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February 23, 2011



I watched the premiere and was pleasantly surprised that I am actually interested to see the rest of the series. I do have to say I love Elsa's accent when she says "That is she a woman of the century..and not a Victorian lady". Mr. Borg and I have repeating that line to ourselves and ROTLOAO.


Did anyone else think that Elsa (Marysol's mom) looks just the like the "cat lady"? (who's always at the top of plastic surgery horror stories)


The only saving grace here is the old Bruja, I love how she was sitting in her hair getting tanked and asking "Who is it?" like she had no clue with a fucking camera there.

this show was originally going to be called Miami Social Club?, its a real mess.


I totally thought she looked like cat lady as well. I was very suprised when none of the bloggers mentioned it.

Cat lady or no...I love her. The whole "youre going to trap him" and her smart ass comments of.. "you finally visit your mother" won me over. Im in for the season and she's my favorite.


Man, I watched the first half with my husband, who is a TOTAL wet blanket with regard to my H'wives so I DVR'd it and said "Turn the goddamn channel already and get that look off your puss". Big baby. Anyway, your review, as always, is hilarious. I will watch today while working out and educate myself so I can follow along with you! XOXO


To totally bogart this term from another H'wives based blog we love, the crown of "Mrs Jocelyn Wildenstein Jr" has, in my opinion, been snatched off the weave of A. Maloof and pinned to the head of the old bruja. She is terrifying. My nipples inverted when she opened that gateway to hell that she calls a mouth. I think I had a horrible dream about her as a child. That is all I have to say for now.


What blog is This McKick?


Bryan, It's called like, the real faux housewives or something. I think she and Gilmore are perfect supplements to one another. They're like, the Donnie and Marie of Real H'wives. Except Gilmore would never allow his ass to balloon out like Marie. Anyway, she calls A. Maloof 'Mrs. Jocelyn Wildenstein Jr'. And her attitude is two snaps and a circle. But I don't think ANYONE has the artistic capability available here....I just had to say that. Talking about someone else's blog on here is like bringing your own bottle of wine to an event (AHEM KIM Z).


Oh I read that blog a couple of times it had some interesting stuff on the NJ housewives.


Yeah, some interesting dirt, to be sure! Did you see about Danielle Staub having a show on the wealth channel?? Do YOU have the wealth channel? What is the wealth channel? Where does on access the wealth channel??


I stand's 'Wealth TV'. I still don't get it.


No Thankfully direct tv does not have it or I haven't noticed it on my lineup. some people on another blog have seen it and said its a train wreck, she refers to herself as , get this.."Italian Glamour"



ITALIAN GLAMOUR?! More like lasagna crotch. She's just foul. I loved the episode where she was pole dancing. It was like watching a duck take to water. She was in her natural habitat. I say we return her to the wild...and by 'the wild' I mean, a strip joint. I wonder if that old hot mess Kim G is going to be a permanent cast member now. Did she not REEK of desperation?!


Oh BTW, I have NOTHING against strip joints. I spent parts of my late teens/early twenties in them. IMHO, that's the age one should stick to when in that line of work. No 50 year old woman should be on a pole. What if we were in an inverted caterpillar and we had a hot flash and got sweaty palms and slid down the pole at a dangerous rate of speed and clunked out noggin? Or what if we got menopausal vaginal dryness and shot dust in some poor customer's eye when giving a lap dance? I could go on, but you get it.


I can't decide whats worse, Strega Staub on the stripper pole, or Neigh Neigh and her gigantic flattulent ass swinging around on a stripper pole taking out the men sitting next to the stage

Imagine her swinging and farting at the same time!!!! The Horror and the lack of air!!!


Neigh Neigh....LOL that's great. I used to love her but I think she's just mean now and in my opinion, mean ain't cute! Swinging AND farting?! That kinda shit is what makes the universe implode upon itself. Isn't that one of the horsemen of the apocalypse??


I have been waiting for the plow horse to let one go when she was on Rumpus Room Live (WWHL, what I call it), she is always trying to be edgy and cute in those dumb outfits aiming her huge ass at Andy Cohen, I want her to let a giant one rip and watch the color on princess cohen face go to green


Ugh, that first one. How do you create a caricature of someone if they already look like one!?

F. D

They are all so fake. Fake boobs, plastic surgery up the kazoo. I'd rather look at and be with a normal woman than any of these tramps.

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