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July 12, 2010



True Blood is my favorite too!


Ummm.....he could get it! I would lick his balls from the back and swallow ALL if his kids...damn he's foine!

Ciao Bella,



Absolute lust at first sight... this werewolf is mouth watering!


I LOVE True Blood. And I totally approve of this guy as Alcide. ;)


I am totally with you on Twilight... have neither seen the movies nor read the books, and have no desire to do either.


I love, love, love True Blood. The guy who is lighting my fire is Theo Alexander as Talbot. Lord have mercy...I need a towel to wipe my face down everytime he us on screen.


i love true blood! so excited that you love the show 2!!


Alcide takes 'ladywood' to a whole new level! He is so delicious he makes me question my love for Eric Northman!

Kiki :) in Canada

David yes!!! Alcide is gorgeous !!!! Beautiful
body& a beautiful face too. I've read the books
and know that he will be here for a spell.
True blood rocks hbo ! The fact that they
kept Lafayette alive and into the 2nd season
scores high marks. Cuz at the end of the first
book Lafayette is the one who gets killed by
eggs & Marianne the maenad. Thanks hbo !
New TB hotties list
1-Joe ;) / alcide
2- aleksander ;) / Eric
3- Sam tramwell ;) / Sam merlotte
hot hot hot !!!
-Kiki ;)
please pass me that cold rag darling before
I spontaneously combust !!!

n g

one of the best i ever saw! True Blood, nice!


Where is your forward located? Once is a typo, twice and I think you mean it... so explain please.


I don't watch this show but this dude is hot.


true blood is pretty amazing! I know you are busy, but im dyyyyying to get your take on the teresa, ashley, jaqueline vs prostititon whore battle off the centery!!!!


he is going to be on the top 10 show on E! at8 tonight


Oh my god, this show is my new OBSESSION. If they keep introducing sexual, mouth watering characters at the rate they have been, my lady parts just might self destruct from excitement!!!!

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