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December 22, 2010



This issue hits very close to home for me and has really bothered me since the beginning.

My husband is a Naval Officer and has been in the military for almost sixteen years - I've been there for all of it and it's been interesting to say the least. As we speak, my husband is deployed to the middle east and I am on my own for 14 months with five children from 1 to 11. No easy task but we're making it work.

I received a lengthy questionnaire a few months back from the Dept. of Defense asking me my opinion on only this issue. I mean pages and pages about how I felt about gay people in the military in general and serving along side "my" service member. Even questions about would I attend military functions knowing that there would be gay service members etc. in attendance. I was beyond offended that I was even asked these ridiculous questions and as much as I wanted to throw the damn thing away - I wanted to be heard. It boggles my mind that we're spending time going back and forth about this and I know that my husband feels the same. He is not a typical macho military type (or else I would have never married him.) Serving your country is serving your country and to me it's as simple as that.

Sorry, I'll get quietly off of my soapbox now...


P.S. The video kept freezing up on me but I'm sure it was awesome!


Barney NEVER minces his words, does he?
Love that!


Ahhh, these fking dumbass religious right idiots. They make a good Christian woman (like myself) want to kick someone.


Barney Fwank is the posterchild for what this country has become....morally bankrupt!!


Dear Duke -- What is morally bankrupt about people serving their country? I say, if you are brave enough to volunteer to put yourself in danger, you should be allowed to openly be yourself. And, I say "Thank You" to all the men and women, gay and straight, willing to do this job. I'm curious to know if you are willing to do this job? In my opinion, the only thing morally bankrupt, is a system that tells people they can risk their lives, receive little compensation and lie about who they are.


So many politicians these days spout rhetoric about common sense values, common sense government, etc. Barney Frank is one of the only politicians that actually lives and breathes common sense. I heart him, big time.


Gays take showers, deal with it. What a fucking moron.

"It's the same as under DADT. You just didn't know which was which," can't argue with that Mr. Frank.

That's How We Like Our Reps in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. That is all.


Thank God for people like Barney Frank!


Morally bankrupt...I keep hearing people sling this phrase around and to the best of my ability to wrap my brain around the thoughts of someone saying it, it seems to be used when someone else's morals don't match those of the person using the term.

Since when is LOVE a moral issue? People who LOVE each other and people who support those who have different lifestyles than their own aren't "morally bankrupt"...they're humanitarians that get and accept that not everyone on the planet came out of the same cookie cutter.

So freaking sick of the general population assuming that a gay person could not control himself or herself in the (gasp!)shower. Like if you're gay, you're extra horny and have no self control and if you see a person you find attractive, you're going to be inappropriate. Trust me when I say, I've been politely "hit on" by one woman in my life, but I've unfortunately had LOTS of negative, rude and surprising encounters with disgustingly forward men. (Thank G*d for my awesome husband!!) To me, it seems like the heteros have something to learn from the gay community who have been conducting themselves quietly and repectfully for centuries.

Nervy minerva

I am so glad you are okay! I seriously started googling things like "housewives blogger disappears" and "pretty on the outside foul play" because I was so worried when you dropped out of sight!

dragon girl

Gilmore the end of the decade is here!! I will be wishing for great things for you and your wonderful blog in the coming decade.
Happy 2011!!!


Barney Frank is a total moron and probably one of the most incopeptant people ever elected to office. Why?In 2003, Frank declared Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to be fiscally strong and also maintained that even if they were to fail, the federal government wouldn’t bail them out.
He maintained those positions for the next five years. Less than three months before those two government sponsored enterprises were declared insolvent, Frank maintained that they were financially sound.
His excuse? ”I was wearing ideological blinders.” That’s right, he was concerned that Republicans and the Bush administration were going after Freddie and Fannie on ideological grounds, attempting to curtail the lenders’ mission of providing affordable housing. In other words, he’d have us (his constituents, at any rate) believe that he mistakenly discounted information because it came from a source he didn’t like. He wants us to infer that, had he obtained information from some other source, he would have seen the problem developing. Bullshit!
We’re talking about the head of the Financial Services Committee (in 2003, the ranking member of the minority party). He would have us believe that he didn’t have his own sources of information who were telling him the same things.
Even in July 2008, Frank insisted that the companies were “fundamentally sound, not in danger of going under.” A few months later, he was proven wrong.

I’m not trying to lay the blame for the mortgage crisis or the insolvency of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae solely on Barney Frank, but he was the main culprit. The blame starts with with the Clinton administration’s insistence on easing lending rules, the Bush administration’s continuation of those rules, and the Republican-controlled Congress’ failure to institute controls in order to prevent a crisis that they all saw coming.


Although I do not have a problem with having gays serve in the military, there is a fundamental flaw in Mr. Frank's argument. Gym showers and dorm showers are situations that are optional - go home to shower, don't go to the gym, live off campus etc. The military is a career, not a recreational choice - and no straight military person should be forced to shower with a gay military person if they find it objectionable. The solution is simple - have a gang shower for those who choose to use it, and several private showers for those who choose not to. This gives every military service person the right to choose for themselves their own comfort level in this situation. And this has nothing to do with homophobia! As a straight woman, I would not be comfortable showering with a man - gay or straight - and would even choose to shower alone when with women. I believe we all should be able to determine our own level of comfort with such a personal situation. This would take the showering argument off the agenda, so the focus can be on whether or not gay people should serve - I say then, of course!


YAY Barney!! I love it that people seem so afraid of male homosexuality and completely blow off (no pun intended) female homosexuality. Are we to be more afraid of male gays than female gays? Hmmmm.... I think "they" have far more important things to worry about than homosexuals....male and faemale.


HA! The bigger the ego, the more fragile the sense of manhood. I say to the jarhead podunks that actually think/care/create the dilusion that they are being eyed up by their fellow servicemen....WELCOME to being a woman! We have to deal with that shit whenever we leave the house and we have for centuries! Feels pretty invasive doesn't it? Maybe next time you eyeball a woman's chest or cat call a woman walking down the street, you'll do right to remember that guy that (you THOUGHT) was checking you out in the shower. DEAL with it already!!

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