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June 15, 2010


I'm ashamed I love this show

I'm surprised there have been no teasers for part 3. You know the 'You won't believe the shocking end to this reunion' voice over as they show a blurry shot of Kelly trying to stab Bethany with a Blow-Pop shank.

And what the hell with that set? Pink Queen Anne sofas? Really Bravo? Really?


<3 your site


I'm with you on RHONJ.
I watched only the Table Flip last year, and tuned in once this year, but they are all so ugly it just isn't interesting.

And I'm with you on RHONY.
Kelly is certifiably insane.
"Satchels of gold."


Oh David, when you turned off RHONJ, you turned away from Satan's greatness. I'll come back that in a sec.

Pile On Jill!!! Everyone. Jill played hard and she came up turds. Live by duplicity, die by duplicity. You deserve every brown skid mark, Jill. You earned em. But it is still kind of painful to watch her eat THAT MUCH shit.

Kelly has taken on two of the most important social causes of our time:

1. Domestic Abuse
2. Systematic Bulleying or SM

Kelly has spoken out that both are "totally inappropriate" and I appreciate her conviction. This comes from NOT break-downs but Break-throughs. What are break-throughs?
Break-throughs occur when you make a total ASS out of yourself on national hit TV show and then feebly spin the incidents like a moron doing a 3 dollar public service announcement. VERY EFFECTIVE.

Finally, RHONJ. All I have to say is....
KIM G...KIM G....Oh darling 60-ish Kim G. When you sold your soul (reputations and self-respect included) to hell-spawn, Danielle, how did you know how far it would go?

When you hauled your life-alert carcas up on the golden stripper pole of shame for the amusement of Danny and the other douchebag with the gum, you really marinated yourself in shame.

I thought I had lost it when I saw that one.


chef biatch


I also agree with you about Kim G. She has turned out to be a snake, hasn't she? I'm so glad I DVRed this last episode. I was able to fast forward through the stripper pole part. I was so embarrassed for them. Have they lost their damn mind?

I also don't get the ladies telling Danielle that she needed to show more skin and O.M.G., WTF was with the lingerie show Danielle put on for them?

All I know is I have a huge crush on Albie but my gaydar says he plays for the other team. Sigh.


Why do I get the feeling Kim-G will be the replacement for Dina?

cleveland girl

there is a great video from the 3rd installment of the reunion on Jezebel.


@ Im Ashamed: I stand and applaud your reference to a Blow Pop Shank. In my world, that is how it ends, but, for a reason that can be debated at a later reunion, Alex feels the need to take the shank for Bethenny. Then Sonja, who looks quite "refreshed" will hold Alex, and stroke her hair while she expires.

Have not watched part two yet. Man of the House needs to be gone before I can enjoy the drama.


Kelly had to put her left boobie in a straight jacket because of one too many break-throughs.


Yes, Chef. If your Albie dreams, and those of Richard at Gawker, are ever to be realized, it will have to be a closet affaire. I'm afraid that outing Albie would be tantamount to fitting him with cement shoes or having him whacked at the causeway (I have no idea what a causeway is, but a GF reference seemed appropriate).

Delicate situation.


Even though I watch RHNY I missed the "Satchels of Gold" comment. But I'm dying to know what the context was b/c it's pretty hilarious.


Yeah what's with those bordello-esque couches and that thing that's suppose to be some kind of coffee table. it sure clashes with the fall toned colors of this joint they are using.

they even added some pinkish flowers in the background, Why do I think Andy Cohen picked that crap himself?

Also ever notice he is always wearing suits!?!?! get him into something more casual he always looks so uncomfortable

Jennifer Jayhawk

The thing I find so stunning about "Terror Island" is the references on the blogs and reunion show that "it was so much worse! They really edited it down!!". There was even a reference that Kelly was asked to leave "Terror Island".

There are so many moments on RHWNJ and RHWNY this season that are that fine line between sad and fascinating.


OMG!!!! A "Blow-Pop shank"!! Fing love it!! Lawd have mercy! LMFAO!!!!

(sorry about the questionable language, but sometimes it seems so appropriate when discussing these shows!)


Okay, hands down the best moment of RHONJ was Danielle purring about how she used to get $20's and $50's and then they show the close-up of her skanky flat arse with A ONE DOLLAR BILL CRAMMED IN HER CRACK!

Ugh, after watching that whole pole dancing gag-fest, I do feel like someone poured a vat of acid in my eyes. {{shudders}}

And Kim G: Tsk does it feel to sacrifice your dignity just to be on TV??? For shame girl! I'm starting to think that's just a rented Bentley...


Wait a minute! No mention of LuLu's moronic response to Kelly's drink recipe? "Is that a Mexican version of a Margarita?" -- c'mon, that's a classic!

And I'll join the chorus: I don't watch NJ, either. Or Atlanta. Or, if their most recent respective seasons are any hint, OC or NY, anymore. I've said before, as have others: each city should just get one season, and then we move on before they get dull/annoying.

Kiki :) in Canada

I love all these shows !! Dammmmn it u live in
Canada and we still have yet to see any new
episodes up here. Hopefull they will be in the
fall tv line up on bravo. Sonja sounds wonderful
ita David darling she's a hoot ! Ramona looks
awesome her docs are top notch NYC !!!
Kelly & Danielle should get referrals to
see about those obnoxious square wayward
boobs ! Get them fixed please ! Yes Albie is
on the other team but alas I also think it is
a don't ask don't tell type of family dynamic.
Such a shame though. To have to live your life
and not be your true self. It's indignant at best.
Like living without your soul. Some what like
putting your life on hold. I remember when
Richard chamberlain came forward and announced
that he was homosexual. I felt so sad for him having
to comply with the so called bs in hollywood.
He was 77 ! At least he was able to unlike some
others like rock hudson Montgomery Clift and
James dean to name a few. You gotta be who
you are. Be true to yourself. Live your life today.
Enjoy the beauty of the everyday simple existence.
Today is a beautiful day ! Because your in the
world my dear friend David ! I love you and your blog :)
Thanks for just being here . XO -Kiki :)


Real Housewives of NJ is sickening but you HAVE to watch the part near the end where Danielle tries on lingerie and then pole dances! It's horrifying yet at the same time hilarious. I will warn you to not eat right before watching because it's quite possible you'll vomit...I definitely threw up in my mouth when I saw it. Talk about eye burning!


The Bravo take down of Bensimon is so funny!!! I think she may have also tried to jump on her plastic horse to escape; she is an equestrian you know! I find such amusement in Kelly, but I’m beginning to think that she may have Asperger’s. After doing a little research, she seems to have a lot of the characteristics of adult Asperger’s. I’m curious to see if anyone else thinks this could explain her behavior. Below are some of the characteristics in adults.
Asperger's syndrome is characterized by something known as the triad of impairments. This means that problems will be experienced to varying degrees with social communication, social understanding and imagination.

Social communication
Difficulties often crop up in the social aspects of communication. This can involve difficulty understanding gestures, body language and facial expressions of others. This difficulty in understanding the context of social interaction means adults on the autism spectrum may not be aware of what is socially appropriate, and they have difficulty chatting or choosing topics to talk about. People with Asperger's syndrome may not be socially motivated because they find communication so difficult, so they may not have many friends and they may choose not to socialize very much.

Some of these problems can be seen in the way people with Aspergers syndrome present themselves. for example classic traits include difficulty making eye contact, anxiety in social situations, repetitive speech and difficulties expressing themselves especially when talking about emotions.

Social understanding
Adults with Aspergers syndrome may have difficulties in group situations. They might not choose appropriate topics to discuss, and find small talk and chatting very difficult. They may take what people say very literally and have problems understanding double meanings in teasing, irony and sarcasm.

This does not mean adults on the autism spectrum lack creative abilities, often the reverse is true. However, they may have trouble imagining alternative outcomes to given situations, and find it hard to predict what will happen next. This often leads to anxiety and can result in obsessions with rigid routines, and severe distress can arise if routines are disrupted. These difficulties with imagination may cause problems with making plans for the future, organizing one's life sequencing tasks. Some people with Aspergers syndrome over-compensate for this by being extremely meticulous in their planning, and having extensive written or mental checklists.


I have a child with aspergers and i totally believe Kelly has it. However, there is more going on there. The scary island, the amonnia smell all that is drug related and nothing short of a drug test from that day would change my mind.

She has all the classic signs of aspergers. It is less common for females to have it. They are more difficult to diagnose as well. They do not always have the typical first tell tell sign that parents and teachers notice... the "social" sign. They function on a better level than boys on the spectrum. Which can explain why more boys are diagnosed than girls. Girls can go undected for a lifetime. It is not uncommon to be diagnosed in your 30s!

Also, there are different levels of it. You can know someone your entire life and never realize they have it.


I loved envisioning Kelly doing cartwheels and eating candy while the Bravo police were tasering her wonky boob to take her to scary island! Perfect. And I am thinking what happened when she went home was:

Her agent called and said, "wtf happened to you" and she said "omg i lost it" and he said "heres what your going to say Kelly, you were a victim of SYSTEMATIC BULLYING. Get it?? Do you understand me? COVER YOUR ASS AND USE THIS EXCUSE IN YOUR DEFENSE!" Theres no way she came up with that herself, are you kidding me?!?!


See what happens when you drink too much and take a siesta Mr. David? The kids get outta control. We are sorry daddy, we will behave, but I have to still cart blanche on on Frankelstein (I mean really how righteous is she? - Not!) Blaming Jill for letting fame go to her head? I said before POT MEET KETTLE. Then, like the God-JabberJawed-Father she goes "Oh stawp it, whadda we gonna do crucify her again, enuf?" And Jill gets a reprieve...for now. For the next few months Frankelstein pimps Bravo...enjoy. OK how cool was it that Jill totally snubbed Alex AGAIN when apologizing to everyone. Too damn funny. Alex, you don't exist to any of the women and nobody came to your defense, don't you get it? Alex budda face is the total fall guy for Frankelstein (who continues to have tears in her eyes everytime Jill speaks...can you say Emmy nomination? Ramona Ramona. The only thing she has renewed is her wine club membership. Her behavior is disgusting and she celebrates that fact that she is callous, abrasive and horrible to her "friend" of 15 years. Milk it girl. Renew renew. I think she is having hot flashes also, all that damn duck walking back and forth quack quack quack. next episode she really loses it and brags about on her blog on Bravo.
Classy. Luann the man...stay quiet ma friend. Kelly kelly kelly like the cheers song sang by Woody. Poor Kelly. Look babe, you are an established socialite, you have mega bucks and don't need this crap. Stop explaining, do your "crackbears, I mean gummybears" and cartwheel the hell outta that group. Beter yet, have a really good time with Sonja who is chompin at the bit to "hit it" LOL. I love Sonja. Hot booooody. Finaly JILL PLEASE STOP IT WITH THE APOLOGIZING. I die slowly each time. Cluck em. They don't care about her anyway. Take back the Queen Bitch Crown and wear it.


Oh I agree with you, the Joisey girls are booooooring. I may have to make them swim with the fishes also. I mean realy how many times can Tareeeesah talk about her chucky, kids (who we never see the middle kid btw - what is she rented?) and Danielle while looking glassy eyes like "oh balls, I have no money what hell am I'm gonna do, start hookin for mascarah...damnit Joe ahhhhhhhhh (insert Fran the Nanny's voice). The "family" trying to bully ASS-ley's man..yeah he look really scared - Not. They want to look positive, but are trying sooo hard to be the Sopranos, badly. Danielle and her pole dancing...we get it you were a young skank and now you are an old skank. Enough with the crotch/crack shots. Ick (Kim G...I cannot type or I shall toss my cookies..)I really don't see a season 3 unless it is about jailtime, foreclosures, child wanna be stars gone wild and fake mobsters with bad hair. Badabing!


I've enjoyed reading all the psychological diagnoses of Kelly- but, I must say that I think she is just a mentally deficient, intellectually pretentious, humorless cow.


best post yet! i was dying with laughter. freaking hysterical. my love for you and prettyontheoutside is undying.. you save me from my humdrum days.
ita about sonja.. how freaking great is she??


@ Carrie, I totally agree. Whatever her psychological ailment, homegirl chiefly needs to see a psychiatrist about her level of confidence in her intelligence. Why did Andy Cohen not call Kelly out on "Satchels of gold?!" Or "AL SHARPTON!!" She is constantly making these insensible comments and attempting analogies and common sayings with a twist (e.g., "Oh my God this is like Free to Be You and Me, 1979" or "I don't want Mr. Right Now") ...the possible "Mr. Right, now" misinterpretation could have been avoided if she had used to the conventional way of saying the phrase... Wait a minute... Is Kelly really a genius? Is she forcing us out of our socially constructed boxes with nonsensical declarations? IS SHE THE NEXT MAGRITTE?! I'm having revelations in your comments section, David.

And you are correct--RHONJ is a bore. Even the array of archetypal characters and the magic of video editing can't make the second season appealing.


The Kim G comment had me spewing my coffee: life alert carcus on the stripper pole.

I am still waiting for bravo to call me for the DC housewives . I am a REAL DC housewife and my charity work is me :-)


....well, you missed Dina leaving the show because of bat-sh*t crazy #2, Danielle.
I liked Chakra until that episode and I've been to that farm...damn those Jersey women are taking up my spots!
ANYWAY::: I definitely think Kelly was taking drugs because on the boat, Sonya said her room smelled like cat urine which I looked up could be meth.
Whether it's drugs or mental illness, Kelly is not right & I feel bad for her kiddos.


Fantastic post. Love these comments. Just watched both last night.

I agree that this reunion is better than most of the season. Some people were being real others not. Jill is in some serious damage control so it colors everything she says, but it was nice to see them acknowledge the behind the scenes politics that goes on.

As for Kelly, I agree, this is a carefully and artfully crafted PR strategy on Kelly's part. Her NYC PR firm is top notch, good job kids. You earned your paychech, but after you cash said check please use your considerable skills to shut this bitch down. It's very painful to watch.

Love Sonja. She's the savior of the franchise. I wish her well and yes, I hope she reaps satchels of gold. And I really agree with Gilmore that without Sonja the show wouldn't have worked at all.



It came up in the scary half of the Scary Island shows, part 2. It was at the table on the boat in the morning before things turned all clinical and shit.

Someone tried to dialog with Kelly in a very basic way. Someone said something like do you understand that what you just said doesn't make any sense. Kelly replies, "Okay, Satchels of Gold, Satchels of Gold."

So it's her tag line now. I can see how you might have miss it though because if I recall correctly they had to caption it. There's so much crap to keep up with on these episodes if you blink you miss it.


I am ready for new housewives! Beverly Hills & DC I heard are already in the works. I want to see Miami housewives! Dallas Housewives!


LOL thanks Michele!

Sweet Herald

I think Danielle is sad too. I'd even say more sad than Kelly b/c she's got all that rage.

I agree. The reunion show is definitely better than the series, except the two episodes of "Scary Island." :D

Sweet Herald

And what about Andy Coen? Does he know how to calm these women or what? Smooooth.

chef biatch

Can you imagine the poor person who has to type out the captions as he/she works on Kelly? You know they are like WTF? Poor guy/gal, they earned their paycheck this time.

Bravos reunion shows are normally a snooze-fest but this one is right up there with the Top Chef season 1 reunion.

In case you missed the TC1 reunion, they kept all the chefs in a room for like 13 hours with no food whatsoever but they did have a fully stocked bar.


I cannot wait for part 3.


@ Rebecca and Michele - the BEST part of SATCHELS OF GOLD was the look on Sonja's face and in the background you can her Alex say "Wuuut." OMG, I die laughing when I think of it.

My other FAVORITE line from that ep was at the dinner table when everyone was talking about Kelly in third person and Sonja says "IT's a brick wall."

Sonja Morgan IS still the straw that stirs the drink, and if I could party on the town with any one of those ladies it would be Sonja hands down.


Here's what I want to know - Do they sell Blow Pops and "gummm berrreeees" on gorgeous tropical islands or did this twit pack them in her luggage??


Sorry David,

You know I adore you, but I have to agree with Ronnie. Pot meet kettle. Bethanny is a scary f#@k, pregnant or freshly popped.She can be quick and clearheaded - occasionally - but, she is a textbook bully and world class verbal sparrer. She slices and dices and os the human equivalent of the "SLAP-CHOP" ( The Ginsu knife? - referencing the commercials, here! lol) The verbal onslaughts are released at warp speed and are so mind-fucking she could make be an Olympic sport! Her proficiency at emotionally slicing and dicing up Kelly (who is kinda socially pathetic and no match for her) makes me actually feel bad for Kelly. K is she is so out of her sparring depth (and ability to articulate, unfortunately) next to the barracuda that is "FrankelSinger". Didn't you see how B & R where constantly rudely interrupting K to "check for clarification" and deftly throw her off her focus of her meek and inscrutable rant? Yes, K might be a couple sandwiches short of a picnic, but if she really has some issues, emotional, or psychological do you really think SCREAMING it at her in a barrage of united voices -- that she's batshit crazy (as those housewives did) is the responsible and effective thing to do? Shame on them. It was an ironic display and sad to that these woman actually do bully, scream and be so divisive. I'm not a HUGE Kelly fan, but I'm kinda sick of Bethenny's behavior. It seems very few can see what's really lurking there. At the end of the day, while it was "Juicy television" it was kind pathetic to see Kelly fall prey to the most derisive woman on television, Bethenny. Just sayin'. Still love ya and the board and all the comments.

PS Poster from Canada - you can watch it on and make sure you open and keep open the APPLET so it can play.


Kelly gets paid to do this show. At anytime she can bow out, and yet she stays. If she can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.


@ Cindy
Good observations and depictions of Kelly vs. Barracudas. She is some kind of mollusk creeping along the bottom while they dart in and out picking her apart. Very darwinian.

LOL. Can't you see Kim G kind of helplessly sliding down the stripper pole from lack of grip and then croaking, "I've fawllen and I CANT GET UP!!!!" Fiendish to laugh at this. We will all be that age (God willing) one day. Til then, it is hilarious.


@ Jennifer

Kelly stays because of all the important work she is doing for the Systematic Bullying Foundation (SBF).

Even though she never lends her name to anything...


Yes, like seriously, the show has been such an amazing platform for Kelly to be more charitable. Because, like, she's from the midwest you guys, and she has so much integrity that she doesn't believe in wearing unprotected furs or abuse sex, but she makes lemon stands when it's sunny and that is a great thing. Honestly.


Hi! I'm from Australia and I just want to say that I absolutely love your website and it is the reason I am now hooked on this Real Housewives travesty! So I thank and blame you there. I bought the dvds because I can't find the show here.
Your art is amazing. I am so envious of your talent. I can only draw Betty and Veronica.
And lastly, please please please can we have some new instalments of the Skanks?! I love them so much and I have read and re-read them and introduced them to my friends.


EDIT *lemon stands at night when it's sunny*


Blisterina - I have also been waiting for someone to comment on LuAnn's: "Is that a Mexican version of a Margarita?" What was that about?

And, unless I mistaken, when questioned about creating a drink to commemorate Scary Island, Kelly said: "You have to make flight of it."


Virginia, re- "EDIT *lemon stands at night when it's sunny*" with only limes because cartwheels are free. Everybody knows the way to make great lemonade is to use limes.

CranAppleSnapple - my condolences. I got sucked in too and now look at me.


I knew it was coming. Game on for Frankelstein's newest BFF - Alex. Karma. You should see all the posts that Bravo has "allowed" on Alex's new blog. Basically people are really giving her HELL for being a butt-insky and treating Jill like cah cah when she "forgives" Ramona who was absolute TERRIBLE to her all the time, but not Jill. They call her out BIG TIME. Alex is fake and social climber and her 10 minutes are almost up (I think she shows up again in Frankelstein's new show at the wedding who knows - 3 more minutes). This is what I tried to post -doubt if it makes the cut, but it was in agreement with the other postings: "Alex I have a non threatening question. Did it ever occur to you that MAYBE Kelly is reacting the same way you have claimed that you had to act towards Jill now, namely, you were sick and tired of her (Jill) picking on you and you finally blew? The "gang" jumped Kelly on her first season - period. They admitted to it. This season she probably feels like she had enough and wasn't having it. She didn't wait until there was a war between friends, nor did she wait two more seasons. She reacted promptly when she realized or felt it was personal and she was feeling attacked. Remember she is in "Kellyland" and probably didn't realize that you all treated her like a joke until much later. Think about it. You did the same thing. Shame on the ladies for blowing up her behavior and excusing their own actions that DEFINITLY contributed to whatever issues she may have."

Alex you should have stayed with Simon and stayed neutral. I loved Simon this year, sitting right up under Jill's twat and loving it LOL.


These comments are amazing. The best part of the show is POTO.


Alex should have had the common sense to not use two social situations to open her MAW to go after Mrs Limon Zirga. She could have "found her voice" and did it one on one. privately ( in front of the cameras) She flat-lined both of those parties and Lu Anne was right when she asked her "Who made you god?"

If Jill was a classic Joan Collins high flying bitch, she would have poured her drink over "Found her voice's" head grabbed her fur and flounced out of that Jennifer Gilbert party. Leaving Alex looking a mess.

Those two situations really annoyed me because when I go out or go to parties because I work a lot as a chef and my social time tends to be few and far between I want fun not big mouth "Well meaning morons" needing an audience.

And Simon was smart to keep out of it, he probably told her to back it off, but of course her VOICE needed to be heard. I love that too Ronnie, that was great!


I actually like Alex and Simon this season. And I actually really enjoyed Methenny's new show and I look forward to tonights episode. Her show was such a departure from the fighting, backstabbing and gossiping that has been going on lately on all of the housewives shows!

But that being said....I still love me some Housewives!!

I think Jill is conniving and deceitful. And and her new BFF Kelly is just as conniving and deceitful. I can't believe that Kelly actually had the nerve to lie on national tv with Andy Cohen sitting right there and say that she was "forced" to go to scary island. She is so full of bullsh*t! She just wanted a free vaca and more camera time!

I understand how Methenny can sometimes come across as being abrasive and cold. But I think Kelly is worse than she is. From just watching Kelly on tv for an hour every week she comes across, to me anyway, as being snobby, thinking she is entitled, and thinking she is better than everyone else. She says over and over and over again how mean the girls on the show are to her. Well, if it is that bad honey you need to quit the show. But I have a funny feeling all of her BS about systematic fing bullying is made up and she is just trying to make herself out as the victim.

Whatever. It all does make for great tv! Love, love, love it!


Bravo is rerunning the parts one and two of the RHONYC reunion and I have to say that I absolutely love Sonja!

She is so great! Even though she is obviously privileged and has lived the life of a Royal, she is so damn down to earth and sweet. I just love her! She seems the most approachable of all of the housewives!

She does take care of her looks and so on and I don't begrudge her that at all! She is clearly not a snob.

Poor thing, I think she was devastated when she got divorced and I hope this show puts her back on top!


Mmmmmmmm The Bravo Kool-Aide!!!!


Kelly supports PETA with hummus and beer.


OK, I'm watching Part 3 right now... And here's my take of the reunion so far, along with RHONYC Season 3 overall.

- Sorry, kids, but I'm still Team Jill! Sure, she was a bit nasty at the start of the season, but at least she owned up to it later. And let's face it, how Bethenny basically threw her and Bobby away after all they did for her was bullsh*t. In the end Jill IMHO made a sincere effort to make amends with Bethenny, but B didn't want it.

- OK, so congrats to Bethenny for getting married and getting the baby and becoming this big celebrity chef. I won't hate on her, but I just have to say her act finally wore thin on me this season. I already said my piece on the Jill v. Bethenny catfight, and I'll just add that what she did to Kelly was really shameful.

- Ronnie above is onto something with Alex. Remember Season 1, when "Silex" were revealed to be the desperate social climbers out to do anything to reach the society pages? And Season 2, when they started with that bang of a NY Mag hit piece on Jill? It seems Alex was conveniently able to "forgive" Bethenny just as she gets her own TV show and becomes this big celebrity. Coincidence, eh? (And btw, I LOVED Jill knocking Alex off that self-righteous high horse in the reunion!!)

- Ramona, Ramona, RAMONA!!! I still love me my sweet Ramona and her Pinot Grigio (and whatever pills she's popping while drinking). She's a drunken hot mess, and it's always SO FUN to watch! ;-)

- Ah, the Countess. Countess LuAnn's "Money Can't Buy You Class" single was so bad, it's GOOD! And yeah, good on the Countess for getting her freak on!

- I love her. I've fallen in LOVE with KELLY! She's a crazy hot mess, and I love every minute of it! And funny enough, she has her interesting moments of insight at times. Her rants on Bethenny and Alex didn't really make sense at times, but at least she called them out on their fakeness and backstabbing. And come on, when is Kellyland not full of fun?

- And finally, Sonja. I love her sluttiness. She provided much needed comic relief when the Jill v. Bethenny drama was too much.

OK, that's my $0.02. And thanks, David, for all your fabulous RHONYC recaps! :-D


ok a little bitter because the Celtics blew it, but with that said on with the housewives...Frankelstein is a self absorbed nut case who never said Im sorry Jill for being and ass and a spoiled brat. Jill needs to stop apologizing. Move on. I am sooooo glad Jill nailed Alex and once and for all said we are NOT friends, and basically Alex is a non entity. Sonja is so much bodddddy can I see Hotters girls, LOL, Ramona is certifiable. Kelly nailed them and I was glad. She said it best, she said THEY ARE JEALOUS. I wished she would have said jealous bitches. Crazy and nonconherent (sp?) Kelly may be but she is a celebrity and they are wannabees and a lot of their anger and judgement of Kelly stemmed from jealousy. Comparing playboy to Alex swinger party spread eagle photos (so glad Jill nailed her on that - welcome back Queen Bitch) was priceless. She is not a model, she has a budda face. Period. She hooked up with Simon on a one night stand sex chat room. It was crazy. Frankelstein did everything but admit she is done with the housewives, which SHE IS. she used Bravo and she is not coming back, fake tears and all. I hope she and Jill work out stuff (they will bc Jill has connnections and Frankelstein is a user. I hope Sonja, Jill, LuMann, Kelly returns for another season but who knows. Hell bring back Jennifer she was nice. All in all, sad turn of events, but they showed their asses fo sho and Alex needs to grow up, Frankelstein need to actually SAY SHE IS SORRY and Ramona needs rehab (Pinot Grigio for blood type was PRICELESS and Kelly said it whoo hoo LOL - I peed. Now they have additional footage to share. When will the madness end? Oh goodness. Oh and finally Frankelstein posed for PETA but eats meat and wears leather products, the dumb hag queen. So take that.


David, once again you have shown you are a genius with your beautifully written, hilarious, laugh until you cry recaps of the wackadoos on the RHONYC! Thank you so much for taking the time to recap these crazy gals and sharing your beyond fabulous gift of humor and your priceless art work of the ladies! Said it before are fantastic! Hoping your days are filled with wildly lucrative projects that fulfill you as well!

Just read that the DC wives are debuting on August 5. And that wackadoo that snuck into the State dinner with her shady looking husband is on it. Salami, or Salahi whatever the hell their name is.

Don't get me wrong....I love me some Bravo! But I totally think that Bravo should not give this Salami or Salahi a platform after she and her husband clearly overstepped their bounds and snuck into the White House for that little shindig. Of all the fing places.

I'm kinda ready for some West Coast action! I am really interested to see what's up with the Beverly Hills gals and what kind of shenanigans they get into.

Part 3 of the reunion was really kind of uneventful besides when Moner got all up in Jill the biotches face. I read somewhere that a "source" said that Bravo was thinking of firing Jill between season 2 and 3 because she was being such a pain in the as*. I really wish they would have.

Kelly is obnoxious as usual. And this is coming from someone, me, who used to like Kelly. I used to find her so interesting. But now I think that she is just a snob who had a probable breakdown of some kind and is now getting ill advice from her agents telling her to blame it all on Ramona, Bethenny and Alex for bullying her. Oh wait a fing minute....I mean systematic bullying. Whatever. I think Kelly is beautiful. I really think she is breath takingly beautiful. She certainly was when she was younger. She just has a few more lines and her skin is looking a little ragged and sagging prematurely. But I still think she is beautiful. But being beautiful doesn't give someone the right to think everyone else is beneath them. And I get that vibe from Kelly. I really can't figure it she crazy? Is she just really immature? Is she having a mid-life crisis? Who really knows? And after all....this is just entertainment. If she is really having emotional problems I hope that she recovers from it and becomes stronger because of it.

I hope that they don't have Susan Saunders, oops, I mean Jill back on the next season. I forgot that she only uses Susan Saunders when she is trying to anonymously write good reviews for her own fing book. That by the way, is horrible and has gotten terrible reviews.

cher SF GIRL

Just watched episode 3 RHONY and ICK, ICK, ICK, cannot stand Jill especially the way she throws daggers at Alex. Hope she does not come back!


Jill needs to throw hatchets at Alex.

Mrs. Krabitz Upper West Side

Episode 3: WTF is wrong with Jill? She just comes off as dishonest and bitchy. I'm glad Alex is calling her out. Hope Bethenny has sense enough to stay away from the immature, self-centered, lying beeatch.
Kelly HAD to stalk off.....she was losing her tweak and needed some more crystal meth......her brain is as fried as her fugly hair!
Why does LuMann always say "I'm not getting invovled" as if ANYONE believes that shit! Why didn't somebody remind her of how she got invovled and cornered Alex at Sonja's party? another inauthentic cunt, just like her buddy Jill.


Adtleft, I wrote my comments and didn't get a chance to read your first. I LIKE THE WAY YOU THINK! Between you, myself, Bryan, Suz and Michelle (I hope I didn't leave anyone out - sorry if I did), we could all go drinking and have them film it! Wouldn't that be something? And David simply MUST COME WITH. CHEERS!!!! On another note I cannot WAIT for the Housewives of Beverly Hills - peeps with lonnnnng money and problems....should be interesting indeed. Botox city. Yes, I'm jealous already LOL.


Ahhh how could I forget Cindy!!!!! Yes you come too and bring the Pinot Grigio LOL. I love all the posts actually. Everyone is honest and a breath of fresh air without the bullshit. Whether we agree or not, this is a great forum. Thanks so much DAVID for this blog. Please please please keep it up. We support you One Hunnit!!! Muah!!!!!!!! P.S. Heard through the grapevine that they are filming Housewives in Detroit. Yep, clutch the pearls, I live in Michigan so it is ABSOLUTELY TRUE. GET READY PEOPLE, IT IS GOING TO BE CRAZY!!!!


Here is a great article regarding the housewives franchise and it is spot on dealing with ownership, the ladies, etc. I hope you all can open the link. Enjoy.


Having a "box" of Pinot with all would be a dream.
We can toast David for his talent and this blog.


"I like people who are genuine and authentic and I don't like unpredictable people because unpredictability leads to danger!"

"I think Peta is amazing and I support fur and you know what? Maybe tomorrow I will hate PETA and not wear fur."

"I am a vegetarian and I occassionally eat meat..."

"I don't drink any alcohol! Except beer and Patron tequila."

Etc. Nutjob.

I though RHNY Reunion p3 was a let down. Bethanny was restrained. LuAnn had very little to say. The microscope on Kelly was just insane and that big fake hug from Jill at the end shows that she has no idea how to take a hint.

As far as I can tell, Bethanny is completely done with Jill. And Jill don't get it.

the island shoe girl

I do a fashion radio show in Key West and today I am reviewing the outfits of the reunion show ( 3pm key west time)and in writing my review I realized how much their outfits fit their personalities... Sonja clean and simple no drama. Alex well constructed with the gold splash. Ramona a little too young for her real age and Kelly- just like her conversations all over the place!


Ronnie, bring that party down here to San Diego. we have some great places to booze it up and its always nice to booze by sea.

Oh and we all know those Beverly Hills Housewives are going to put them all to shame because that's going to be serious "BITCH MONEY"!, those DC broads, Please~!!! especially with that Salami gate crasher so sad.

And DG bring your sketch pad please we'll keep the Cab or Merlot flowing.


Amen and Amen to all!!!!!Let's bring it people. Par-tay in San Diego with boxes of wine and gummybears, and they maybe we can hop over to Mexico for that "Mexican Magarhita" LOL as suggested by LuMann - ma friends.


We don't have to hop over the border, there is plenty of Mexico in San Diego, and not just the drinks but the good food!!!

Mmmmmmm Lobster Enchalada's!!!!

cher SF GIRL

Would love to see Sonja as well as Alex & Simon get their own shows. Really like them!


I miss your new jersey comments, also I am waiting on a true Blood recap :)


Would love to see Son-yak as the new host of that old Elizabeth Hasselbeck show, "The Look for Less" and Alex and Simon will be part of "The Real Swinger's of NYC"


Seriously, bryan. There is nothing hotter than a skinny white englishman in a red leather bondage hood showing up to a fasionable brooklyn orgy. Although it is hard to work that sophisticated Engish accent when you have been ball-gagged by the leggy strawberry blonde who gets weird hives when she's turned on.



Ooooooooooo Zek-Zeeeeeeeeee!!!! LOL!!!!

"Naughty Alex the mistress of brooklyn"


Let's just break it down....Jill is looking for the cash....her book has probably tanked because of all the bad press/bully bitchness and she is trying to cry and act like she is the great friend...she was way "I'm done" with Bethenny before Bethenny said okay. Plus, she likes Kelly because 1. She has celebrity status and can get Jill in society events and 2. She is always with the gal with no guy...Bethenny last year, LuAnn at the beginning of the season and now frigid/horse-face,hair,legs, MethKelly.

Okay, now Kelly WTF---systematic bullying??? Got to be one to know one-let's just ask who got arrested for domestic violence? She is totally stupid, and in way over her head with these ladies. She's pretty stuck up for someone that screwed her way to money.

Love, love love...Sonja-who is the one with the big bucks....and so down to earth and not subjecting her child to this.

Love your comments as usual....okay RHONJ is getting really sleezy...what's up with the stippers for Daniels party and then the stripper pole?

Oh, one last thing...seems that each RH show has 2 best/long term friends that after 1 or 2 season fall out--Vicky and Jeana on OC, NeeNee and Sheree on Atl, Jill and Bethenny on NY, wonder who will fall out on NJ?


OMG! I totally agree with you seximommy! I also would like to say I enjoy reading everyone's post on this site. It is great to read everyone elses opinion of the gals, whether it be good or bad, or maybe....yikes a little evil (Danielle from Jersey). And Oh.My.God have totally and completely got me crrrrraving a lobster enchilada! And I love, love, love your suggestion for Alex and Simon's new show "The Real Swingers of Brooklyn"!! LMAO!!

Unfortunately seximommy I have read several places that have said that Alex probably won't be coming back next season. But who really knows for sure? I, and it seems you also probably agree that Jill aka Susan Saunders should be kicked off the housewives. I cannot take another season of her whining, nasal, sounds like long fingernails on a chalkboard voice for another season. But, I just have a feeling Bravo isn't done with that spoiled, unsympathetic, mean, nasty biotch yet. (sorry for the language but she has worked my last nerve after finding out on the reunion show all of her dirty secrets from Moner, Methenny and Alex) Alex even included a little story about our favorite author, turned her "own" book critic under the name of Susan Saunders on her blog this week. Apparently Alex and Jill were filming with Johnny Weir somewhere I think in Connecticut somewhere and everyone's favorite mother of "8" was there filming also. Well Kate was apparently in the bathroom and Kate's bodyguard wouldn't allow Jill in there until she was finished and out of the bathroom. Well after Jill returned she told Alex all of this and then Jill finished saying that she "was going to ruin" Kate!?? WTF?? She is out.of.control!

My take on Kelly is that she is either having mental health issues or she is purposely acting dumb for some reason to try and make herself more interesting to watch. Personally I think she is just a snob who has been given everything and anything she has ever wanted her whole life and now that she has hit the BIG 40 and her skin is shot and sagging things are not as easy for her as they have been in the past and she has got some "emotional issues" that not even a good plastic surgeon at this point will be able to fix.

Although, I have to say, I have seen Kelly on Plum TV where she does these like half hour segments interviewing really interesting people in NYC and the Hamptons and I found her on these shows to be quite charming and quite intelligent and actually kind of fun to watch. She has interviewed some really interesting people. Architects, Russell Simmons and so on and the interviews were great to watch. But she is a completely different person on the Housewives so I wonder if her personality on the Housewives is really all an act or is she that oblivious to what is actually going on around her? I don't know. Who really knows except for her. But all in all she doesn't make my skin crawl like Jill does.

I love Sonja!

RHONJ has put a bad taste in my mouth ever since Tee Tee's bankruptcy and Danielle's strip tape. Dina is completely full of herself. Has anyone watched her wedding video on VH1's My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding? Holy Crap! I remember watching that video before the RHONJ had even aired back in I think 2006 and I thought to myself then how in the hell did this trashy girl marry into money? She was snobby and fake on that show just like she is on RHONJ. The only reason she wanted to try and be Danielle's friend is because she didn't want to whole world to know what bi*ch she really is in reality. I am not a fan of Danielle at all but she pegged Dina from day one.

Caroline is a bulldog bully and Jacqueline is scared to drive on the fing freeway so what does that tell about her?

I am ready for some West Coasters....bring it on Beverly Hills girls!


For those who want to give it a shot, and this can also be done with other types of seafood like scallops, shrimp, and fish like Mahi Mahi


Oh, I forgot to add one more comment..Jill is only mad at Alex because she is now friends with Bethenny and Ramona. She even said to Ramona at Scary Island - "You chose Alex over me"...can you say Jr. High!! Now that Bethenny and Ramona are friends with Alex, jill is pissed and is stuck with LuMann and MethKelly. You know what, Bethenny was right when she said "get a hobby" bi-otch!!! And, when Jill told Bethenny at fashion week "You told me to get a hobby and I did" , what LuMann? Kelly? I would like her to disappear and for Alex to stay on the show.

BTW, I may have to boycott if that Salami chick is on DC...I think I am going to email bravo....keep her off the tv screen...I've seen enough of her during her 15 min of fame!!!


I'll always be Team Jill (the lesser of the two evils). Love her or hate her WATCH SEASON 1 and 2. She hasn't changed. Frankelstein and Ramona hated Alex both seasons and constantly berated Alex (and everyone else) to her fug-mug and behind her back and the social climber ate it up like a lap dog because she wanted "in" and would channel the Devil to get in. Yep the Devil Does Wear Prada. Alex Van Fugly, Jill isn't a bitch but KARMA IS. Frankelstein got what she wanted (a fugly pawn to do her dirtywork, got Jill to cry on national tv, got a sperm donor, a baby, a brand and her own 1 season reality tv series all about HER. Read her most recent article in People mag...full of herself and soooo full of shyt). Bravo is making bank, and if it comes down to either Alex Van Fugly or Jill it is buh bye Alex. I just feel sorry for the spermanator, ahem I mean Jason #2. Just how drunk was he that night? The first Jason ran like Forrest Gump.

...and scene.


Thank you, thank you so much Bryan for the Lobster Enchilada with Chipotle sauce recipe! I am going to try it tonight or tomorrow! You are so sweet to have posted it! Have a fantastic weekend!


I feel like Alex will probably be replaced by Sonya and I think Alex was trying hard to reposition herself as the bigger, bolder, fiestier Alex. Truth be told, I liked Alex because she stayed above the drama. She doesn't like drama, it does not agree with her and she breaks out in gooey red hives whenever conflict arises and it will probably be bah-bah for Alex.

Dear Sweet Lawd I hope Kelly comes back for another season. She's great. So many layers to that onion.


I love the RHONY but am I the only one who is sick of Andy pretending he has nothing to do with the show, acting as shocked as us at all the drama and antics...uhhh, yeah, Andy, you created these morlocks!!! It's called executive producer, so do us a favor and take some responsibility, and when Krazy Kelly revealed that she was forced to go on the Scary Island cruise you looked utterly flash: we know this is a TV show and the girls are contractually bound to be your indentured servants during taping, so at least come clean about the staged encounters and feigned friendship match-ups...and that's MY mazel of the week!


Maria, your welcome enjoy them and thanks!!!

Alex didn't stay above the drama she got down on all fours and tried to bring it. and she failed. She just looked like someone trying to jump on the "I hate Mrs Limon Zirga" bandwagon, and she fell off,
her whole beef with Jill came so far out of left field it was ridiculous.

And like Ronnie said, if it comes down between Jill and Mistress Alex one must go, there is no way they are going to keep that sad schlep and I say good riddance although it would be sad to loose Simon, he one of the best queens on tv. Alex can get back to her secret passions of Porn and Swinging and B&D.

And speaking of queens, Please can Andy Cohen get anymore annoying. "Morlocks" I love it, and that chat show with that annoying theme song and sad sad new jersey rumpus room set with all the crap on it!!!

And I do believe Kelly when she said they forced her ( contractually ) to go because they moved her nut-ness out of there when she got to be too much to handle. She didn't go on her own. So Andy and his suit outlet suits is to be blamed for the Island Mayhem.

I think Mrs Limon Zirga needs to forget all this contrition and the constant I'm sorry's and morph in into real housewives version of Alexis Carrington. I want her dressed to nines, getting into fountain fights with Ramona, (we all know Ramona would be down for a smackdown) and telling them off like there is no tomorrow After that reunion Jill needs to start slapping faces and tossing drinks.

Its time for bitch revenge =) And keep Alex around just enough for jill to trip her and send her into a lily pond.


Ronnie and Bryan and DBR
Read Andy's blog titled "Housewives on the Hill"
for his explanation of why he HAD to have the Salahis on the new show.


I read this a few days back, I'm sure there is some truth and a lot of SPIN!! But then it works for DC, politics and dirty tricks!


Cheers, Ronnie!!! I would love to come down from T.O. (Toronto) to whereever! and meet with you, David, DBR, Bryan, Suz & Michelle and all the other posters who want to join! Love your posts, Ronnie - hope we all do David's brilliant work proud in paying homage.
On another note: I just wanted to point out (being myself a dual citizen of Australia and Canada) that our dear Simon (who I missed terribly this season - I prefer him SO much more to Alex!) is not from the U.K. but is actually from "Oz" - you know the gay prison drama? Um, Er, yes-- ... I of course meant, OZ, the colloquial term for Australia! He's a dinky die true blue Aussie bloke. (or is he really an Aussie "Sheila"? Just thinking out loud here. Anyway, miss his screen time :(. Speaking of Simon, forgive me not "whipping out" the witty humour hardcore, it's late and I'm tired. Sweet dreams to all!



Thanks! Yes, I think you nailed it with RHONYC. As you said, Jill never really changed. She even said on the reunion, "I'm a New York BITCH!" I personally love it and love her (as I'm still an Orange County Bitch at heart), but I can see how others find it annoying.

And IMHO you really nailed it with Alex. She wants a piece of Bethenny's fame, plain and simple.

OK, enough of that for now. You, Bryan, Suz Michelle, Cindy, David, and anyone else who wants to come along are all more than welcome to party it up with me in VEGAS this summer!

Oh, and when will they ever get "Real Housewives of Las Vegas" started? I already have the perfect lineup for Bravo:

- Carolyn Goodman, Founder of The Meadows School (big, fancy private school in Summerlin) and wife of Las Vegas Mayor (and former mobster lawyer) Oscar Goodman.

- Elaine Wynn, ex-wife of casino mogul Steve Wynn and (still!) major shareholder and board member of Wynn Resorts.

- Steffi Graf, former tennis superstar and current wife of Andre Agassi.

- Frank Marino (aka "Joan Rivers"), Las Vegas' most famous and fabulous drag queen (curent star & creator of "Divas Las Vegas").

- Jan Jones, Senior VP of Harrah's Entertainment (the world's largest gaming company) and former Las Vegas Mayor (who wasn't current Mayor Goodman's biggest fan).

Now THIS would set off some fireworks! Whatcha think, Bravo programming gods? ;-)


O.M.G.! I love, love, love your idea of VEGAS HOUSEWIVES atdleft! That is a brilliant idea! And all of the characters you mentioned are perfect for the show! I am familiar everyone one of them and they would be fantastic! Except for maybe Steffi Graf. She seems so wholesome. But maybe the fireworks would be her getting "corrupted" by one of the other gals!

I would love, love to see Elaine Wynn in action! She is loaded and totally connected and she would only be absolutely FABULOUS I am sure! Little side note, but did you know that Steve Wynn, her ex, is almost blind? I know that he is known for hitting it with every cocktail waitress on the strip but I kind of feel sorry for him now. I remember staying at the Mirage when it first opened back in the late 80's if I can remember correctly. Anyway it was when the Mirage first opened and I had a blast as I always do when in Vegas! One of my FAVORITE towns ever!!

Jan Jones would be interesting also. I hope that your e-mailing Bravo with your wonderful suggestion!


I just asked my sister and she reminded me that it was in 1995 when we first stayed at the Mirage. We went for my 18th birthday! I don't drink so it was no big deal that I still wasn't old enough to inmbide yet! But we had a blast!

I love Vegas! I have stayed at the Wynn but my favorite hotel on the strip is the Bellagio! Oh please Bravo! We want the Real Housewives of Vegas!


Id watch it, infact I say lets move Beverly/Danielle there, now she IS Vegas!!! All nasty ho shit will roll big time in SIN-CITY, call it a cross over casting.

They can call it Danielle's big time return to "Burlesque!"


Love it you guys simply love it VEGAS HOUSEWIVES, and we should be there for the reunion for drinks, enchiladas, the works with of course DAVID THE MASTER!!! Dying at Maria saying Steve Wynn hitting every cocktail waitress but he is going blind. Well although he cannnot see he still can FEEL lol! I love Vegas! I went there when I celebrated my divorce. What happens in Vegas....Bring it on as our girl Kathy Griffin would say!!! Hell to tha Yeah! Tonight should be fun watching crazy Dan-Smell get her square boob checked and repaired. What a crock. And you know because it is filmed it will be done for FREE.

Kudos for yall calling out Andy C. Yeah what is it with his "OMG clutch the pearls no way!!!" responses. He was way more bitchier before. I think the gals complained and he is contractually obligated to tone it down. At least on his wanna be Dave Letterman show he gets so damn drunk he slurs and sweats and keeps it funny (if you missed K. Griffin's appearance, it was HYSTERICAL. She is fab and really gave it to that Elazebitch Hasselbeck on the View last week (on Youtube - tooo funny).

Peeps, we have to make this happen for real. Huge hugs and on with tonight's what happens...come on we gotta keep watching the Joisey chicks...a train wreck....cannot turn away.


CMF! Humbly on knees, apologies.

Yes Simon is an Aussie.
My brute American ears have trouble distinguishing international aussies from UK speak. I can hear an outbacker from a cockney accent but Simon has a very sophiticated lack of patois. No "shrimp on the bahrbee."

I am a stereotype but I am trying to change.

Thanks for the correction!


Jesus. H. Christ. Almighty.

Follow the link in Suz's comment above to the Andy Cohen blog. Beyond outrageous. If you watch this franchise you should read it if only for the powerful and unmistakable odor of mendacity. This level of Bullshit is quite rare.

His big wind-up: they don't make these shows to make people famous. nor do they reward or punish people with their casting decisions. It's our fault that they're famous and they profit from their misdeeds.

He says they're trying to just explore the studio space and are "increasingly interested in exploring the nexus of politics, society and race among women and how, in Washington, the proximity of political power seemingly dictates where one fits within Beltway society."

Really? You want to elevate this piece of shit little franchise you got going which is comprised mainly of cat fights galore on borrowed money to this kind of level? Seriously? Fine with me.

This is why POTO is so important and the ridicule heaped on these insufferable bitches is a good thing.


Oh and Andy, darlink, how did you feel when you soon to be Bravolebrities took the fifth in front of Congress?

Mom and Dad must be really proud that you're involved in an important national dialog about politics, race and power in our society today. Mazeling all the way to the bank. Absolutely fucking disgusting.


Everybody, I love these comments. We have to keep them coming. It is the only way.

I'm team box of wine as long as said box is the size of a house. Be prepared. We're going to need it.

Maybe Ramona is right, a Pinot Grigio IV is the only way to go with these bitches.


I love the Joisey girls,( except Beverly/Danielle but yes I'm sure it would be not as much fun to mock without her) if and only for the food, because it ALL looks good and those Italian girls cook!!!

Rachael Ray's website had a Meatball cook off with Caroline who serves her meatballs without the sauce and Teresa who serves her's with and the cast of the Jersey Boys were the judges!!! ( I dont remember who's they picked but it was going to be hard)

Both looked delicious and I love meatballs and I have yet to get them like my mom's who's now taste so much like my grandmothers. its some kind of beef alchemy!!!!


I was stunned by Andy's hypocrisy.
The best part "Bravo's legal department found the Salahis did nothing illegal."
That was hysterical.
So,,,crashing the White House State Dinner is ok with Bravo.

Sad Andy, So Sad.


RHONJ skank update....apparently according to Danielle has bought a "new" condo at the Watermark on the Hudson in NJ. They go on to say that condos in that high end building start at around 880k.

Huh....I guess it pays to be a convicted felon, stripper, former escort, cocaine addict, multiple name changing, porn video star. Just joking....I don't think it really pays to be all that. But Danielle doesn't seem to be doing too bad. I have said it before but, I would work double shifts 7 days a week before I would ever film myself in intimate, compromising positions and sell it for money.

And I have a question....I think it was episode 3 or 4 of this season of RHONJ and Danielle was talking about her daughter and how fantastic it was going to be when designers starting flying her daughter all around the world to walk in their shows. And Danielle went on to say that she would be right beside her daughter while she flew all over the world to model. But....I think there might be a little snag in her little plan cuz....ya know....her being a convicted felon and all, she can't even get a fing passport. So how in the hell is she going to be flying to Paris with her daughter when she doesn't have a passport? I guess the answer is that Beverly/Angela/Danielle/Merrill/Morelli/Staub will not be going anywhere except to the Paramus mall for her weekly shopping excursion.


Ewww first Danielle's toxic tit had a staph infection, and now here is a link to the nude's of "Found her voice McCord" also via Reality Tea...


Keep it covered Alex!!!


O.M.G.! I have no fing words! (but I will find some hee hee)Just when you think Danielle could not possibly get any worse they air tonights episode of the RHONJ and BAM! She is even more psychotic than last week.

First she goes to a "strip mall" plastic surgeon to get her nasty ti*ties fixed ewwwwww is right! The strip mall is so nasty that even the fing lights that spell out I think it is "Wayne Surgical Center" half of the letters are broken and don't even light up! Skeeeeeeezy! I ask you, would anyone in their "right" mind go to a plastic surgeon that has their office located in a strip mall? I think not.

And then when the skankaholic gets home after surgery to fix her nasty bubbies she starts ordering around her kids like they are her servants. And then, she is still doped up from surgery and she begans baggering her kids and asking them "do you love me? Do you love me?" over and over again. This biotch is twisted!

And then to top it all off tonight Mr. Cohen has her on WWHL and she screeches her new single which I would say will never be a hit. I love music! But about 20 seconds into to this travesty I turned the channel to HGTV and watched the rest of one of my other favs Selling New York. She is horrible. I don't know how this could happen but she looks even more clown like now after all of the injectables she had probably preparing for tonight's live after show. Yeccccchhhhh! I hope Bravo does not have her on next season.

Actually, I am kind of over the New Jersey girls. Teresa, who is in bankruptcy for being over 11 million in debt, has an over the top Studio 54 type housewarming event. I am sure that cost a nice chuck of change. And on that note, Jacqueline tweeted think weekend that everyone was at Teresa's "shore" house partying it up. WTF?? Anybody?? WTH? How can someone that is in 11 million dollars worth of debt and cannot pay it and on top of that is asking the court to wipe it all out, how can this person afford a fing "shore" house? I am lost.

But even though Teresa is obviously not too bright, her voice sends chills up my spine, and she has no forehead and didn't use any of that credit she had for laser removal, she still is not even close to as disturbing and nasty as Danielle is.

Actually, I think that Bravo missed the mark with this group of gals on the RHONJ. Maybe Bravo should just scrap this part of the franchise all together and stick with all of the other cities they have.


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