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July 11, 2011



So, did your gaydar go off like mine did after listening to a clip of Marcus testifying? There is some good stuff to come about Mr. Bachmann, i have no doubt.


My guess is that Frankenfurter is on the mark.


I'm trying to understand why you put these revolting people in Muslim humiliate them? In general David, I think you are sensitive and funny.

Is this Islamophobia or some other statement?


@ dbr: It's a statement against the Bachmann's xenophobia.


funny picture cards


Hey DBR.
I certainly didn't intend to be Islamophobic. I'd seen a program years ago about the burka and how women who are forced to wear it feel. The general consensus was that it was a nightmare-- which seems pretty obvious. I see that garb as the ultimate symbol of repression. A man-made construct to hide women and the women spoke that if they accidentally showed some skin, like their ankle, there would be a punishment that could include a beating. A beating! That's about as oppressive and ass backwards as I can imagine.
On to the Bachmanns.... I find Michele to be uniformed, divisive, and ass backwards too. Her husband and his pray the gay away nonsense is also a form of repression. As a gay man who had some of that religious pressure thrown at me years ago-- I find their rhetoric particularly offensive. To me, the notion of having to hide away who you are conjured up the idea of the burka. When I was drawing those dolls the thought to dress her up in a burka somehow seemed contradictory and fitting and silly all at once--- so I went with it. I dressed him in similar garb so that they'd match. If it offends due to an Islamic connection- then I apologize to you. That wasn't the intent. My intent was and is to make two ridiculous people look even more like cartoons.


Hi David, thanks for your considerate answer. Your attitude, regarding the oppression of women in the middle east is remniscent of Islamophobia. Cultural stereotypes are powerful and oppressive as we all know.

When I was in Cairo a couple of years ago, I saw local women in halter tops standing next to women in abayas and various levels of "hijab." This reflects a diverse city which has not surrendered to conservative political Islam nor a backwater town with ancient traditions which predate Islam.

Speaking with them, I found that even the women in tees and halters felt that it was the WEST that imposed the heaviest burden on be sexy, to show skin, string bikinis, thong underwear and celebrity cooch shots.

The kind of conservative hypocritical ethnocentrism, the kind I know you are not guilty of, usually bemoans the treatment of women and women rights on the one hand, while pushing for indescriminate bombing of these regimes and "nuking them back to the stone age."

So we have the same political criminals giving lip service to women's rights while the US has killed 100s of thousands of innocent women and children in the last ten years in the name of that "freedom."

The neoconservatives of this country have used hijabi imagery (effectively) as a political device to justify that crime against humanity.


Often, it is the women who fight (eg. in Turkey and Egypt) for their right to wear burkas when they are not welcome.

You'll find the subject of burkas and so forth is more complicated when you get into the culture.


This young arab woman abides with hijab customs but is obviously very fasion conscious (and has a great eye for design imo).


Great answer David! You have to be the best blogger, comedian, and artist I've ever come across! :)


LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!


man who drew this is a genius, I can not stop laughing

Top 100 songs

This is hilarious:) especially the part where he is shirtless all the thick and white is amazing haha



You must have a crystal ball. Comparing the recent Newsweek cover to this drawing is amazing. Love it.


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