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April 22, 2011


Ann Marie

I just found your site. WOW you are really talented. I'll be back!

Stepha the Heffa

Same here, just found the site!! You are too funny and spot on with the comments :)
I LOVE your drawings!!!! You are really talented, they're absolutely amazing. Especially given the fact that you spend, at most, ~30 minutes!!!


Been a fan of the site for years - never commented but mainly observed and laughed and laughed and laughed... you are amazing :) yay for new traffic!


LOL!!! great post as always, I wish someone would stick their foot in Alex's face, if someone did it to simon he would probably lick it.

J M Cameron

Did you miss the part where Sonya accused the young man at the wine tasting of staring at her decolletage? Then the camera zooms in on a disgusting wrinkly cleavage -- ewwww. Of course he was staring! It's a freak show.


OMGAAAA! I just found your blog, thanks to RCH and her realitycrackhouse!!! I literally cried, laughing at your drawings of the housewives!!!! You are hysterical. Love it, keep it coming!

Sweet Herald

I'm still waiting for you to give us some Sonja goodies. That woman has lost her mind this season. What a 180 she's done!

Whitney Spears

I prefer ATL and NJ Housewives, sorry!


okay....of all the "crazy" bee-otches" on these Real Housewives shows this one has it in the bag. Many of these gals, oh say, Ramona,Kelly, and of course Jill, sadly and truly shoulda starred in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NEst. Really. It's not even (that) funny.


haha i just discovered this site and i'm absolutely in love with ur artistic renderings!

u rule

I love your drawings. I absolutely can't stand the Cuntess or Jill [so fake] or KrazyKelly.


Great Stuff! You have amazing skills on how to draw.This is my first time visiting your blog and I laugh about your post.Thanks for sharing!


HAHAHAHAHA!!! I love your blog and art!Well done!!! Keep them coming! RHONY pretty much did me in this season-- I felt so sorry for Natalie Cole actually having to sing with said "Countess"-- I hope she got a PILE of money! That about did it for me, I'm swearing off RHONY for good....


It is completely silent in the office of the Magazine I work for. Finding your site at a time like this is going to get me in trouble. Can't...stop....laughing

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