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March 09, 2011



Next to Jesus Barbie with paper cut outs.. this may be my favorite picture of all time. This is the awesome.

p.s... how wonderful was Elsa? everything looks good on her, shes a WITCH for gods sake. NO GOOD WITCH USES FAKE FLOWERS WHEN FRESH FLOWERS CAN BE STOLEN FROM THE NEIGHBORS GARDEN!!!

followed up with Pheadras "everybody knows that"

Pam Woodson

Are these women trying to get you to draw them? Yikes!


Hope you feel all better soon!
I swore I wouldn't say a thing about Elsa, I so don't want to get on her bad-side. I'm biting my tongue.
And the flat-tire had anything to do with anything????
Just her excuse for being late so that she could try & get-in free!


Get well soon! I agree with everything you said. I'm so glad you said it, right on point. I was hoping to like this miami version but yuck! Can't they find likeable people? I don't even want to watch this one. So disappointing once again. Where are they finding these shallow soiled doves? I heard that term on ghost adventures...soiled doves....hahahaha!


I believe Elsa is actually a reprisal of Eric Stolz's great role in the 1985 Cher classic movie, "Mask."

"Rocky" has grown up and changed orientation somewhat (including giving up that sassy ginger look for brunette) but the same basic components are there. Anyone else see the resemblance?

Still loves a ride Harley, I'm guessing.
And getting a little tipsy.

natalie n

and how about high and mighty lea cluck clucking / fake ha ha haing that "adriana was out til twoooooooooo am ?? and dancing with other men!" gasp ! in miami?! i can't imagine such a thing! honestly? wtf planet is she on? ick and double ick. oh and christy "IM CUBAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i can't. i just can't.

la bruja for life !


Why isn't this show called "The Real Housewives of Cuba?" Elsa is the ONLY good thing about this show.


there's something about Elsa (also my favorite and clearly she's this franchise's "Giggy" - with more hair of course.) I think we should refer to her as Endora (Endorita?) - as watching the scene with Marysol and her boyfriend, she reminded me of that vivacious and amusingly wicked witch mother-in-law from Bewitched.
To me Adriana is #1 on the T list. I've never witnessed such narcissism (well if you don't count Camille). Did you hear? Self -absorption is the theme of her next art exhibit. and I cannot believe her level of unprofessionalism. Showing up so late for her own event (kelly bensimon, anyone?) showcasing another artist, the height of an F you to the artist btw, for making her so stressed that she shit out another wrinkle and had to get it botoxed and THAT's the real reason she was late! In actual fact, on her blog she's claiming the artist made her so upset that she apparently broke out in hives and had to ice her face and wait for the swelling to subside - which it did conveniently just as her hair and makeup people arrived. Ugh.

DG you may even be funnier with these meds - as if that's possible! Keep 'em around just in case. Hugs from Canada - where the show is not airing yet :( Thank you Sidereel and DG for keeping me informed. Cxo


P.S. And is it me, or does Elsa not remind you in this episode of a cross between the catwoman (Jocelyn Wildenstein), Joan Rivers and, I say this with affection - Jabba the Hut? Pizza the Hut? Just sayin'...


Get well David this thing going around.I love how these women think Miami is the center of fashion, art, and sophitication. LOL!!!!


I'm really curious about what you thought about the showing.
Even I know it's rude to bring in an artist, to showcase his talent, during an opening of another artist. And I'm from


Not exactly sure why but I am not not feeling this new concoction of Housewives. I thought Miami would be great but they're just not doing it for me. I'm glad OC is back for my housewives addiction.

And the mother is just horrifying to look at. Like Jocelyn Wildenstein... eeek


Hi Gilmore...
It's been a while... how are you? I just can't get into these Miami women. :(
I don't know if you've talk about this before but what about Bethenny? Do you watch Bethenny Ever After? Would you write about it?? I'd love to hear what you have to say about her. She isn't a crazy housewife & a little bit more "normal" than most of us :)
And so jealous about meeting Vickiiii! Great job on the painting!

I'm ashamed I love this show

I like to think that Elsa is just a bit high all the time. She woke up one day, realized her face is a bit of a mess, said 'fuck it' and guzzled down some Ambien with a glass of syrah. (a little something I call 'brunch') She now spends a majority of her day being glamorous and looking for ways to tell people to go fuck themselves. I know! Dream job!

Her 'macho man dressed like a girl' line was right from the bottom of the pill bottle. 50% 'yeah, she's got a point' and 50% this bitch needs to stay out of the medicine cabinet.


Happy to hear you are feeling better! As for Christy, what is up with her tongue during her intro?


Hi Gilmore! I wasn't sure of where else to post this, but in the newest housewives episode(miami) where the girls are getting on Christy(?) for being upset to have to pay the ticket, there is a split second where she looks at Adriana and all I saw was this.

I immediately thought of telling you!!!


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