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August 17, 2010



The contrast was great and doesn't it sometimes seem that the loudest, densest, most obnoxious people get to travel like that: 4 Star all the way and be oblivious to the scenery, the culture, the food, the whole experience.

Why God? Why do you vex the subtle and hard working people and heap rewards on the dimwitted buffoons.

Your in Venice on a Gondola with your family, memory of a lifetime....

"Hey, get down from deh and stop it wit that freakin nonsense. Imma gettin seasick over heh..."

Oy! What a waste. What not a single can of SpigettiO's to be found in Napoli? Little Cannoli will be pissed when dinner time comes....(hat tip to Maria)

Well, what can you say. That trip was beautiful and painful. Even the family dynamics were effed-up. No respect or consideration for the old, for the kids, for each other.

I give Caroline and Mr Caroline some credit for being patient. I give Caroline and Chris's father credit for being sensitive and melancholy about the past.

The Guidos are a pair. Teresa: Selfish. Joe: Ball less. Cannoli, Spumante and Focaccia....rotten.

I guess that's it.


Can't get excited about NJ and DC thus far is pretty blahhhhhhh. But I have high expectations (high as in please be more entertaining) from Beverly and OC group.

PS! I have NEVER called anyone a cunt and I really hate that word but it is really the only way to describe Danielle.


I think Danielle and Danny have the same birth mother.
They are really brother and sister.


Whoever said Danny was the "Skeeviest little vermin" on reality TV was dead on.

Skeevy is my new word this week. Already used it twice. Thanks to POTO wit who comments here. Forgot your name.


I like the NJ housewives.In a very very very small way I like Danielle. She's just crazy & paranoid.I will give her a thumbs up on her girls. I don't know how she has accomplished it but she has done a great job w/them. She is to clingy w/them though.I LOVE LOVE LOVE Carolina & Al. They showed alot of patient's w/all those girl's screaming. Jacquline & Chris's son didn't act up. He was a little gentleman. Now Teresa & Joe's girl's need their rear's spanked. Not beat. Just a good old fashioned spanking. If they don't do something about these 3 soon. They will have BIG trouble. All Teresa & Joe do is yell @ them. Of course the girls don't listen.They are use to this. The 2nd girl is very quiet. I've noticed whenever she spks Teresa just really ignores her. The 3rd girl has the loudest mouth. She can't spk w/out yelling. She whines more than any of them. When they had her birthday dinner for her they should have done something earlier. It was to late for the girls to be up.WHINE WHINE WHINE. I loved Italy. Can't wait till next wk.Carolina will take Danielle down. Danielle said she had her bodyguards & they have guns. Now she has gone really nuts. You can go to jail for stuff like this.To me that is a threat.I hope she is gone from the show.


Thanks for the recap! This eposide was kind of boring, I really don't like Teresa and her girls, too obnoxious! I busted up laughing when Danielle was crying about her mothers and how she hasn't seen her in 47 years, then in the next breath said, "I don't want to meet her if she's homeless or a an addict! I don't to help someone, I want them to help me!" OMG!! Selfish B*tch!! hahah! Typical Danielle, all about her.


The entire Housewives franchise needs an enema.


I have 2 or 3 NJ's recorded that I have yet to watch & quite honestly, I've put it off for over a week... think I may just delete them.
And I haven't watched the DC ones yet, hopefully they'll be somewhat better. From what I've heard tho, my expectations are close to nil.
Bravo is not batting 1000 here ~ let's hope BH are good & we know OC will be good entertainment.
This is probably old news, but I heard on Joy Behar that Danielle was not asked back on NJ housewives - wonder if any of them were. At this point, Grandma Wrinkles could be a main character & I'd look most forward to her scenes. (I said that backwards, didn't I?)
Gilmore, the artwork is so cool. Oh, someone on Joy Behar also mentioned a reference to Danielle & the Grinch! I thought of you immediately & was hoping they'd plug your site.


I loved seeing naples and the town and food and the family, I could only imagine what the thought when they saw Teresa and her kids in those bo peep get ups



Such a way with words you have. Reading your recaps are funnier than watching the actual show.

I wanna hang out with you!

I'm ashamed I love this show

Is this show still on? I agree, I feel like this season started during the Carter administration.

This show emphasized the need for some sort of testing we need to do before we release American's into other countries. Build fences, do whatever you need to do between Canada and Mexico, but lets get some sort of SAT-like testing for the morons that travel abroad (that was for Joe). I blame these two for the nasty glances I got at the Prada shop in Milan. I'm sure it had nothing to do with my California issue flip flops and, I think, stylish cargo shorts.

There are big rumors that Teresa & Joe are getting their own show (that rhymes!). More proof that Bravo has run out of ideas.


The fact that you can still write a fabulously funny recap of this shit is amazing indeed. Yes, even if you fell asleep for 45 minutes you didn't miss nuttin' as the Juduces would say. I thought the Clampettes were baffoons...but these two...geez...they skeeve me out. The rabid kids LOL, little bad asses. Yes, this season is reaching for crap to film. I yawn. Damn shame they got a paid trip to Italy. Bravo should pay us for watching this bullshit. "Kim D I miss him" PRICELESS. What evah happened to that plattapuss?


As usual you are saying what I am thinking - of course in a much more clever way than I could say it.
Yes, Joe IS getting fatter with every passing moment. But I gave him points in the last episode when he told Teresa that the ring she bought looked like a growth. That was funny shit.


Yeah, the whole thing just reeks. All this bitching and moaning by our little Juicy is sickening. I think what happened is they tore through the mini-bar thinking Bravo would pick up the tab and ended up having to pay for that themselves. Bravo picked up the check for everything else but still he's pissed.

Joe's pissed while he's on a free vacation in Europe, 11 million in debt. Fantastic Joe.

And Teresa parading the whole family around in those horrible Jon Benet costumes at the final dinner pretending to be the well heeled American cousins was really disgusting to watch or in this case I must say "witness" because of the legal ramifications.

I'm watching the reunion, but Caroline and Danielle for the finale? Borinnnnng, their feud has been done to death.

I'm not into the DC show either. I read the recaps but I'm not getting into that one at all.

Pam Woodson

Judging from the view ,that we got, of Teresa's ass, she hasn't been to the family home (or your old apartment) in a long, long time!


Well Michele, you don't have to worry about the Dirty D/Caroline feud anymore, They fire Strega!!!, She has a career waiting for her at vivid video. Of course we'll all be watching the finale. In my version of the housewives, Caroline pulls a gun out of her bag and just shoots her in the head and leaves.

Please you know all of you with little girls are dying to get copies of those San Gennaro festival special frocks the mini Guidices girls were wearing. God!!!, the baby looked like she was ready for the infant road tour of Chicago, I thought those hideous headbands mothers use to strap to their infants went away awhile ago!?!?!?

And if you notice the Italian children in Italy, none of them dress like that, no do none of the adult wear leopard print, It's a east coast NJ thing, its GOT to be!!!


How about Danielle's ethniticity!!! LMAO


Danielle doesn't have to look far for her birth mother. Take a look at Lynda Erkelation (or however you spell that last name). MOMMA!!!!! MY MOMMA!!!! Meanwhile, Lynda has been found out and is running as fast as she can in the opposite direction!


Just saw posted that in bankruptcy court, it came out that Tarrrreeesah spent $60,000 after she filed for bankruptcy for curtians and urns. WTF!!!? The judge was not pleased and even commented "this was not IKEA stuff.. what gives?" Her attorney actually tried to defend this by saying, well she bought this stuff with her book advance money. Again WTF? Yes, money made after filing is free money but if you REALLY wanted to reconcile and pay back your debts owing, wouldn't you start making payments to the Trustee as an act of good faith??? I am sure the creditors will have a field day with that one. More stuff to auction indeed which has been postponed until Oct. 3. I cannot stand crooks. She should have taken that money and bought a clue. Dumb ass.


Here is the link of the theif.


Is the trainwreck over yet??? Jeebus, this season is longer than the trek up the hill to Joe & Teresa's village!

dbr - You're welcome! It was my comment and yes, Danny just ups the level of skeeve every time he slithers onscreen. (Though I like how Lauren pronounces it: I schkeeeeeve!) Anyway, he truly is vermin.

Okay, the "CUSTOM MADE" getups on T's girls? Seriously? They.Were.HIDEOUS! By the way, is it me or does something seem "off" with Audriana? Then again, being spawn of Joe and could expect something to be off.

I still cringe the most for Danielle's daughters. Christine seems to be getting awfully edgy and mouthy (I love it!) and the little freckled one will be a therapist's dream case. Again, can you blame either of them? Sad sad sad.

Pam, I was thinking the exact same thing about Teresa's ass. Did they really need to show that many closeups from behind of her dragging it up the hill? Gahhhhhhh!

Finally, I can't help but love Caroline and Albert even more. I can't help it, I just do.

Ciao! (as they say in my home village...heh heh.)


Bryan. I know. I know. I am actually surprised they fired Danielle, not that the others couldn't stand her but that the network would be reasonable and do the right thing after the porno tape.

Will Teresa be next? If her book sells they'll keep her regardless of her allegedly criminal behavior.

Ronnie. It's all timing. They know their future earnings would be protected from the getgo since they had a lawyer advising them. She purposefully signed her book deal after the filing and they already had Plan B ready with the apartment building and pizza parlor.

Totally disgusting but totally legal. If they don't get thrown out of bankruptcy court for lying then they'll get away with all of it.

And another thing. If Daddy Juicy is writing these Cretans a check for 10,000 a month, according to them, then what's the big deal with a 800.00 mini bar bill?


I am so sorry...I did not watch (gave up on this one a few weeks before the hair pulling). Did Joe really run up an 800 dollar minibar bill? Over how many days? And by himself? "Ey. My nameisJoe. An Teresee sezz I'man al-ka-ho-lic."


Shame on you Anne!!! communist!!!! =) Just watch the reunion it should be a doozy and you can catch up without having to actually watch the episodes!!!


@DBR :)....thks for the "hat tip"! Your recap was hilarious!! Thks for sharing your thoughts about these Guidettes from Joisey!

Now, I have to say that aside from David's lol recaps of the Housewives and all of the other people that post their hilarious "thoughts" about these trashtastic goils on the Real Housewives franchise on this site....I am posting a link to one of the funniest, laugh out fing loud recaps of the Joisey girls I have read so far this season



I think the only reason Danielle was fired was because she was suing everyone and Bravo thought they would be next.
Bravo is the trashiest network. The Salahi's are disgusting people and Bravo continued to film them....

I miss those great movies they used to run - and Actors Studio guy James Lipton must be crying every night.

The "Watch What Happens" after show-
What is wrong with these women who go on that show like Ellen Barkin and SJP and men too, Seinfeld- it must be an NBC contract thing-
If you had acting cred would you go on a show and sit next to Danielle?
I wouldn't sit next to her on a crowded bus.


suz, makes a lot of sense. It well may be the lawsuit and/or restraining order.

Anne, this is what I saw. They showed Joe and Teresa nit pickey fighting through the whole episode and they've been showing him worried about money and or criticizing Teresa's spending habits in the last few shows.

Okay so now the mini-bar thing. They show the whole crew checking out of the Naples hotel and getting on the bus to the town they were going to.

Joe gets on the bus and he's livid. He and his father both had to pay bills at check-out. Outrageous!

Anyway he's screaming and yelling, f this f that what the f, f f f. They really had to bleep out a lot of the rant. And his kids are there and the parents and others. He's not alone, there's like 15 people on the bus listening. So he's on the bus with the printed receipt and he's waving the thing around and then he starts reading off the itemized list.

And he's yelling stuff like, "Cognac? Fucking cognac? Who the fuck drinks cognac for 25 dollars?" It really went on for a while. And then he starts bitching about how much the breakfast cost him that morning.

An expensive over priced and mediocre breakfast in a tourist hotel in Italy that charges 25 bucks for the mini-bar cognac. What is this world coming to?


I read where Bravo execs. said they didn't know that Theresa and Joe were having money problems (huh) or they would have filmed the bankruptcy?
So they must have filed bankruptcy while they were filming?
Bravo- what a compassionate group of people.


suz, possible. It is possible they didn't know at the time.

After all, according to Andy Cohen's blog, Bravo determined that the Salamis did nothing wrong and then she said on the Today Show clip that she couldn't defend herself publicly because Bravo told them not to say anything. So presumably, they also took the fifth before Congress because Bravo told them not to speak.

But anyone? Anyone? If you are certain you did nothing wrong because a lawyer told you everything was cool then how can you even claim the 5th? You can only take the 5th if you are likely to incriminate yourself. So if you did nothing wrong and you know you did nothing wrong and your lawyers told you everything was cool then taking the 5th amounts to obstruction of justice. That's a pretty big crime. Just ask Roger Clemons.

Who's running Bravo legal? Albie? Sounds about right.


danielle didn't say-women are out to get her. she said -womAn are out to get her. she uses the singular word even if she means plural. wtf??? this is all the time.


@Michele, "Who's running Bravo legal? Albie???? :0 LOL!! Michele, you.are.hilarious! I love to read your comments! Thank you so much for that much needed laugh today! Have a great one!


Oh, and I COMPLETELY concur....the Salami's are one the worst, famewhorish, attention seeking idiots I have yet to see on reality tv.

And....BIG WTH???? Lady Salami has done a bathing suit pictorial for one of those celebrity trash mags? Okay, this is just my opinion but....I think that when KrazyKellyJellyBeansGummiBearsWackadoo did her pictorial for Playboy I actually thought she looked beautiful. I know that it was completely and utterly photoshopped to hell. But still, she looked stunning. IMHO. But this Salami chick, who actually looks like a dried up piece of Salami needs to keep her clothes on!


Tree and her midget gorilla are blaming Bravo for their "money" problemos. Another WTF moment brought to you by the RHONJ....


Here's another link to NY Daily News where Teresa is whining and blaming Bravo for the financial mess she is in....


ooooh wee I guess the reunion was something else. Tarrreeesah on her newest blog SLAMMED CAROLINE AND ALBERT. Ungrateful bitch! She really went off and was like "learn fuckin Italian and so what if our spawn were noisy, this was NOT a honeymoon for Caroline and Albert." She even had the nerve to say she (Caroline) should have stayed home like Dina. Dayum! She pretty much said DanSmell was fired and doesn't care what she is doing next. What a piece of shyt. She is too much and she needs to pay her bills, tame her brats and pluck that hairline. On her high horse still sucking Bravo's candy stick. Yeah that beeyotch will be back next season....I skeeve.


Shame on Teresa
Carolne and Albert and the rest of that group all were fed up with Teresa and Joe et al

Since when does she decide who goes on a Bravo paid vacation


First pics of the ladies (I use that term very loosely where these guidettes are concerned)of the RHONJ reunion show....


@Heather, I cracked up at Danielle's ethniticity too. I had to back up the DVR a few times to listen again. Theresa's girls playing in the "little sink" (bidet) was classic. Her husband needs to be smacked. I couldn't believe what a douche he was on bus "let's eat, drink, and be civilized." Ha Ha Ha. Oh well, can't wait for it to be over. Panini out!


Check out these two stories, may be old news not sure, but interesting.

this is new though...


And Jill Zarin loves the Salahi twits read all this, what a nitwit!


good stuff Bryan
I read last year the deal with Danielle and Dina
What I read was that Danielle was working with Dina's ex to help him get custody because Dina was working all the time and leaving Lexi at home- the consent thing sounds more like it tho.
I want to know more about Dina's ex trying to get custody of Jillian, tho.


Maria, massive links. I love and appreciate all your posts too.

ronnie, thanks for the comment I rarely read those blogs, but I'll check out this one. Sounds super ugly. Good. The Caroline-Teresa love was always based on mutual hate of Danielle anyway. Seems to me like Caroline really embraced T because she was the only one that went so hard on Danielle season 1. Dina and Jackie didn't want to go nuclear on the skank, but Teresa? That table flip was like a declaration of love to Caroline, the alpha dog here.

bryan, amazing link poor, poor, Jill. She still doesn't get it. "They're so in love" " he spoils her with gifts." Well I read that Hitler never looked at another woman after he met Eva Braun. And likewise Adolf spolied his Eva with lavish gifts. They must have been a lot of fun to watch and be around too.


I Defended Mrs Limon Zirga, but not now, that stupid Yenta, likes those two grifters, she is out of her fucking mind!!!!


LOL! The Guidettes of RHONJ have been banned for LIFE from the North Jersey Country Club! :0)

Thank you so much Michele. You made my day! :) Like I said, I really do love and enjoy reading all of your posts about these maniac women that appear on the Real(eh, not so real after all)House Wives shows. And you always seem to have the delicious dirt on these Krazy gals! Love it!


Maria, I saw this one too. Banned for life. So sad. I read some of the actual letter and I'm so grateful that people other than "haters" who are "jealous" of these women recognized and publicly acknowledged the awfulness that is the reals.

Sometimes you really should live with your regrets. I mean if you're like some of these people? Maybe you should have nothing but regrets. Just sayin.

Waiting for the reunion, not really interested in the finale but I would love to read anyone's take on in.


This IS why Kim G is fabulous............


@Bryan Love, love, love all of your fantastic links and hilarious posts about these trashtastic women! And also big thank you for posting the links! Your links always seem to have the best "dirt" on these bottom feeders! :)

Also I know that you ahave a soft spot for Kim G. I enjoy reading everyone's different opinions on these horribly obvious, morally bankrupt fame seekers!

That being said....I find myself whenever Kim G gets screen time wanting to tell her to take her Geritol and a Boniva and shut it! Something about her gives me the creeps.

And in this link from Celebrity Magnet she goes on and on about how Danielle should get an apartment in Harlem and how can she afford and apartment in her (Kim G's) building because apartments in that building go for over a million and blah, blah, blah. First of all, it is so low class, low rent to brag about money. Which is an art she seems to have down pat. I guess she is trying to make up for her old age and sagging, discolored looking post menapausal skin but still it is beyond obnoxious and so, so tacky.

Secondly, if her friggin building is so "high end" why the hell doesn't this particular building have a co-op board? Probably because it isn't as great as Granny Kim wants everyone to believe.

Sorry Bryan :( I know you like her but I just can't see it. Maybe as time goes on she will grow on me?


Michele, yes, I was so glad to see that probably the majority of women in N. Jersey are aware of the antics of these low rent women and see them for what they are.

It was kind of refreshing to read the "wives" getting b*tch slapped in that letter from the N. Jersey CC that was sent to all of the CC members.

I am kind of looking forward to the reunion. But, with that being said I am wondering if what they are saying is true, that this is going to be the most salacious reunion yet, I am wondering if it was all an act just to try and "one up" the other Housewives franchises? I guess we will just have to wait until the 30th to find out. I think it is the 30th?

But I am totally up for a Danielle/Teresa throw down. With hopefully a little bit of whiny Caroline thrown in and then a smidge of Jackie....ya know just so that she can "fit" in with the rest of the Housewives. I did read somewhere, (who the hell knows how accurate all of the stuff that is printed about these women is) but I did read somewhere that Jackie, when she was younger used to be scrapper. Maybe that's where her daughter got it from?


oops....forgot to post the link with Kim G trash talking


That's okay you don't have to like her


Bryan, I don't like her. But if this crazy bitch is going to scarf up all this village idiot crap and sell it on EBAY then I LOVE HER. True love. You were right.

And Bravo needs to really think about having her on next season. They ditched Danielle, now they need another pot stirrer -



Thank you Bryan for understanding. Although, after I posted my "diatribe" about Kim G I thought about how she showed at Beverly/Angela/Danielle's 70th birthday party. And the thought of her showing up at her b-day party got me laughing and showed me that Kim G does have some major ba*ls!

Also, I think the only reason Kim G showed up at Beverly/Angela/Danielle's 70th birthday party was because Beverly/Danielle had earlier been snooping around Kim G's Condo building and Beverly/Angela actualy had the nerve to look at the unit RIGHT next to Kim G's. So this has kind of endeared me to Kim G afte all. :0)

I heard that Beverly/Angela/Danielle's ex is trying to get custody of the little one Jillian. I so hope this is true and if it is THANK GOD! The little girl will be saved! :) And also....Christine the older daughter will be turning 18 in a year or so and if the father gets custody of the little one Beverly/Angela/Danielle's "gravy" train consisting of over 10k a month in child support payments will be STOPPED! :) Next stop Hustler and Vivid entertainment for the geriatric crowd!


All I have to say is that I hope we do not see YET ANOTHER TIME Tarrrreeesahhhh brats crying on tv. Sheeze! They get off on that mess. They (TaReeka and Juicy Joe) make them cry and wine and then say awwwww wes was just kiddin, knock it off for I knocks ya heads off, hahaha" The poor little trolls....2020 should be a good year, they will be skrippin with Juicy Joe making it rain and Tareeka yellin and flippin tables..."whatadwya lookin at, ma giols, ya want somma me beeyatch,is beeyatch betta? Joooooooooe, Jooooooe where's da money?

Please keep the kids off of the reunion part 1 tonight.


Bryan that was fab posting on Gansta Granny and the Ebay comment. Better still, by saying Tareeeeeka's (cuz she reeks stupidity)garbage should be displayed on a card folding table concurred what I said all along: Her friggin taste is that of a flea market. Tacky shit! Gansta G is too funny. Hey she is a fame prostitution whore and working her 15 minutes. She is as trashy as DanSmell but has the money and more wrinkled tea bags behind her so she won't be running anytime soon away from these classless ho bags. She is definitely NOT afraid of Momma wannabe bear Caroline. I think the Oil of Olay/Bengay rub shall finally hit the fan during the reunion. DanSmell will do the Vicki (I gotta leave the fun is gone - yous woman) and then Gansta granny along with Jaqs will turn on Caroline about her opinions. Then Caroline is going to say something snarky to Tareeeka's brats which probably promted her recent smartazzed post. Watch what happens.

Oh yeah Juicy crying over $800 mini bar bill? I believe it because his plump drunkass drank that damn shit (he cannot pronounce Channel but says Cognac with ease LOL. But he didn't drink and drive so much when the liquor was FREE (only a taste?). Yeah right, we believe that too juicy. Just not enough words to say dumb. Where is my damn thesaurus?


Here is a preview of the Reunion, OY!!!!


HOLY SH*T BALLS!! Thank you, thank you Bryan for posting the link of the preview to the reunion for the nasty ass, famewhore, camera hog biotches from Joisey!

Danielle.Is.Bad. When I say bad, I mean really.fkin.BAD. But....these other guidotastic, fame who*e, bottom feeders are a very close SECOND to D. BLEHHHHHHH to all of them!

Let's see.....uhm....who is Caroline and Albert's best friend? Oh, wait a minute, that's right BERNIE FRIGGIN KERIK! And their bestie Bernie is now doin prsion time because he was convicted of Federal crimes and as such is now a convicted felon! Nice company that bulldog Caroline and her fam keep huh? Oh, and wasn't one of their father in laws found in the back of his Caddie not breathing in the parking lot of a grocery store or something? Things that make ya go hmmmmmmmmm?

Can't wait for the reunion now! I bet all three of these biotches including Dina and Granny Granatelle knew that Danielle was being axed from the Bravo show so it looks like none of them held back. Tacky, low class, low rent, did I say classless, ugly women....the entire lot of them!

Thank you Bravo! :)


I love it when Teresa says, "One at a time" imitating Dirty Deeds, I want that for my phone!


Watched the Caroline vs. Danny-Smell throwdown last night. New Jersy is a little too much drama.

For me, the amazing thing is how spiritual and positive Danny remains. She is all about forgiveness and positivity. And she is NOT AFRAID and WILL NOT ALLOW THOSE FRIGGIN MANZO PSYCHOS RUIN HER LIFE!!!!

Breathe, focus on the light, oh yes telepsychic, I can totally feel the love.

Who ordered the extra large crazy with a side of hypocrisy? Danny-smell did.

Can't wait for this season to end. I need to focus my venon on Cat from DC. She is ABBB-Solutely Revolting, darling. So sophisticated and sooooo NOT a racist. I just don't like being around black people.


Oh dbr that bundle from britian is a riot, she's just as bad as Beverly/Danielle in some ways she's had her brushes with the law over in the UK, she is just another poser and now single again, I guess dude had enough of her crap

( say or think the following with an effected english accent)

"Get me a drink and a man darling" or is it "get me a drink and a cock darling"

And she says she kissed prince Harry, Oh I can see it now or hear it now.

( get the accent out again!!)

"Oh darling, it was late I was drunk and so was Harry, we kissed and then well fell passionately onto the sidewalk where we made love under a street lamp or was it a street walker darling?"

At that dinner with that boa on, please and that bitch way over 40!!!


Ok I cannot WAIT for our beloved Gilmore to post the Big Shit Down (I mean Sit) down. 16 weeks for that????

IMO the ladies ganged up on DanSmell. A skank is a skank is a skank, but then so is Tareeeka and she kept stirring the pot. Ashley would have NEVER felt the need to "bring it on" and pull the weave, etc. Yes, AsSley SHOULD HAVE BEEN HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR HER BEHAVIOR - DAMN BRAT and how dare they (Caroline) basically demand that DanSmell turn the other cheek? IF someone would have checked that brat years ago, her mom wouldn't have all this crap now (and their relationship - can you say Prozac Nation? Jacqs is sooo totally in The Bell Jar, just put the head in the oven already, Shit!) WTF? They haven't turned any cheeks (except Tareeeka's HUGE AZZ cheeks) since the show began (judging everyone who isn't blood related including Jacqs!. It was a snooze to me leading up to the two-part reunion (which the best will be saved the for SECOND PART - geez drag it out already. Also, I read Caroline's blog, and she was a bit "too sweet" on Tareeka, however you could read between the lines that she didn't appreciate her shitty comments. And low and behold Ms "2 cents" herself Jacqs actually stepped up to set Tareeeka straight on her blog and then whimped out with "call me, ok I love you?" Passive agreessive freaks. Hmmmm I think Tareeka and her broke azz will soon be on the outs with the family. Her VERY BIG MOUTH wrote a check her VERY BIG AZZ couldn't cash. Reunion...yeah cannot wait for it. Why? I don't know, which is soooo very distrubing. But with DanSmell fired, season 3 better have the Real Jackie Collins on it or I will not be watching. How much ham tossing can one watch?


Ronnie, relax have some decaf and a english muffin and read this.


I think you have her, Bryan, but with Cat, eveything is revolting.

How was Aunt Francis? Revolting.
How was Tareq's wine? Revolting.
How was the romp with Prince Harry?
Particularly revolting, darling.
He was hung like a hamster. I've seen a bigger vestigial penis on Danielle from New Jersy, darling. You Americans and your revolting need to film yourselves having sex. Revolting darling. Absolutely revolting.


LOL Bry, no decaf for me, but thanks for the link. I forgot when Caroline called DanSmell a clown and she retorted "yous with the red hair callin me a clown?" Priceless. I'm not a DanSmell Fan, but just like a skank is a skank is a skank, a thief is a thief is a veddy veddy tacky tacky channels wearin thief. Just sayin LOL. Gotta go get that muffin (english).


Beverly/D calling Caroline a clown was a lame retort considering, especially coming from someone with those eyebrows, the whole face in general

Caroline said she would win and she did, Danielle is gone, they will find someone new they always come up with new interesting housewives when one gets the boot.

Oh Speaking of Kelly was invited back to the new season of NYC housewives. Bethenny wasn't but Bethenny is filming the second season of her show right now.


boy was that show scripted or what
Bravo must have threatened Caroline with something to make her meet with Dansmell
and Jacq is a horrible mom
I am starting to feel sorry for Ashley- how would you like to grow up around Jaq and her weird husband.
They kinda treat her like the STEP SISTER instead of part of the family.


Lets Shake our groove thing 90's West Hollywood Style....


What the heck happened to DANSMELL's eye brows?
She must have gotten a lift or two or three

I wonder if they were tattooed on that way
That is clearly a clown face




Another great recap of the (cough,cough)NOT so Real Housewives of Joisey compliments of Gawker....


Dansmell making her kids hug her body guards
uncomfortable moment for everyone except dansmell


Here is some dirt on DC's Pussy CAT ....... read and laugh .....


Skankelstein not coming back to NYC..oh the horrah....I'm glad but this just means she is working on spawn #2 and now it will be Skankelstein's Getting Preggers/Drunk/Divorced/Pampered/Meets her Real Mommy/etc. She would never bow out unless she is making money so something is up for beeyatch hey she is a hustler I will give her that.

Yayy Kelly is back. Ya need crazy and plus, she is one of the few who actually has money. Tired of the same broke azz wannabees. I can see that outside my door (hell inside my door - I need mula LOL).


Maria thanks for Gawker recap. I crapped my pants.... too damn funny!!!


Wait, now Temple Beth Frankel is in negotiations TO come back but first Danielle has flipped because of her firing...

and here is the TBF info....


Yeah Bryan I saw that about Skankelstein...anything to remain on the tube. So my celebration was short lived, I die. I am sure she wants to be Queen B (pun intended) and now torture former Queen Jill and then they will go off together like good little yentals and do a Broadway musical about how to fake a friendship/bustup/get preggers/get married in 10 days and fool America. Oh and write another book.

I skeeve.....again.


Oh you know she wants to be there and hold her child and play the victim of the evil mrs limon zirga!


More Dirty Deeds in the news.....


I don't think Frankelstein has any desire to be back with the NY Housewives
I think she is just trying to save face and gain the upper hand with Bravo- and she wanted to announce it.
I bet her"negotiations " suddenly fall through and she decided to only be on "her" show.


She just wants to look like they cant live without her.


Started watching the DC housewives
the Salahis -what a piece of work
crashed the Black Caucus event too
They are two scam artists
This episode they had the wives out to do grape stomping from their vineyard (his mothers'vineyard) and the grapes he used were Thompson's seedless grapes- what a flim flam couple.


I have to start watching the DC wives. I can only imagine. Stomping grapes at their own vineyards, how revolting LOL. I heard there is a UK skank who claims to have slept with Harry who is on that show. Someone posted that too. I gotta tune in. Oy!

I agree with the Skankel/Frankelstein remarks also. She knows her boring azz life is not worth watching yet a second time around except for the die hard worshipers at her jabberjawed temple and the ratings will drop tremendously. You know they are going to cross tape and she will bring up the "Jill" factor on Season 2 of her show in prep for Season 4 of the NYC show. So predictable.

Alex kept her job because she blogged religiously for the NJ cast as if her life depended on it LOL.


Guess who doesn't want a second child,............


Look....I love, love, love me some Bravo! But I KNOW when a show is hideous, repulsive, and completely embarassing and humliating expecially since it takes place in our countries Capital city....but I KNOW when the shiz is aboslutely C.R.A.P. when I don't even tune into to watch said C.R.A.P. ie., last nighte epi of DC Housewives.

I know that Jersey is pretty LOW brow also but the cast of Joisey Housewives does NOT repulse me like the cast of the DC wives.

Here is a clip from Jezebel of the Salami's trying to splain sneaking into the White House UN-FING-INVITED to Bernie Goldberg....BLECHHHHHH!


Here is a link to the full interview that Bernie from HBO Real Sports did with the Salami's AKA probably, most likely, alleged con-artists....


oops....Sorry guys and gals! The link I just posted to the Salahi interview is not the full interview. :) I'll try to find it on youtube or download it from itunes for youz guys! :) What bottom feeders they are! Uggghhh!


Poor Frankelstein's baby
I hope Jason gets custody when the marriage ends in a few months.
OF course he gets custody
she will play out the same scenario she cries about -her parents living her and she is going to do the same thing.
Piece of crap


@Ronnie, I'm so glad you enjoyed the Gawker recap! :) I always love to read their recaps every week of these wacky gals!

And yes Suz....I feel for Jason. He seems like a very likeable, affable guy. And I have absolutley no idea in HELL why he decided to hook up with the little "devil" Methenny? I mean maybe I am in the minority when it comes to her but I do sometimes see some good in her come through on camera....but that might just be when she is "on" and on camera. Who the hell knows what happens in real life when the cameras are off....if they are ever off in her world? And usually when she is being filmed she is acting like a little spoiled, entitled biotch. I get that she had a bad childhood. I feel sorry for her in that respect. But that does not give her the right to demean and abuse others just because of her bad childhood. And who really knows just how bad it was? Nobody seems to be talking about it except her.

And I am just curious....well maybe a bit nosey too....but I wonder how much of Bobby Frankel's 200 million plus fortune she got when he passed away last year? And I am sure if she ever needed money when he was alive he gave it to her. So she can quit with the sob stories already.

On a positive note it looks like her baby, precious little Bryn has taken after Jason in the looks department. Thank goodness for Bryn! She is a precious looking little girl for sure! And thank god she is so healthy! It does seem like Methenny did take being pregnant and staying healthy while being pregnany very seriously. At least she did that.


The OC version of Mr and Mrs Juicy

As Vicki does the happy dance!!!


Did any of you see this one, I missed it but if anyone else didn't see it, OY!!!


thanks Bryan
Why didn't they sell the jewelry Mr. Jesus bought for Mrs. Jesus?
Didn't he say that one atrocious necklace he gave her was worth over 100k
that alone would have paid for the unpaid mort.payments


@Suz....lmfao @ Mr. and Mrs. Jesus! :) Thank you for that long needed giggle! Those two "Holy Rollers" looks like they be needin' some kinda Deeeevine intervention right abouts now! We have Mr. Jesus with his A.J. Mclean's haircut and look from the Backstreet Boys circa 1998 and Mrs. Jesus Barbie/Double D's/Maxim Hometown Hottie 2002? So fing pure and Jesusy to be photographed practically nude for a worldwide publication "read" (cough, cough)by men lookin' for lub in all the wrong places....NOT!

I knew something was up when they rolled the credits at the season finale of OC Housewives this season (oh how I long for the days of the OC Housewives and not these battle ax skeletors from DC)and Bravo just happened to mention that Alexis AKA Mrs. Jesus Barbie (named by the Genius David) was nw working for her plastic surgeon and shuddddeeerrsss....Mr. Jesus Barbie was letting her?? WTF? And then....Jesus Barbie just happened to tweet that she was sick of everyone talking about how she had two nannies because now she only has one? And then Mrs. Jesus Barbie starts shilling her broken down, Amityville Horror looking mess of a "Boutique" hotel in Laguna that just happens to be right across the street from I think a friggin KFC! I love, love, love Laguna Beach and that is the last place that I would ever book a vaca at! THE very LAST place.

Let's not forget the Fourth of July when Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Barbie allowed their toddler to roll the fck into the pool at their club while said toddler was still in her damn stroller! WTH?

This is just a hunch but....I bet Mr. Jesus Barbie gets into the Jesus racket and starts preachin' the word and asking everyone to give him and Mrs. Jesus Barbie 10% every week so Mrs. Jesus Barbie can pay for her Restalyne, Botox and whatever the hell else that plastic "former" Mrs. Hometown Hottie needs to keep her looking her plastic best!

All joking aside, the biotch does have a slamming body....and that is after pushing three kidlets out. Got to give her credit for that. Although....I have a sneaky suspicion that she doesn't eat and whatever she does eat she tries to get rid of the extra calorites by exercising. Mr. Jesus Barbie aka A.J. Mclean from the Backstreet Boys circa 1998 better get his shizzzz in order before Mrs. Jesus Barbie finds a new 50 year old, overweight, controlling, big mouthed, abusive holy roller who's "rollin in it" to be her new man and of course her new "religous" partner in life.


Isn't Mr Jesus still on probation from his arrest a couple of years ago?
"look Mrs. Jesus, Flamingos"


shoot, I think I blew the punch line- were they flamingo's and he said swans, can't remember but it was darn funny


Okay someone told me that Mr Jesus suffers from some kind of intestinal woe and that it's know throughout the kingdom of OC because dude let's em rip in front of everyone, A LOT, talked about being gassed out!!


they need money!!!!


Thank you so much Bryan for the fantastic links these past few days. But you always find the best dirt on these bottom feeders that call themselves Housewives? on Bravo!

Okay, so let meget this straight...the fame who*ing, camera hogs of the Real Housewives franchise on Bravo are whining and crying and threatening Bravo that they are not going to sign their contracts if they do not get a raise? And just to be clear....these women are the middle aged, obviously stimulant and or anti-depressant/sedative combo with a side order of Red wine or whatever liquor is most convenient and close by taking, Botoxed, Juvederm and Restalyned up the as* so that their faces do NOT move women who appear on the Real Housewives franchise.

But WAIT....the only reason these crazy biotches say that they want to be on the "Real Housewives" is so that each of them can promote their various charities?? RIGHT?? I.AM.NOT.BUYING.THAT.LOAD.OF.SH*T. one bit! But back to the charities all of these middle aged, Botoxed women say they want to help....if this is true and to be able to help their respective charities is the only reason they are appearing on the Housewives why OH why are they demanding raises?

Well....maybe, just maybe because some of them are having a little bit of "money" troubles ie., bankruptcy, divorce, "alleged" lying to the Feds, "alleged" concealment of assets and on and on and on. Oh and Blondie and her husband Tagamet or Tareq whatever are suing his parents for the wine vineyard that his parents fking started. Oh and these are the same ones that sneaked past the SS and entered the White House with no invitation and then proceeded to up close and personal with the VP and President taking pictures with both of them! All of this and these two low lifes were not even cleared by WH Security but got in anyway?

It is amazing to me, and I am not judging is amazing to me how much time and precious valuable "life moments" these women and their partners put into getting their mugs on TV when they could really be putting their time into making this world and our country and better place to live. Ya know....since it seems like the country is kind of in the sh*tter right now. Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer but it does seem as though a lot of people in our blessed country are suffering right now and instead of fame who*ing and spending all of their free time fighting over who gets more camera time on their particular Housewives franchise maybe they could volunteer at a soup kitchen....or maybe one day a week visit a homeless shelter and spend time with the children there and read to them etc., or take just one day out of the week and volunteer at an abused women's shelter. Just a thought. Maybe some of them are already doing this. But it doesn't seem like it.

Actually I seem to remember not too long ago when Tee Tee from Joisey refused to show up and make an appearance at a fund raiser for an abused women's shelter because she was not going to get paid for the appearance. Sad :( Maybe she would have turned up if it was for, I dunno, maybe something like a benefit to save the dying Olive Oil trees in Italy??


That was a fabulous post Maria, check this out and see who was doing the no on H8 Campaign, This ticks me off, do you actually think these clowns give one iota about equality for those of us who cant get it, fuck no, this is just a another photo op for Mrs Limon Zirga and Family!!


I knew this was coming...the money hold out strike. Ah circa 1994 ala "Friends", don't cross the line, solidarity at its best. But guess what? THEY WERE/ARE INCREDIBLE ACTORS WHO HONED THEIR CRAFTS!! Are these broke azz/botoxed ta death/drunken cry baby hookas serious? I mean really. They should be paying US for watching the train wrecks weekly that keeps their contracts renewed. The nerve. But it all started when the OC bimbos (all glossy pink lipped, pink n white tipped nails (square only),boozers upped their anty. Didn't save Jeana's financial woes, or Tammmaraahhh! however. hmmm of course they are saying Skankel/Frankelstein doesn't have anything to do with the "sit out." Of course not, that hobag got her money up front (hell she probably had them hold the turkey baster and said "do NOT impregnate me UNLESS I GET MY OWN SHOW DAMMIT!! And a few shots of skinnygurl drinks later, voila - first comes baby, then comes marriage, then comes Jason with the Xanax carriage (poor guy).
Always riding bitch, never the bride...hang in their Jason.
Alex betta just shut her scary Steven King teeth and just pray she keeps her job.


And "The Situation" getting more money than his cast mates? I hope he uses that extra $10,000 to fix that fugly face before appearing on dancing with the stars. He is sooooo damn ugly, his ego is ridiculous. You just know he had parents who knew he lost the genetic lottery so they kept him dressed to the nines and told him he would be somebody someday, ala Rocky Balboa, so hit the gym (not the books). That body is all he has so he betta work that butta face. Ick!

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