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April 18, 2011



How crazy is it that the INSTANT I saw that picture of Our Savior and King, Jim, I thought of this site?! And then to hear "Jesus Barbie" - too much! Thank you for being you :)


I think the least Tamara should have done is given you credit for the term last night when she used it again with Andy Cohen on "What What Happens LIVE!"


So glad you're back, and that you caught that photo of Jim!!! I did think he had lost some weight this season, maybe his face just looks thinner with the implant?
Alexis tweeted this morning thanking Tamra for the nickhame, I made sure to correct her! Love your site!


The only reality TV I watch is the Housewives - Orange County and NY are my favorites. (I can do w/out the Atlanta ones though) This site is a total hoot, I look forward to reading your reviews and love your off the wall take on these lovely creatures.


Thanks everyone for your comments. You're right Twatty :) Tamra should have credited me on Watch What Happens Live. It's only fair as she got that name here.


Ha! I KNEW she must have heard (seen) it here!

Bravo owes you another pay check.


I love that tv snap shot of Jesus Barbie, very realistic in an unrealistic way. She looks afraid and confused, like Jim (the savior) just walked by her and cut one. Gilmore, you should have copyrighted that name to cash in on the royalties.


This ... this right here is my new blogging obsession! Tamra totally gave you a shootout in her blog, so I followed the link over here and am now the happiest girl in the world!


Tamra just gave you credit on her blog! :)

love it! as soon as Tamra said "jesus barbie" i was waiting for her to credit you... i'm glad she did in her blog. Love the drawings and recaps as always!


I hope we get to see the new project soon. You are the straw that stirs my curiousty.

I also hope, millions of people buy Jesus Barbie with cut out clothes. This and lynns braclets were top notch! Patiently waiting for more more more.


Another funny name to call her is Jugs for Jesus

I'm ashamed I love this show

I want Alexis to call her clothing line 'A Whore In Churchâ„¢', so Gilmore if you could start using it, that would make my decade.
Can you imagine seeing the hang-tags at Kohls with that name on it? I KNOW! I die.

Vicki Vicki Vicki...she doesn't know what is wrong; she just knows something IS wrong. All the work, all the movement, all the noise...and that nagging feeling never goes away. She's so disappointed with all the people around her...they never seem to get it or get her. She never seems to notice she's the only one who is disappointed. Employees are not family. They are there for a check and that's it. Sad.

The return of Jeana her banged up hair. Honestly woman, you work for a much does hair product cost?! Get ye to Bumble & Bumble, STAT!


I KNEW Tamra heard it here! I loved that Vicki coyly said "did you say 'Jesus Barbie'"? When we ALL know she is your straight wife!!


The first time I ever heard of your blog was on Tamra's myspace (back when I needed more housewife stalking during off-seasons).
She had some of your pictures up and I thought they were silly and then I read all of your posts in one night because I became addicted to the funny!
I think Tamra is the Madame de Pompadour to your Boucher.

Linda G.

Love, love your blog & illustrations! Jen Sale's website is taking credit for "Jesus Barbie."

Maybe you should correct her!!! $45 everytime you use it. . . really?! :)


There are copy cats everywhere. You should watch out for them. What's so upsetting about it is that they won't even take the time to give credit to their source.

Cyn make me laugh out loud. I get on your blog while at work and have to explain myself each week. Keep up the blogging you are GENIUS!

kathy blair

I thank Tamara for getting me to you. Too funny. Everything I have
ever thought and more great illustrations


You "nailed" Peggy, David. TOTALLY 80's boobs. But I would go with Tawny Kitaen, circa White Snake - Here I Go Again video...

Tawny and Peggy actually are starting to look alike. I think all women who go under the knife look errily alike. Maybe it is some kind of weird cosmetic cult!


For the lowdown on the foreclosure on Jesus Lane, check out the following:

What a shell game these self-professed, holier-than-thou hypocrits play to avoid their financial obligations - weaseling out of at least 3 public auctions to unload their 6900 sq ft behemoth. All the while trilling, "I'm not in foreclosure." At least Tamra have the guts to admit she was in a short sale.

The Glamorous Army Wife

I just found your blog today, thanks to Tamra's trackback and I almost peed my pants at your discription of Jim's picture as a throwback to Color Me Badd!!!
You are going on my blogroll and I will be back for more!


You really, really need to be on twitter!


Please tell me you are working on a drawing of Jill Zarin and her new "look". I'm hoping for a I Dream of Jeannie but in a skinnygirl Margarita bottle.


Ha ha Gilmore----you tried to get-away from them, (and us?), and look what happened!
I died when I heard her say that. You know I said to myself, "Uh-OH-let's see Gilmore try to ignore that?"


Please tell me you have heard SIMON of RHONY on his new single I'm Real? AMAzeballs! lol


So happy you got some press and give you tons of credit for restraint on not calling all the OC housewives trailer trash.
I have this vision that they all live together in a trailer park and only for the filmng of the show do they live in houses.
Kudos's to Bravo for finding the trashiest women in California for the OC housewives.
Sorry I have not visited you lately but I tired of all the HW shows.
It is however, wonderful for you that they are such perfect cariactures.
I do wonder what happens in a few years - do they start beating each other with their walkers.

Tamra and Vicki must be in their 60's by now aren't they?


uh Dee Dee, Simon's song is not amazeballs its shit balls, the last thing we need is that druken aussie to start warbling, he needs to sell pony rides using Alex as the pony , That bitch is one big old horse!

Suz, I think they both hit 61 and 68 this year OY!!! deputy dog herself.


big old horse comment is right on


I just wish someone would call Vicki out on telling everyone "Welcome to my world!. So far she's claiming Seattle, Coto and Puerto Vallarta are part of her world. God, how obnoxious! And WTF is up with her face this season? It doesn't look like injectables and she doesn't seem 'rested'. Looks like an upper face lift


Wow, the drawings of Alexis are hilarious, and so dead-on. "jesus barbie" love it;) And thank you Tamra for telling us about this site:)

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