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July 19, 2010



He is far too handsome to be paired with Anna Paquin, I can only suspend disbelief for so long and with her, its not happening, They needed someone equally as hot, she is just not cutting it...for me.

Wait, don't tell me there is a love triangle between her sad ass, hot Joe who is suppose to be a Wolfie and that other dude who is the vamp ( I saw the pilot episode with free hbo on my direct tv)

Anyway those two fighting for her!?!?!?!, isn't this part of the Twilight tween nonsense????


Oh. My. God. Thank you for the stills. I watch the show with my husband and I have to hold back the drool when I see him on screen.


Your headline is spot on! OH HEALL YEAH! First time I saw this guy shirtless, I yelped out loud myself something to the effect of OMFG! His is the hottest bod on television right now and we're just getting warmed up with this season. And don't you just love how these werewolves feel compelled to rip their shirts off before they transform? Can't wait for this Sunday!

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