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March 23, 2011


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Pam Woodson

God! His sack is a big as Marysol's lips!


Let's face it: Elsa is the only one there capable of conjuring real drama. The rest of the Miami HWs are about as bland as a Lea Black's sex life.

The peak drama moment of the mercifully short season has been the scandal of whether or not Christy paid for a charity ticket. Riveting TV!

Interesting back story that the Steroids case working the grill at the I-talian restaurant Larza brought everyone to has a father in jail. Lea's husband has stepped in to see if he can help get his life sentence reduced.


Holy Smokes. Thank you LORD. Amen.


I was just fast forwarding at breakneck speed through this show yesterday morning, and was wondering why do I even record it? Ugh. Please tell me this and the DC housewives will never be back.


OMG No mention of the Aftershow with Andy COhen where he has Marysol and Elsa on the show. Poor Elsa and her face but Andy was very gracious telling her she was beautiful. Marysol is a few surgeries away from looking like her mother now. Marysol also has cheek implant and massive botox.

Elsa should have her own show. Her lines are the best. Mr. Borg and I recites all Elsa's lines to each other all day long. LOL. It never gets old.


I agree those two should have their own show & Levy is divine.
That drawing is perfect..I kept wondering why she looked so strange at the wedding everytime she smiled...


Please, Please draw Elsa as Jabba the Hut! That is all I see when I look at her!


Marysol looks like Lisa Rinna.Same ugly disgusting lips.


I like Marysol's mom.She's a smart lady ...the doctor that ruined her face needs to go to jail.This lady has the courage to appear on matter what she looks like.God bless her.


is it even possible to get a mouth that big?... just out of curiousity...

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