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July 26, 2010


chef biatch

If you've not read the Sookie Stackhouse books, I would highly recommend doing so ASAP. The TB series has only a few bits and pieces from the books so very little is spoiled by reading them, IMO.

One thing thats odd is characters from the book who might be short lived or are just filler are suddenly very important on the show. Also, certain events or places that seemed important in the book are completly left out of the series while things that never happened in the book are huge events in the series.

Anyone who watched season 2 knows exactly what I'm talking about. Very interesting storyline but where the hell did it come from, right?

IMO, the HBO series is better then the books but the books are pretty damn good.


Absolutely the best teevee...ever! The books are a juicy read, but the series takes it to another level. Joe is a a nugget, but I fall into the Skarsgard persuasion, myself. I don't want to tell you what Sookie is...wait and see.


I have not read the books, but from the previews this is what I think will happen; I think Bill was tracking the Stackhouse family because there is something in their bloodline that will turn a vamp human again. I base this on the scene when he is in daylight. Who knows, that was probably just a dream. I don’t think Bill will die, but I wish he would. Eric is defiantly going to kill the vampire king. Skarsgard is my eye candy of choice, but I’ll take Manganiello! I don’t really care about the rest of the storylines. Love the recaps!


I don't watch, but I'm highly suggestible. Groan.

Anyway. Your passion for True Blood is infectious and Season 1 and 2 is now in the netflix queue.

That is all.


Yeah! I think I rewound this in slo-mo about 20 times already. Fan-tas-tic!!!


Wow that werewolf is AMAZING. Can I have some???

Pam Woodson

Oh God David! I trust you soooooo much and have planned on getting as hooked as you. I don't want to but I have a huge problem with Anna Paquin. The vampire part is more believable to me than a hot vampire liking her. Don't be hating on me for this! You know how some actors just rub you the wrong way (Tom Cruise)? She does that to me! STILL, I WILL watch it and then eat my words!


David! I found this little housewives nugget online today and thought you might get a kick. It's from


Ok for some reason it wouldn't let me link it but either go to or youtube and type sizzle tan commercial. Teresa from RHONJ did a cheesey commercial for them! :)

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