas could do better. I taped the WWHL episode and began to watch but could not get through the entire episode. I turned it off after she declared gays unable to be loyal. Who can make such sweeping generalizations of any group of people with a straight face. Ugh to her and her horrible show. Ugh Ugh Ugh. Bravo: fire the witch!


I too am a gay male but I wasn't offended by her comments. Unfortunately what she said was true. I've read countless profiles on dating sites that emphatically state "no fems". There are many gay men who are turned off by effeminate men. It's sad that a subculture contains so much prejudice but it is the reality of the gay community. Just as I've read many profiles of white males who emphatically state no blacks. They call it a preference but its the same old prejudice that has always existed. Unfortunately the gay community is a microcosm of the world at large. The gay community contains the same prejudice, hate, and ignorance. Personally I've never been a Patti Stanger fan. However I have to be honest about what I've experienced in the gay community.


Good Lord. I saw her live on WWHs and I couldn't believe the hole she was digging for herself. As I recall, she insulted Jews too, while she was at it. Hopefully Andy is getting ready to do another "house cleaning" with her show too. Her ratings are pathetic anyway. I saw her on HLN one or two nights later, and she said she wasn't sorry for her comments.
Love the picture you did David. So glad you captured her extremely large neck.. :)


It was so hard to watch that horker Patti spew her nasty anti-gay vitriol, I actually ended up changing the channel on my most beloved Andy Cohen. But of course I had to go back, kind of like we all have to gawk as we drive past a car wreck, hoping not to, but still kind hoping to see a bit of gore. Luckily I came back just as Andy gave the beast a politely spoken ration of much deserved $h!t.

I only have one criticism of your amazingly accurate portrait. Not only does this moose have a neck that is wider than her head, but it also seems to be ridiculously looooong. That aside, as do the most fabulous work!! I just adore you!

On last thing about this sperm burpin' gutter bitch Stanger...It might have been a repeat I was watching, but that clip where she covered her mother's ears while she told us all what great head she got from Randy Quaid made me want to jam an ice pick in my ear. (I think her father was thinking the same thing...) If I were her parent, I would have disowned that Sasquatch right then and there. Oy vey.

Love, love, love your work as always!!


Didn't see the show - certainly heard about it. Your comments are spot on - and I loved the one about "tsunami of shit" coming out of her mouth - have someone at work who makes a game out of trying to humiliate others in order to cover her shortfalls - will certainly steal your phrase next time!

Kind of tired of Bravo it's all reminding me of jersey shore. I think Andy's 15 minutes have gotten the best of him.
Hope all is well and miss you!


She ran off to hide with her family in Boca or whatever florida enclave they live it, can't you picture her in a big black floppy brimmed hat and dark glasses and black trench coat trying to sneak out of town


One more thing I'm GLAD she has given up on us Gay's we have enough shit to deal with in our daily lives, the last thing we need is sad old twat and her Goth side kicks trying to find us love!!!

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