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March 07, 2011



I couldn't have put it any better myself! I am so looking forward to your recaps this season!


Feel Better, or if you must puke do it in Duck Face Alexs's pool.


I saw your painting! That sucker needs a frame.


Antibiotics get a good rap. Those bitches will eat your stomach up and make you sicker than you were to begin with. Guess you must chose the lesser of two evils. At least you have some good codiene to ease the pain. Good Luck.

p.s.. have you all seen the new RHONY trailer? Ramoner might be prego.. SAY WHAT!? April 7th cant come fast enough.

Pam Woodson

For me, the high point of the show was JB's son talking into the window crank!


Oh man forgot about the window crank. That was the best part of the episode. What do you think he was saying? "oh father jebus.. please bring the nanny back..over and out" 10-4



Gawd I missed these Orange County're still the best!! I hope you feel better soon!


I thank the G-O-D above for your posts!


OK so drugs make you shit your pants, and your recaps make me laugh so hard I pee in mine.

Thanks for the recap it's more fun for me to read your recaps than watch the show....

Feel better David love you as always!


You poor thing!

Eat some yogurt or take some acidopholus pills. That'll put back all the good bacteia the antibiotics destroyed and your pants will no longer be in danger!

P.S. Can't believe your doctor didn't tell you that. Heck, even my VET talks to me about yogurt and antibiotics...


I often like to think that our savior is a hot blond with fake boobs. "Yes Mom, I think I will go to church with you this Sunday." :)


You know the kid was saying, "come back Maria, we miss you so much. What did I do that was so wrong anyway?"

Just as distasteful as ever. I read that Jim took the hint and bailed out of this season sighting "irreconcilable differences" with the satanically spawned Bravo editing team. But of course jesus barbie still hasn't gotten the message and has upped her status to Queen Bee.

And her King has decreed that she needs to stay out on the stroll for another season since she is the only one bringing in any cash these days. I watch this show strictly for the delusional wonderment that is Jesus Barbie. That's why Jesus is watching as well. Stay sexy, Alexis, and good luck this year.

Love the new nose.

Feel better, Gilmore, and thanks for a great recap.


1) I hope you feel better. Please don't shit yourself, you're too pretty to smell like poop.

2) Not a fan of Fernanda because she reminds me of my former Brazilian boss who was nothing but a common whore. And everyone, even women, loved her. We would have thanked her for giving our husbands BJs in the conference room. Which pisses me off because when I WAS a common whore, the best I could do was do an unsolicited strip tease in which I would replace an item of clothing for each dollar earned. Then typically I'd pass out with a death grip on the Ketel1 bottle and some hatin ass bitches would write on me with a sharpie. End of story.

3)I think you should have your own art showing in Miami at what's her faces gallery.


5)RHOOC is by far my fave...but you're right about them looking a bit weathered. And since when is Tamra Gretchen's bitch??? Yeah, Tamra, you're a victim here. This is all I could picture when I watched Tamra's wide eyed wonder at G's newfound cruelty:

XOXO Have a glorious weekend!!


One of my fave parts was when Tamra - upon GREETING Vicki whined (and wined) about Gretchen to Vicki as she walked in the door. and then followed up to Vicki with how she really wants to turn over a NICE leaf. And she had already started 20 mins into the party to bring back to the mean girls' schoolyard by bitching and dogging on Gretchen to anyone who would listen. ( And what and who is a CJ - County Junta?) Tamra is sad, insecure, and "lack of class in a wild animal - tiger, zebra, puma take your pick - mini and crotchless panties!! - I mean you just KNOW T is the sort that bleaches her punanie platinum to match the upstairs. The default to bitching is classic Tamra M.O. She has to get close to Vicki by regressing back to trying to "bond" the only way she knows how: by pulling out that old standby of forging a bond with someone (Vicki) by bitching about someone else to divert attention from her own accountability. She's completely incapable of behaving like an adult or enlightened person and owning up to her actions and apologizing or at least trying to sincerely reach out - and let bygones be bygones with the object of her childish ridicule. (OMG what am I saying?? They're ALL childish. Except for Tammy.- Even The Incredible Mr Limpett-lips Laurie (ref is TOO old for most) was more entertaining to watch - and I have a soft spot for Jeanna (who I hear has a good left hook in the finale)too. This franchise sucked last year and has become so BASE. It looks like same ol' same old. They need an ass whooping and a good dose of Lisa from BH and Elsa/Endora from Miami. I loved McKick's post and reference to that other Mother Teresa wannabe - the Brazilian from Miami.

But Dear DG, methinks the meds were kicking in! Vicki was also in her default position - never neutral. Yes, she likes to appear neutral but she can't help but talk out of both sides of her mouth. She loves, like Tamra, to make herself feel better by belitting those more attractive, happier, younger, getting attention she is not able to, etc. (also evidenced by her catty on-camera interviews re: Jesus Barbie & Gretchen. And Tamra. And Jeanna. And the Pope. Oh, hang on, I may be mixing up that last one. That may have been Jesus Barbie uttering her favorite four letter word...)

And Fernanda? OMG!! I AM SO TURNING FOR HER! In fact, I'm rushing out now to by a flannel shirt and some birkenstocks! She's so YUMMMMMY!

Hope you're feeling much better, sweetie!


Cindy, thanks for the props. I can only agree with you on everything in your post. Of notable mention is Tamra's need for intensive group therapy and a haircut.


Lol! Hear hear, McKick! "Um... Hello, Blonde ladies? 3 years ago called - they want the hair extensions back!!"


PWAHAA!! Cindy, now THAT was funny! They really should consider going the Ramona route (I can't believe I just wrote that) with their hair.


So happy you're blogging again about my favorite of the RHO's. Love that you captured Jesus Barbie's receding chin (much as she tries to hold her head up so it's not noticeable). I do think you gave her duck-bill a favorable edit though. She looks like I did when I laid out in the sun and got fever blisters all over my top lip just in time for the prom!


I was wondering the same thing about Alexis contradicting herself about Tamra's divorce. I was like huh?! Who is SHE to talk? Also, Jesus Barbie going on about no help with the kids, what do us commoners do when we have kids? Honestly, she should just deal with it.

I like Tamra and Gretchen was most def in the wrong. Oh the drama... I love the slow train-wreck of blonde extensions and silicone!

LaDonna Gibbons

there all putas

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