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August 30, 2010



The D.C. housewives are okay. They're worth watching, if for nothing else than the weird Salahis, who are desperately pretending at being whatever it is they are. But that seems to be general theme of all these womens' lives, I suppose.

And Linda has a face that's begging to be drawn by you!


Oh DG, you just want to see Nene GIGANTIC ASS!!! =)


Believe it or not some of the Atlanta housewives are going to be on Ghostbusters on the SyFy channel. Can't wait! Don't bother with the D.C. housewives, not very good. Personally, I don't think any of the New Jersey ladies (I use that term VERY loosely)are better than one another. Oh, another thing, when you file for bankruptcy it is public record, just sayin.





Oh.My.God!! :) LMFAO!! David you are genius! I cannot tell you how much joy your photoshopped picture of the 11 million dollar in debt, bankruptcy twins of NJ brought me! :) LOL!! Thank you for that picture and your wonderfully hilarious recap of this NJ Housewives reunion show aka Women Who Are On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown.

Good lawd have mercy! It is totally official now....Teresa has lost her fing mind. She is a nut job and in my humble opinion in need of some type of pharmaceutical intervention to get all of those funky little synapses firing in the right direction again. And is it just me but....she looks like she hasn't lost that baby weight yet. I guess her book "Skinny Italian" is really a crock of shi* huh? Because she ain't no "Skinny Italian" anymore. All of that pasta looks like it has gone straight to her ass and her saggy looking arms. Of course this is just my opinion. Maybe all of that fronting she has done to make herself look wealthy has gotten to her and she has now taken to seeking solace with huge bowls of Ragu morning, noon and night? Maybe she needs a little medically supervised "vaca" (wink, wink)for a month or so? When she gets back from her little sabbatical Bravo cans her and she has to get on her knees and beg MTV for a spot on the Joisey shore. Yeah....that sounds good. She would fit right in with Snookie and the rest of them. Did I just admit that I watched an episode of the Jersey Shore? Good gawd....okay....I did. One episode. Only because I love Miami, spent most of my youth there, and was curious about the show because I had never seen it. Actually I watched about 5-10 minutes of it and then I couldn't take it anymore and shut it off.

Also, did Jackie get lip implants? Jeezus her lips looked big and of course crooked. But they always look crooked. Just loved the picture one of the gossip sites had of her this week with her mouth open that showed her tongue piercing. Keepin it Klassy as always. Way to go Joisey! Nothing against piercings but these biotches try to make like they are so innocent and little Suzy fing homemakers when in fact they are just as wild as the rest of them. Hmmmmmm....I wonder where Jackie #2 got all of her social skills from??

And then there was Beverly/Danielle being, well just being Beverly/Danielle. The crocodile tears she shed after "no forehead" got all up in her face were laughable at best. Good lord. I read somewhere that she has been stalking the other gals now that she has been fired from Bravo. But who knows what the truth is? Those other attention starved, camera hog, sad women could have just planted those rumors. But then again, it is D they are talking about? Whateva.

And then Caroline....Oh Caroline. Isn't her bestie doing hard time in a Federal Penitentiary right now? Oh lord and tonight she admitted on national Tee Vee that she fing shaves her damn face everyday! And she does this sh*t in front of her husband!? I think she would look totally cute if she got like a mini facelift. Of course no facelift will change her personality. Sad but true. But at least she would look better when she tries to pull her "holier than though" routine on anybody and everybody that will listen to that crap....I am no psychologist but I think her nasty attitude and Boss Hog demeanor comes from some sort of deep seated inferiority complex/low self esteem/not as cute as Dina so she has to make up for her lack of looks by bullying every single person that crosses her path. Maybe it's just me but I think they are some very dark secrets that this woman is harboring.

Thank you Bravo for another funfilled night of cat fighting amongst women who have let their D list celebrity totally and completely go their botoxed heads. :)


These "woman" Oy vey! shaking my damn head.....and we have a part two???

I'm with you DG, bring on Hotlanta. Funny shit.

I peed when I saw Juicy Joe in TT's head band LOL...You are fab!

P.S. I was uber drunk watching last night too laughing my ass off.


What a big ole serving of what in the world would set off Teresa because someone said "did you acknowledge your nephew" she just always one minute from blowin' her stack or is Danielle that good and knowing which buttons to push, like seriously....and can definitely see where Ashley gets her bad behavior....she does look like she got some weird facial procedure...her jaw was very extended or something...and the tongue piercing totally makes sense, I thought she said "your garbage" with a bit of a lisp.

Caroline-okay she is so totally in denial that her son is want to make her mad...say Albie is gay and watch the saddle-up, buckle-up, yippee kiyae...did actually say that? She left out yippee kiyae MF.

Boy does Kim G come out swinging next week...the fbombs are firing off like crazy.. did you see Andy's face? I felt bad for him when TT --boar hog rushed him and put him back in his chair....she's like an f*ing linebacker.....ain't no skinny italian up in that house....

I think Bravo should cancel this debacle of a show.... and why trash Jersey Shore....Tt talkin' about her sex life 247 is pretty bad can you just imagine her hideous tribe at 20 yrs old...OMG...Jersey Shore will look like Happy Days compared to that unmanageable brood. She should replay her nightmare vacation to Italy episodes and then compare that to JS....she's supposed to be so classy....what a joke.

Next week should be interesting...can you imagine being Andy trying to manage these nuts!!!


DC sucks. I watched 3 episodes and I was not impressed. I can't tell you the names of any of them and I can't really give any of the story lines. It was definately a snooze. Come on ATL!!!


I dunno, but we LOVE trashy shows - we've all got problems of our own but when we see crap like that on TV, we feel better knowing there are people out there with even bigger issues. DC is super boring - maybe because the issues they bring up are pretty outdated.


Allegedly, Theresa was freaking out because Joe just had a baby with his mistress Tara. (NOT ME!). And said Tara has popped out a boy for Mr. Joe. Danielle knows that and lots of other ditr on the wives because she hired a P.I. I can't really blame Danielle for fighting back. Also, Joe was hanging with Tara before the accident.

My favorite moment was Theresa advising us that she came from nothing. We can tell honey.


I stopped watching RHoNJ after Dina left. You need one sane one on the show, ,and sorry, Caroline MANzo it ain't you.
I did watch the Round One Reunion, though, and these women are all so hateful and hate-filled.
I want my RHoNY.

bravo fan

Glad you are OK David I was getting worried about you.

So... the 'nephew" is Juicy's son? I'm surprised that I haven't heard that before - and a little giddy if it's true. Tee-trash needs to fall off the face of this earth we would all be better off.

I know Danielle is certifiable - but she truly entertained me last night. And sorry but Tee has surpassed Danielle in the annoying whack-a-doo category. Can't wait to see her living over the pizzeria. Speaking of which - what exactly is the job that Jacklyn is claiming that Tee has been doing since Joe declared bankruptcy? All we see is party planning and shopping and vacations where Juicy drinks $800 euro worth of mini-bar drinks in one night.

Didn't notice the tongue ring - and I am an old lady and I have recently learned to ask this question - is it on the tip or in the middle of her tongue? Who is getting good feelings from that piercing - Chris or Tereesa? Just askin'.

As for DC - I don't remember who made the comment but kudos to whoever pointed out that Mary is DC's version of Jill. So, so true. And can someone tell me why so many people like Stacie? Maybe I haven't been paying enough attantion - but with all her complaints about everyone else she seems to be kind of racist to me. And it looks like she is going to out the woman who chose to give birth to her instead of having an abortion. Sorry - she's not on my good list.

Missed you - take care.


David Gilmore is BACK!

What a great post! I wanted to comment on the spectacle but you've really nailed all corners to the wall.

You are a comedy genius and a talented artist. So much talent. I love/hate you.

Speed dialing Dina's enegist. Or that hippo that Sonja has over.... Talk about a weird hairline...she needed hairplugs to pull off an alopecia look.

Anyway, who am I kidding? I am dazzled by your light, David. Kiddooos from the bottom of Ramona's heart.


btw: about DC and why should anyone care.
I like the black couple. They are the Silex couple of DC. And I like watching Cat pretend to be uppity upper claaaasss (with a short english a vowel sound).

In reality, my instincts are that she is a shy, working class girl who is trying to compensate by playing a brit snob asshole.

Look for cat to become likable towards the end of the season. She already connects (surprisingly) with lots of people on her blog. She and McSalami get the lioness share of comments on their bravo blogs.


Not watching DC, and I'm totally waiting for Atlanta to come back.

You really have to hand it to Teresa, when you're standing next to Danielle it's hard to come off looking like the bigger piece of shit but she's done it this season. Maybe that's what we learned this year.

Last year I thought she was totally superficial, this year she comes across as a delusional lying bitch. I can't wait for the nephew/love-child pictures to be published. That level of hostility doesn't come from plain old disgust for the pile formerly known as Bev Merrill.

What did Caroline say to Teresa? Something like, "if this was the real you Teresa, I wouldn't be your friend."


DC gets better with time. I barely watched the first two but the third had me laughing. There is crazy on that show, most of them, if not all, are bat shit crazy.

Teets is an animal, no shouldn't act like that when you have little kids at home, that's just scary.

DC Fan

I've always needed to warm up to any new housewives show and DC is no exception. I do, however, think it's about to get good. The Salahis are nuts and full of so much drama that they could have their own show. Give it another shot!


Andy let's these women off too easily
especially Danielle
I wanted more dirt.


sorry meant to write WOMAN"


did you see this:


Joe is supporting his mistress
HA! she must be living in a box.


Psssssttttttt....rumor has it, "allegedly" that yes, Joe has a piece on the side and together they birthed a baby boy....but also there is another rumor that "allegedly" Tee Tee's brother had an affair with an African American woman and the two of them produced a bi-racial child that no one in Teet's family has accepted because the baby is bi-racial.

I am not casting this aspersion against all Italians, but I have heard that some persons of Italian descent are not too fond of other races, in particular African Americans. I don't understand the reasoning for this racial divide amongst some, not all, but some persons of Italian descent. And this rumor is especially disturbing because Teets peeps are living and reaping all of the bene's that come with living in the greatest nation on earth, the United States. Yet these goombahs have the nerve to judge different races and people from different backgrounds other than their own? And of course, this is all just my opinion. And like I said, this is just a rumor. But a rumor that seems to hold some sort of weight judging by the reaction of no forehead on last nights show when Beverly/Angela/Danielle confronted no forehead about "allegedly", allegedly being the key word here, not acknowledging her brother's rumored bi-racial child.

Oh good lawd have mercy....if it is true that Joe Joe has had a baby with his piece on the side and to top it off this bambino is a boy....Holy Fing Cannoli's! The shizzzz has just gotten real in Joisey!

Bring on the fabulous babes from Beverly Hills!


love that pic! you are too much!!


Here is a link to the "alleged" rumors re: Teets unrecognized and unacknowledged nephew....


All these nephew stuff is bullshit its her nephew not Joe's kid, its just Danielle blowing smoke out of her twat


Danielle should have stuck by what she mean't when she said her kids wore lace and crinoline at the ages Teresa's kids are now; namely, that young kids are innocent and should be child-like, and not have "Juicy" splashed across their ass at three, wearing leopard prints. But, despite her unforgiving, ballsy, side interviews on the show, she didn't have the balls to own up to it. But Danielle, though perhaps most poised on the reunion show, is a horrendous mother, like one of the worst I've seen, and the damage she's done to her children is palpable, awkward, disturbing. I think to myself, "When is Dad and sane step mom coming to the rescue?" I mean, Danielle is textbook awful everything.

But Teresa! and the rest. Jacqueline was such an idiot last night. But she's behaved suitably enough (read: trashed Danielle mercilessly in public, with liberal splashings of "whore," "garbage," and the like) to be welcomed back to the Manzo fold and redeemed in their eyes.

I'm watching it now (third time. sigh. groan.) and judging by Teresa's reaction to the "nephew" comment, it's hard to guess whether it's the issue of the Baby Goomama, or the mulatto nephew, that got her hackles up. Are they laying odds on this in Vegas? I'm going to commit and say I think it's the bi-racial issue issue that got her going.

Andy is a weenie. Entering Jerry Springer territory.


I believe it is Teresa's brothers baby
thus her nephew
Joe may have a mistress but what is the point of being someone's mistress if the other half(JOE) has no money.
But,, maybe that is why he is so in debt.


This could get really ugly. Fast. I have no idea what is going on but something is rotten in the state of New Juicy. I'm reserving judgment on Juicy Jr. until I see photos.

But Teresa goes ballistic when things hit home in the sense that they're truthful and show her as less that the perfect vision of herself that she is trying so hard to promote.

She flipped the table after Danielle basically called her stupid and she must know that she's an idiot. She starts raging at the CC over Danielle calling her out for her house being in jeopardy and she knew at the time she was broke without a prayer to keep it quiet or recover.

I think either story fits Teresa's hostile flip out criteria.

Oh and Teresa, I'm so happy that you and juicy never had anything handed to you. Like the 10K per month your parents fork over.

And as far as you rebuilding your wealth. Great. 10-15 years from now you'll file bankruptcy citing what 22 million in debt? Inflation is a bitch. Any buttswab can appear wealthy on a pile of borrowed money as big as your soon to be former residence.


Oh and Caroline, Bernie Kerik's staunchest defender, nice play on the stripper question. You know strip club owner good, female strip club employee bad. You know she doesn't have a problem with the male bouncers in the club.

No fing way honey.

What did she say? I don't judge, "if you're a stripper then you're only hurting yourself." Right?

Did you say that to the stupid ugly child you had that certainly lacks a light in his eyes?

Do you tell your son that owning a strip club may be harmful to him? And if so, since you never distinguish along gender lines, how can you support a career choice for your precious child that will most definitely in your opinion be harmful to him?


For the past two weeks the #1 search term that led people to my blog was “Teresa and Joe Giudice Divorce” which means a lot of people think it’s coming.

There is a new article by Absurd to Sublime that asks: Who’s Tara?
Here is an excerpt from the article:

Well folks, I have learned from an unimpeachable anonymous source that Joe Giudice has a girlfriend named Tara G. Danielle found her because she hired a private investigator and had the Manzo’s and the Giudices followed.

Tara G., by the way, is not exactly hiding out. She attends parties and actually displays pictures of her and Joe together. She also has pictures of a baby, whether or not this is Joe’s offspring is unknown. She is the person Ramona Singer, probably high on too many pinot grigios, was tweeting about when she wrote “Tamra” instead of Tara, the night of Joe’s DWI.

Could this be the thing Danielle said at the reunion that prompted Teresa to walk across the room, get in her face, and send a pillow and Andy Cohen flying through the air?

We’ve been hearing these rumors for a while now. And unlike the rumors surrounding Tommy Manzo, the rumors about Joe Giudice have a name… and blonde hair apparently. It’s clear in recent episodes of RHONJ that Joe is no longer the happy go lucky “happy wife happy life” guy he was in season one. He is visibly irritated and pissed off in every scene. And he has no problem displaying his frustration at Teresa in front of the cameras.

Do I believe Joe is cheating? Yes. Do I think they will get divorced over it? No.
Teresa won’t file for divorce because Joe doesn’t legally own anything or make any money, so that means she most likely won’t receive child support or alimony and might actually have to get a job. And Joe won’t file for divorce because Teresa knows where the bodies are buried. And I’m sure they will get a lot of pressure from their old school parents and family members to stay together. Since “Gumars” are mafia Italian tradition just like huge flashy christenings, a first dance with your baby, and naming Godmothers who aren’t Catholic, I think Teresa will probably just roll with it.

That’s just my opinion. I know you all are going crazy on twitter right now. So what do you think about this rumor?


Hey David...
Don't knock the head wraps, that's what keeps the aliens from scanning our brains. I thought you knew all about it.
OMG...seriously? Cousin It! Priceless!


Oh, and one more thing, I would bet my left boobie that Theresa's monkey children will be on Jersey Shore in 10 years. I bet she is already lining up the audition. Can't wait to see what a train wreck these kids turn out to be.


So it was Ramona who spilled the beans on Joes's Mistress- nice - she is really a piece of work- she may want to watch her back and not go to Jersey for awhile.
T and J won't get divorced- (It was Rudy G. before he was mayor said all Italian men should have mistresses. of course his first wife was his cousin-so I guess he would need a mistress)

Joe would never leave his daughters- he has no money - who would want him?
Nor could he pay for two households because he would be paying for Theresa and the kids for at least 18 years.


Good lord your all running amok over thing thing!!!

Teresa Giudice

Honey nobody messes with my family!! Neither you nor Prostitution Whore!!! My nephew is my business you whores!!! Andy deserved me pushing his feeble sissy ass! I offered many times to record my single 'is bitch better' and he liked the idea but then he said that it was not primetv material!! Well I cowrote the new single for Caroline and Lauren Manzo called "cannoli can't buy you a fat ass, my friend!!!!
Cannolis can't buy you a fat ass
Biscotti can't buy you a fat ass
Being overweight is hard work, my friends
Being overweight is hard work, oh yeah
Cannolis can't buy you a fat ass
Biscotti can't buy you a fat ass
Being overweight is hard work, my friends
Being overweight is hard work, oh yeah
How many carbonara I ate
That went right through my face
When I give my daughter bread, she asks for Tortellini and red wine
Butter rich and sugar poor
Never got my boobs to fit
Cannoli talks but I eat all when I can't stop myself
And the mafia style mistake
not eating Ravioli al dente
If you make a lady hungry she'll pass some gass
The lesson all should learn
Even if there's sausages to burn
Eat cannolis, eat them all, cause no one else can change your ass
Cannolis can't buy you a fat ass
Biscotti can't buy you a fat ass
Being overweight is hard work, my friends
Being overweight is hard work, oh yeah
Cannolis can't buy you a fat ass
Biscotti can't buy you a fat ass
Being overweight is hard work, my friends
Being overweight is hard work, oh yeah
Now ladies, don't forget
To allow the cannolis that you ate
To suck on all the cream and eat them til you’re blue
When entering a room
shake that ass and they’ll know soon
You'll be invited and fed Linguini
Your girth should feel
When a cannoli is in the air
Even if the pasta tastes like shit
You can tell when someone's been
Without even smelling him
He's either loco or ate your cannoli twice
Cannolis can't buy you a fat ass
Biscotti can't buy you a fat ass
Being overweight is hard work, my friends
Being overweight is hard work, oh yeah
Cannolis can't buy you a fat ass
Biscotti can't buy you a fat ass
Being overweight is hard work, my friends
Being overweight is hard work, oh yeah
Life is all about eating pasta and drinking wine And cannoli for dessert.
You don't have to be a skinny bitch or anorexic to be fab
It's not about skin and bones
It's about meaty ass and huge tatas
Cannolis can't buy you a fat ass
Biscotti can't buy you a fat ass
Being overweight is hard work, my friends
Being overweight is hard work, oh yeah
Being overweight is hard work, my friends
Being overweight is hard work.


Holy Italianio....It looks like the much talked about and made fun of by their own "peeps" in North Jersey RHONJ Guidettes are in a stand off with Bravo re: their contracts for the third season of the RHONJ. With of course, the biggest Guidette of them all Teets leading the pack.

This broke as* and her fellow castmates are even going as far as asking Bravo for a cut off the DVD sales and merchandise sales.

That's it! I say to Bravo fck 'em! Recast the whole damn classless, low rent cast of this New Jersey and start over with a new set of biotches! Better yet....cancel the Jersey Housewives show completely! Bravo still has RHONYC to represent the east coast so just bag the whole fckin bunch of those fame wh*res altogether! :)

Bring it on Beverly Hills gals!!


OK laughing my azz off with the Teresa "Judas" post above, too funny - it just might really be TT (I hear the gals all check this blog out once and a while). I hope so, skanky bitch LOL.

OK, I watched it first in blessed drunken haze (love that Sangiovese - da bomb DG ya gotta try it), but then I rewatched again, and here is what I will add:

Those "woman" heheh are again full of SHIT! Tahhhhreeeka is a low rent tramp who just wanted to get as much camera time as possible because now that DanSmell is allegedly off the show, she has to amp it up because DanSmell was the show and not her with her big azz, overly tanned, big haired with the unibrow growing above her 2 inch forehead;

Jacq - just come back in another life as TT's tampon. You are always up her twat. She is dispicable - mouthpiece for anybody who would listen and her boobs were hiked up so high she could nurse herself.

Those "woman" trying to twist DanSmell's words about saying Tahhhhreeka's brats are animals - well hell THEY ARE, but she was saying when referencing the clothing, that Tahhhreeka dresses her little trolls like hookas, not little girls. I concur. No wonder they are always talking about my stuff, ma money, what yous got for me daddy, (like gold diggin hos) because if you dresslike a ho, ya mom is a loud mouth ho, Hello prostitots! (yes I borrowed that term from Perezhilton - love it!)

Tahhhreeeka never ever ever answered the question does she think they will lose that ticky tacky mansion in the future. Andy asked three times and that beeyotch kept saying love and light and kids and shit is all that matters. And yet they jumped on DanSmell for being evasive. Hypocritical bitches.

I loved loved loved how Tareeeka said she NEVAH EVAH talks about DanSmell, except on CAMERA. BITCH WAKE UP AND SMELL THE KOFFIE, YA ALWAYS ON CAMERA. Broke ass.

Oh, Jacqs giggling like little girl who was caught looking at porn when asked about DanSmell's tape. oooh she saw her twat, her pierced twat heheheh. Simple bitch.

Tramp wished it was her.

Oh yeah, next week it is coming out that Jacqs in Vegas baby was an ESCORT OF MARRIED MEN. HOly Cannoli! Putting that pierced tongue to use.

My main beef is that they investigated and judged DanSmell who is skanky pants to the highest level (besides Tareeeka) but they were throwing all types of stones in glass houses. And ask for Tareeka's kids....apples and trees, apples and trees. Just like momma (except there is hope for Gabby - who doesn't speak Italiano btw)

I do believe as said above those little trolls will be on joisey shore soon. And to think Tareeeka has a problem with how they act on THAT show. Ah they are in their twenties and you are in your late 30s (39) old whore. Grow up!

Please would someone put that stuffed sausage with the big tacky print on ther fugly dress into the pizza/crapartment and zip up her mouth along with her legs. Loved how Andy broke down the PUBLIC bankruptcy records and the bitch tried to say the Trustee had the figures wrong. Yeah like we believe she was the brilliant accountant of the family.

Caroline and damn helmet hair.....Send in the clowns.....She was so righteous...

Poor ADD Albie.

Oh lastly Jacq dumbass - uh remember you put a "silencer" on Dina! WTF Could this tramp be any dumber? If they get a raise, they should ALL go back to school. Hell just buy a dictionary and open books (besides, DanSmell's books, or cookbooks) and educate themselves.

Next week I'm drinking scotch.


According to Perez Hilton, it is well known that Joe actually has a lady on the side, and this "nephew" is actually their love child. Yeah I know a little crazy. But it could explain why Teresa seemed confused about what Danielle said about the nephew, and when she finally realizes, well we are saw what happened then. Apparently they are very open their relationship, and the homewrecker proudly display pics of her and Joe and the love child all over her fb page. Who knows, what the truth is, but this was juicy and the speculation so great I had to share. Speaking of nephew, David how is your wonderful, fabulous, creative nephew and his muse?!? Can't wait to see another Martini post :)


Jen I heard that also. And of course, Tareeka's Tampon (Jackie) came to her defense on Twitter saying "that's not true." First, who would let juicy joe hit it, I don't know but ick. However, I would not be surprised. DanSmell and TT used to be very close friends and Jacks was opening her mouth big time during the first season and told all of their business (including her own) so they are VERY scared because DanSmell is certifiable and will tell it all. Dina ran, FAST. That skank DanSmell is smart also, because she is a crimminal her damn self. Without her that show will be extremely boring. They all know it. Hell the reunion is proof, it was all about DanSmell. That's why they are trying to get that money up front now. Good luck with that bimbos. I'm so skeeved. LOL.


It's a family affair............

Danielle Who?????


thanks for the link Bryan. This is the nephew who Tareeka didn't acknowledge becuase (the horrah) he is bi-racial. It is obviously the wife (Tareeka's sister in law married to she-wolf's brother) is black or at least mixed (looks like those twins Tia and Tamara Morey - beautiful woman). Anywho she and Tareeka do not get along supposedly. Well the staged plot thickens. Also I saw a damn telelprompter when the fight broke out. Hm,mmmmm. Rumour has it that Tareeka doesn't acknowledge the nephew because he is mixed. IF that is true...that dirty skank. I hope she is added to the show and really dishes on that leopard printed hooker. I just hope sista has taste and isn't tacky tacky. Opps she married Tareeka's brother...oh well.


Ronnie, she's italian, but they but heads alot, THATS the problem


Here is more on Mr and Mrs Juicy....

Maria is official....Granny Granatell has totally lost her braggy as*, botoxed head. I will admit that "some" of her tweets are LOFL funny....but some others are just, well kind of psychotic and maybe borderline sort of bi-polar sounding. In my opinon anyway. Why in the fck is she even messing with this piece of reality trash show if she has soooooo much money like she brags about 24 hours fcking day, 7 days a week? It seems that she wants a spot on RHONJ so bad that she is willing to pay for it or as the others have done voluntarily and as reported for a fcking measley 3k a month....she is willing to sell her soul to the devil for some camera time just like the other women have. Oops, or maybe I should have said "woman" lol just as Beverly/Danielle would have said. Have being past tense because she has been canned from the Bravo reality show, (yay, yay :).

In my humble opinion, and I am just guessing here but....if Granny G has soooo much money like she says she does why isn't she out having fun at her age (my guess would be at least 60 years old)and living it up? Why isn't she flying in her private jet to St. Barts and partying like hell with the rich and famous during the cold and sad winters in North Jersey? So many questions. But NO, instead she is making a fool of herself and trying so hard that it looks painful to get her attention starved, 60 year old looking face and body on camera.


And, Oh.Good.Gawd! Thank you Bryan for the fantastic links as always! So Teets posed for a picture with Joe Joe to prove that their Lub is true and Joe Joe just disgustingly had to add that he and Teets do the deed once if not twice a day (the mental picture of whatever that scene looks like is enough to induce severe vomiting). And the kicker....her SIL is joining the cast of RHONJ? Wow! I am so hoping beyond hope that those two Italianos do not get along and we see major cat fights next season between the two. The SIL looks like a about 10 years younger than teets and the article says that she has two nannies and house so big that it makes Teets masoleum look like, get this, a friggin garage! Oh the jealousy that must go on between those two will be priceless to watch!

Here is a link to some of Granny G's tweets....Krazy....


The DC Housewives, with the sole exception of Stacey (?), are repulsive.

Stacey is just boring which translated from reality tv to real-life means she is probably awesome, has taste, and her mama taught her to act decently toward others. Bad tv.

The rest are classless but they just lack the "joie de vivre" of classlessness that is Atlanta or the Countess or Vicky.

Cat is a bitch but she is such a thoroughly miserable bitch. At least the Countess enjoys the hell out of herself when she is putting every one down.

Mary is insanely desperate to be most popular and cannot stop bringing up Mrs. Salahi's job history which is irrelevant since she wasn't a hooker or a stripper and selling cosmetics just isn't too interesting as proving a woman is "unsuitable" for society in 2010.

I could almost like Linda but I just don't-She comes off as strident and shrewish and mean rather than artfully bitchy. And, she keeps calling other women anorexic which is so 1994. Though Linda's boyfriend appears to be hot and cool so she must have off camera depths.

And, that Salahi couple is just too freaky and not in a fun Silex kind of way. Her husband looks like he will kill someone- there is so much pent-up rage in that man. They actually disturb me and not in a Bravo entertaining way.


Lola, lmao!! :) Love your post about the Salahi's! Good Jesus Almighty, I was thinking the same thing about Tagamet or Tareq or whatever the hell his name is. But those two, Micheal or Micahello or gawd I don't even know how what the hell her name is and her fing husband Tagamet give me the MAJOR creeps. I mean I get a very strange, like almost evil vibe from those two. And I don't throw around the word evil that much but those two are the creepiest mfers that I have seen to date on the Real( but not really that "real" after all) Housewives shows I have seen Bravo to date.

I wouldn't even compare them to Silex because I actually kind of dig Alex and Simon now. Especially after last season of the RHONYC. Alex and Simon seem to be growing on me and I just love, love, fcking love the way Simon calls Jill Z out on her bullsh*t. God, she is irritating.

But back to the wackadoos from D.C. (cough, cough) I mean Virginia. Yes, totally and completley yes, I do get a kind of weird, strange, and yes even scarey vibe from Tagamet and even his Skeletor wife Michahellwhateva. Yes, I did totally get the pent up rage in this weirdo and his wife. They both look like they could explode at any moment. BTW, who is looking after Tagamet's mother and making sure she is safe from these two wackadoos? There is nothing entertaining about two people who are so obsessed with fame that they would sneak into the White House uninvited. Absolutey nothing.

But actually, I don't like any of those D.C. wives except for Stacie. I actually kind of think Stacie is cool and I like her husband. I think it is awesome that they both flew to Paris to support Stacie's BIL and attend his concert. Who else thought it was weird that those two weirdos, Tagamet and Michahellwhateva invited themselves to go on the trip and actually friggin went to Paris with them?

Also, I just watched the video of the Today show with the RHONJ and of course the most passive aggressive biotch of all of the fcking housewives, in my opinion at least, Dina had to show up on camera. Even though she is an ex-housewife she is still all over the fcking media. Even though she has "quit" the housewives she is seen attending every event that will have her and take her picture so that they can splash her horse teeth looking face all over the interwebz and trash mags. You just know she looks in the mirror all day, everyday and tell herself how much she luvs herself and how beautiful she thinks she is. I mean is she attractive? I guess in a North Jersey trashy kind of way I would say yes. Is she as beautiful and wonderful and she thinks she is? I would say definitely not. Ohhhhh, the horror she says of being on the housewives and all of the pressures it brought. But there she is everyday, fame whor*ng herself out to anyone who will click her picture or put her huge teeth and mouth on television. I mean you can just tell that she is the queen biotch out of all the Jersey wives. Not including D because she is actually, in my opinion, certifiable. So I am not including her with the rest of this Krazy group of gals. Good Gawd....Yes, I did watch the video of her wedding when it was filmed for my VHI's My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding. And I saw this way before RHONJ was on tv and I thought to myself then that she was the most low class, low brow chick I had seen on these shows having million dollar weddings. She was so fcking bossy to everyone. Caroline appears in it too and she is seen just fawning all over Dina and doing whatever Dina told her to do. This people is what happens when people, meaning me, have way too much time on their hands. They sit and watch Bravo and try and analyze these biotches.

Watching these crazy biotches every week and seeing just how crazy they get with each passing episode is way cheaper than going to therapy every other day. And alot more fun too. :) God these "woman" lol make everyone else, me included, feel so sane! Thank you Bravo!


Great posts Bryan and Maria. The Gansta Granny tweets...what a twit. Yeah, she is reaching and reaching for da stars. She should have way more class, even if she is not a grandmother yet, she looks like it. All of her real socialite buds are slooooowly backing away from the nutcase. Seriously. She really is out to get Tarreeeka. Wow.

As for Dina, I have to admit, the Lonely Barbie doll with tons of Cats Collection really is a cutie pie. She is pretty, her eyes are unbelievably blue and the hair - fabulous! She and her brother Chris are nice looking out of the bunch (of 20???). Give the Devil her due.

TT and Juicy proclamations of love and sex in the afternoon...grabbing bag now because vomit is slowly rising...eee gads.

Watch what happens....good or bad publicity, these hookas are milking it. They must have spoken to SKANKELSTEIN - I couldn't resist - famewhore. LOL.


Thank you Ronnie! I love all of your posts too! You have a great and hilarious way of describing these fame mongers! Luve it! :)

O.M.G. Get this shizzzz....One night I was reading on some celebrity gossip sight that Dina had gotten into a little twitter "fight" with this person and I was curious so I went to this person's twitter page and it turns out she has this fcking hilarious, lofl blog all about the Housewives. You have got to see the info she has dredged up on the new Jersey housewife aka Teets SIL. Apparently Teets and her SIL do not have a very "close" fact it looks like they might even sort of enemies of each other....SIL looks like she has a fab's the link

Maria last post should be *site not sight.


Next season RHONJ! :) Well, it should be anyway according to this article about Teets and her, "allegedly", non-existent, fraught with extreme tension so much so that they don't even speak to each other, relationship with her much younger :o), prettier and apparently wealthier with MUCH better taste SIL. This is going to be good folks!

If anyone caught the vid of the RHONJ fame mongers on the Today this past week you can tell that Teets was extremely pis*ed off when Mrs. Bible thumper herself Kathie Lee asked Teets about who was going to be cast to take the place of the crazy cat lady who is extremely full of herself (Dina). Teets got pis*ed and until now I didn't understand why. But now we know why! Here's the link....


Rut Roh....looks like the resident "Butch" and former fattie from RHONJ has been telling lies about her "dieting" and weight loss secrets....portion fking control my as*! Uh huh....right....I knew this loud mouth bully was hiding some serious sh*t all the while pulling that holier than thou, "I'm just little Suzy Homemaker from Joisey" bullsh*t....get a load of this "alleged" true story about how Mommie Dearest lost all of her weight....

And also, I think it was in her blog this week where she tried to explain why she went ape shit on Beverly/Danielle at the reunion explaining and going on to say that she KNEW that the reunion show was the LAST time that all of the women from the Jersey Housewives were ever going to be in the same room as Beverly/Danielle so she said she went balls to the walls where D was concerned and let her have it. Hmmmmmmmm....So Caroline knew before the reunion show was taped that D had been canned from Bravo and yet Teets and Jackie found out after the reunion? I smell something fishy....


Frankelstein announced this week "SHE" decided not to come back for HWNY.
Knew she wouldn't but didn't want Bravo to announce it first- so she made up the I neg. crap.
Oh the Salahi's are really creepy.
I can't wait to watch the episode where they get caught crashing the WH.
They are the scam artists of the century
And,,, the tweets of Kim G.
If I had as much money as she does I would not spend my time tweeting about Teresa.
Why the jealousy.
Kim G could buy a man for herself.
She is quite ugly inside and out.


Speaking of the Salami's


Thank you Bryan for posting that link! LOL! This total and complete nutbag from the DC housewives and her equally nutbaggy, creepy as* to the max husband have lost their marbles. And, I just have to ask....why in the ever living hell is Playboy even allowing this scary looking woman to pose nude *shivvveerrsss* in what used to be one of the classier nudie mags on the stands? And to top it off this bottle blonde, bleached out, nasty looking women is not going the Kikilet route (Kelly Killoren Bensimon)as it pertains to posing in Playboy....oh HELL to the NO! This scary looking creature is going to show her nether regions. What the fcking hell? Who wants to see that sh*t?

Dlisted has a great "take" on this mess of a woman....


I saw that too, who wants to see that naked besides that fat ass husband


Uh ohhhhh....lookie here....looks like T and her midget gorilla along with little Cannoli, Bruschetta, Baccala and little Gnocchi are gonna be livin' above the Pizza joint in those little one bedroom apartments that Joe Joe so mysteriously acquired between season 1 and season 2 of RHONJ.

Listen guys....Yes. I have read all about these "alleged" swindlers and their apparent and "alleged" propensity for cheating everyone and their fcking mothers out of money without blinking an eye on their olive oiled up faces.
Every gossip site and newspaper online has had write ups on these low lifes.

But....not until today when I read this filing by the United States Trustee handling this case did I realize how bad these two "allegedly" tried to fck everyone and their mother out of money. Good Lawd Have Mercy!??? Do they have no shame? Do they have no morals? Is this how they set an example for their four little ones?

Looks like Teets been "allegedly" doing berry berry naughty things. And she has the nerve to jump on Beverly/Danielle? I mean I am NO fan of Beverly/Danielle's but if this shi* in this filing by the Trustee is "on the money" about what these two have tried to pull over on the Guberment then I say T needs to completely shut it where D is concerned. She has no room to judge anyone.....Anyhoo, here is the link to the filing....I guess everyone can decide for themselves what to think of this sh*t....


RUT ROH.....Here is some more "juicy" updates on Juicy and Teets "alleged" problemos wit da Gubermint....Just for clarification purposes this is the United States Government we are talking about folks....yikes!

Even though her kidlets are little heathens in Tazmanian Devils in training, I kind of feel sorry for them. I guess I feel the worst for little Gia aka little cannoli. makes me so sad and also makes my stomach cringe to think of what the children of these Joisey Housewives bunch have to go through and endure on behalf of their peers at school and elsewhere because their mother's are HELL fking bent on becoming the best damn D list tee vee stars eva! Poor babies. And I mean that.


Oh, and just for some more shi*s and giggles I want to share this link to the funniest friggin recap of the Joisey Housewives trip to Italy....folks, this is some good stuff! Enjoy....


What the hell was up Carolyn's ass tonight? and Kim G?? She came out with guns blazin' eh?
I'm glad this debacle is OVER!!! On to Jerseylicious....another trash talkin', loud talkin', bitch slapin, brawl....or Jersey Shore....drunken, knock down, drag out, fist pumpin' mess.....what's up with NJ? is everyone there like this!!! They are truly getting a bad name. I'm ready for Hotlanta!!


Speaking of Atlanta, doesn't this picture of those tramps look like an ad for what Bernice Clifton called "SugarBaker House" On that Designing women episode where they were on public access and that crazy old gal said that the Design firm was just a front for a high priced bordello, well here it is in the 2010 form

imagine the caption, "Come sample the lovely candy of SugarBaker House." LOL!!!


Poor Poor kids of Dansmell
I hope to god their father takes custody.
They have to endure their mother having sex practically in front of them and then a sex tape and then the goons hanging out of their house and then scaring the kids into believing that people are out to "get" them- then saying she is a lesbian when she is not.
I can't imagine the gay community wanting to have anything to do with dansmell she is using them.


We don't !!

Teresa Giudice

Listen whores, who cares about the housewives of DC??? Please!!!!a gigantic assed old woman dating a brother????? That would be a sex tape I would be sure to miss. Or a brittish ho that could have been a man when she was born??? Or maybe the fat nosed ho, fake all the way married to a gay man?????? Oh no maybe is the chopstick ho, with yellow bleached hair that she probably dyes herself???? No it has to be the tranny hairdresser that thinks is Naomi Campbell with that awfull blonde wig!!!!! Talk about messes and prostitution whores!!!!!!!!

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