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July 20, 2010



Send her to Devil's Island!!!


Wow, in the bathing suit illustration, you really managed to capture the look of her poor sunbaked skin!


OMG!! You are brilliant David! You are so unbeleivably talented!

Although, this is sort of a sad, sad story about what happens sometimes when people become very famous and it seems that "they" can't handle it. I just hope that she gets the help that everyone says that she needs. Maybe jail will be a wake up call? One can only hope.

Truthfully, I feel kind of guilty laughing my as* off and enjoying your brilliant art work and fantastic depiction of what seems to be this beautiful and talented lost little girl who needs help so desperately. Be well Lilo.


oops....should be *unbelievably! :( Sorry about the spelling error!


I like your artistic work!

I feel bad for her. She's just a kid, I can't imagine what growing up as a child actor would be like. Addiction is such a strong, gripping evil - I think/hope jail & rehab will help save her life.


I didn't mean to be a downer & realize my comment pretty much was one.


I heard on news last night that her mother is selling her story behind bars to the highest bidder
and we wonder why Lindsey is so screwed up


That coke whore! David I love your work - as always.

But let's hope jail does for Lindsay what it did for Paris Hilton - forces her to watch her image and therefore I don't have to see her in the headlines every freaking day.

And let's really hope she gets the help that she has desperately needed for so long - can we start with getting Dina out of her life? Would be a good start....


Fantastic. I love your celebrity portraiture. Your Britney portraits too were amazing.

Jane, don't worry, Lindsay will still have her Adderall and Ambian in jail. Personally I'm torn because she is, like, a junkie just lying herself to her next high, but no child should ever be the breadwinner for their family. Especially in that business.

Suz, I read somewhere that jail could be the best thing that has happened to Lohan in years, financially that is. There are many offers for her post jail interview all in the million dollar range.

Sweet Herald

Oh these were just too good.
*shares with friends*


Michele, I wasn't the least bit worried about her adderall or ambian. She IS a drug addict - that was my point.
My reference to addiction being a strong, gripping evil was in reference to the psychological part, not necessarily the physical. If it were just physical, organizations such as N.A. wouldn't be necessary.
My hope is that Lindsay make it to the clean & sober part alive.


Love the freckles and the reddish cheeks. Nice details as always, Gilmore. Lindsey is important cultural icon, why?

Has she done anything since Freaky Friday?


FAb pics, poor kid. That pic with her sleeping with her mouth WIDE OPEN, PRICELESS!!! I hope she turns her life around. And Sam MANson...she is one scary looking chick (i mean dude). Free LilO.


You know the saddest thing of all is that CNN and all news outlets interrupt news like reporting on the war etc. to show us Lindsey doing her perp walk

Weird and sad
I remember the OJ chase- geez that latest forever

VA loan

poor little rich girl.

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