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September 08, 2010



I love Martinique!

PS: You really need to get a Twitter.


I live for Martini updates! More please :)

Jennifer Jayhawk

I LOVE Martinique updates!!! Your nephew is awesome :)


So when is he going on Project Runway? Excuse me, when is he winning Project Runway?

>Without missing a beat he replied, "Shrunken jackets, high-waisted skirts, and ankle boots" Snap, snap, snap.<

Yes it does get better than that. You might have a Mom and an Uncle that think you're totally off the charts crazy amazing.

Say Hi to Tim Gunn for me, kid.


Boy, have I been missing me some Martinique, so happy to see what she (and your nephew) have been up to this summer! Hopefully fall will be just as inspiring - thanks for sharing once again!

Jen in MD


I love it! I have a 10 year old son, and I feel lucky he knows how to brush his teeth, let alone have any thoughts deeper than what Pokeman level he's in on his Nintendo DS. I keep trying to cultivate something, anything...Martinique sounds like a really cool kid :o)


HE is truly talented. Talents runs in the family. And he is only 12??? I see great things!!!!!

And when he decides to start selling designs...let me know. Hook a sistah up!!!


David, Rick and I were so excited you had a new Martinique post and included our snapshot from New Orleans. As we walked passed this mannequin Rick actually called out "Martinique!!". We have really enjoyed the posts about your fabulous nephew over the years and look forward to all of THEIR future fashions. : ) JOE XOXO


I absolutely love the posts about your Nephew and his muse, Martinique. He sounds like a creative, curious, intelligent little guy and that is a breath of fresh air in the age of children communicating and entertaining themselves AIM, Twitter and FB.


I just read through all of these posts -- they are so amazing and inspiring.


I love reading about your nephew and Martinique. His mom (and whole family) also sounds so wonderful for letting her boy be himself - yay to her! Now, if only I had half as much fashion sense as Martinique ...

Cindy Bertossa-Weger

This is my first time here (a friend posted a link on fb and I followed it here) and I am hooked! What an amazing family you all are! Thank you for sharing - I'll be a regular reader from now on.



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