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April 26, 2011



I just found your blog this past week and its so true and hilarious. I could kick myself for watching this shit but I can't help it!!!!Marilyn


OMG!A whore in church-I would totally buy something and it doesn't even fit! Kudos to you for the perfect clothing line name!
These dipsh*ts are clueless beyond belief and the only thing that closly resembles her 'religion' is the flyer from her church in the mailbox. I hope I die the same day she does cause I want to be there when she explains to Jesus her methods of her 'religion'.Jesus is pretty smart Alexis-I seriously doubt he will be mesmerized by your gigan-a-tits and your bo-tox-alot face.


I love these housewives they just can't help themselves. Let's "clear the air" so we can get into something else we'll need to "clear the air" about.

Where do you come up with this stuff? You are so funny, the Britney Spears meltdown/ice capade/Fredericks of Hollywood, so funny. Towel? Burst out laughing on that one.

Pam Woodson

God, I hope that Alexis reads "Pretty" but after her definition of couture I have to assume that she probably can't read!


Poor towel. She worked her fingers to the bone on A-lexus's dress, beads of sweat running down her forehead and pooling up on her platypus upper lip...what a cruel task-master to cut the towel's sleeve. The

Never-the-less, you can't argue with results. The cut, dangling sleeve completed the "Dita Von Trailer Trash" look A-Lexus was going for. Not sleazy vegas showgirl. Not even sleazy brokeass reno showgirl.
Maybe sparks?

Off With Andy Cohen BRING on GILMORE !!!

Darling Gilmore .. You are absolutely hilarious
& your're brilliant. I cant stop laughing at your commentaries. Andy Cohen step your ass aside and let Gilmore host WWHL !!!

Jenny From The Block

Speaking of Alexis, in the show opening, where all the gals are introducing themselves. She's all, "I'm Alexis. Taliban Jim is my master, my kids are my little devils, and my body is..."

Sounds like she's saying "SIMPLE" like someone asked her about her brains, simple.


People like Alexis Bellino are the reason California is in debt.
Also, have you seen this lawsuit from Ronanne (the actual make-up artist behind Gretchen Christine Beaute we saw last season).
Perhaps this lawsuit contains some forshadowing for Alexis Couture...

Sometimes I want to like Gretchen/Alexis and believe the show is who they are in real life, but real life always knocks down their lies.


Love, love, love it! I come straight here after the show to get your rundown. Now I'm a subscriber, yay me! How about Pretty Pony Peggy and her Whiskey Tango hubby not realizing "Border Grill" was Mexican food. Duh! They probably thought it was Canadian Cuisine. I'm dipping my fried Oreo's in Pinot Grigio and campaigning Andy to have you on WWHL!


I really do LOVE your site! :) When I heard Tamra use the term "Jesus Barbie", I wanted to scream! Hehe...

Did that other blogger really Trademark the "Jesus Barbie" term? $45/each use, really? Agh, everyone KNOWS YOU coined that term....

Again, LOVE YOU!


Brilliant as always! You area treasure truly. If you need me to openacan of Boston Irish whoopass on Ms. Blog of Plagarism, just shoot me a note.

I liked the dress with the sleeves on. Why not go for full on whore of Babylon!


I just finally watched the new episode. I couldn't bring myself to watch it on Easter, somehow it just seemed wrong. Gilmore, I love the picture of Alexis with her giant boobs. I am astonished every time I see her chest. I am a pastors kid, and I giggle everytime I think of her with her titanics in church on Sundays. I bet there is a lot of 10 commandment breaking.....thou shall not covet your neighbors wife etc. Anyhow.


why does nobody compare this woman's dress line to She by Sheree? Two self absorbed bitches with over inflated egos (and other things) with dreams of striking it rich in the fashion industry by putting your name on other people's work.


OMG... love the recap!! 'towel' just made me giggle forever! Did anyone else hear how Alexis was talking about having a picture on her dress tags?? Who in gods name does that?! Pam Woodson - you are so right about the fact that Alexis can't read... 'Couture' my ass! Can't wait for next week - looks like they'll be back to stabbing each other in the back. Losers.


You own "Jesus Barbie" for sure. And I'm so ashamed that I just read about the show without watching. How sad is that?

But what I came here to post is that someone brilliant on the TWOP forums christened (sorry, couldn't resist) Alexis's line: "Holy Crap (TM) by Alexis".

How awesome is that?

Help Me Rhonda

You mean you didnt recognize the designer? Its Octomom The Designer. I recognized her immediately...and laughed and laughed and laughed!!!!!


Gilmore you are the best. Simply the best. I don't understand why JB (Jesus Barbie) is wearing that horrible frock in the opening credits but cutting off the sleeves in the episode. She's a moron.


Was Towel really Octomom?


Yay! You're back and I am loving a lunch break full of recaps! To quote Vicki - WHOO HOO!

Poor Towel! When Jesus Barbie grabbed the scissors and cut off Towel's sleeves of love, I started shouting "no! no!" at the TV and my husband thought I was nuts. But everyone knows "couture" dresses can't have bat wing sleeves. Gah.

One last thing, did you hear Tamra mention she was an "equal opportunist" in one episode when insinuating she liked dipping in the lady pool? Tee hee. Silly word definitions.

Thanks for the great lunch entertainment!


Hey! First time commenter.
Love the pics!!! You capture them so well! Forget Brain, Sonja should get you to do a portrait!

About "that blogger" who stole your line...

Stealing your line is the least of the shady shit this woman does. I've had my own run-ins with her and wrote a blog about it.

You can read all the dirt here:

That's my old blog. Everything you would ever need to know (and a lot of things you probably didn't want to know) about her is all there.

I also outted her at the bottom of my OC recap:

At least once a week she gets caught doing something shady and we all laugh at her.


And now Alexis has announced that she wants to sell Jesus Barbie lip gloss???? David - RUN and patent that name and claim your share of the sales. (Oh wait - will anyone really buy that crap?)


I was going to say the same thing Diane did !! You need to get paid on that; like stated above, if anyone buys it !!


OMG...I haven't commented in a while, but I had to share this piece of can thank me later!

William Levy...hotness...PS Still holding out for the lovely assistant job! HA


Lying bitch, the blogger, not the booger that is Jesus Barbie.

I really connect with the whole "a whore in church" name but I personally think we should be more genuine in our lives, like Jesus, and this line should just be called "a whore." I'd even riff on the excellent "whore in church" name and go with the more genuine "whore in couture."

See this is what people don't understand about "true" Christians like the Belinos. Lie, steal, cheat, kill, no problem. As long as you ask for forgiveness of the Lord - it's all good.

Right? I mean didn't the pastor of the damn church himself say that Jesus Barbie should use her tits for the Lord? Remember that one? That happened.

Oh to walk in the light of Jesus, with your tits hanging out for everyone to see. The righteous path, the heaving cleavage, the money, the fraud, the Lamborghinis. Oh the glory.

Don't take any crap from this unfortunate blogger person. Jesus Barbie is immortal and it's yours. I know.


you are brilliant! as always love your play by play and commentary :D

thank you for luring me into becoming addicted to every show that relates to the Real Housewives LOL


You haven't commented for a while. Is all well? I'm just being a mom and worrying about you. Take care.


Although I despise Alexis Booblino I have to say she has not proven herself to be a "whore", at least not in the true sense of the definition. A blood sucking, money grubbing, media whore, who even those men and lesbians who have a taste for extremely ridiculously overexaggerated tits, she is too much, but she is sadly only a pathetic, attention seeking juvenile. Let's be fair shall we?


So Alexis Booblino has/had an eating ya think????


I personally like Alexass Whore-ture.


Is anyone wondering why Gilmore has not made any more 'Real Housewives' comments? Does anyone know if he's alright? Or maybe jesus barbie issued a CEASE AND DESIST order!!?????

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