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June 02, 2010



I've been missing you terribly! Best wishes to your nephew, and WOW on Martinique's snazzy wardrobe! Your sister must be awesome. Good luck on your projects that have kept you away from us!


I think Kim G just wanted to get on TV...even if that meant sacrificing her dignity. Classic fame whore.


You are right on the money with Danielle. How low is she to use a little girl's illness to perpetuate whatever crack-pot theories she's grown in her head? Hell's Angels? Really? I loved Caroline and Dina before Monday's episode, and now I love them even more. I actually get angry when I see Danielle on the screen.


WELL SAID! When I think of the antics of Danielle & her attitude, I get instant trucker mouth. She is off the charts insane....lithium, stat!
And enough with the "just sayin'"
I'm embarassed to live in the same area as her, the same state as her.

Petite Maoiste

BEST LINE EVER She was going to a cancer benefit at a banquet hall not a Taliban training camp


Bryan Catalano

Nicely Said and as I said in the mail I just sent you, The horror's never end, look at this all of you and brace yourselves!!!!..


That is a stunning mug of Sonja. She must have had that work done. Fabu. She could be in a police lineup with girls HALF her age!

Danielle is a new form of low-life. She sucks the shit that bottom feeders deficate. Bottom of the bottom.

I wonder if she is clueless about her persona or if she is really smart about being a villian. Imma have to say: clueless.

Bryan Catalano

She is an idiot, go to and read the reviews for her "Novel" "Harold Robbins The Naked Truth" its getting panned big time.


I'm late for work can only say this for now - holy shitballs where are those boys filming?


Thank goodness you posted..anything. That sketch of Jill Z. is really disturbing. To see her mug come up every time I checked your page made my skin crawl.


Rejects from Bon Jovi's road crew....
LMAO!!! :) :) :) Hysterical!


Kim G,,, what a loser
I don't know if she is still friends with Danielle, but there is a picture of her and couple of other gals with their arms around Danielle as they escort her to court a few months ago when Danielle filed charges against Ashely for pulling her hair.
(I really should be very embarrassed for knowing all this)


Well said, Gilmore! It was clear that Danielle concocted the whole "they're out to get me" scenario in her addled brain, while the Manzo's would have welcomed her into the Brownstone as a guest. She completely fabricated every second of drama that ensued, getting herself kicked out. Clearly, the mom of the baby had no clue who Danielle the Nutjob was when she talked to her. And her "entourage?" THAT was the extent of her concern for the evening: having an entourage. And what a bunch of mooks! I felt a little scummy even watching that episode. {{shudders}}


Yeah right "MODEL", like no one knows Rodney Santiago is a cheap escort... Didn't make it in Miami because he was too much of a dumb baboon.


oh gilmore, i love you! your blogs keep me laughing all week. :)

Oscar Rios

hahaha! This is going to be hilarious! Cant wait!



The is reporting that the New York Post is stating that Teresa Guidice and her husband are FLAT fing broke! The New York Post has the entire article! It breaks down their finances to the penny! They owe over $10 million to creditors, on mortgages, autos etc.,! The article goes on to state that their mansion is about to be forclosed on as well as their cars being repoed! It says that her husband only pulls in about 70k a year! WHAT?????? I thought they were rollin' in it!

Listen, I love, love, love the Guidice children! I think they are some of the cutest kids ever! And I totally feel sorry for them and it is even worse for them because they are on a nationally if not internationally broadcast show!

I know that Teresa hates Danielle. But I can't help thinking about all of the times Teresa has come on TV and called Danielle, trash, Who*e, among other even worse things. I can't help but wonder what Danielle is thinking today now that the financial mess of one of her worst frenemies is ALL over the papers and the internet. OMG!! I love these shows!

But on that note. I truly do feel sorry for these people. Even though they tried to make it seem, and had me believing that they were "rollin'" in it, you can't help to feel sorry for people in this predicament. And then to have every bit of your financial disaster plastered all of the internet and papers must be beyond horrible. I am sure they will survive this. But maybe they will just from now on live a "scaled down" version of their former life.

But, I really just can't help thinking how "sweet" this must be for Danielle. After all, Teresa was one of the worst when it came to bashing Danielle. And I AM NOT A FAN of Danielle. But to every week be called a who*e on national TV must be hard on anyone.


11 mil is beyond "predicament" - these assholes belong in prison. Fuck these two. America is in the financial shitter because of scumbags like this, and as a law abiding, tax paying, financially responsible woman who practices birth control - I'M FUCKING SICK OF IT.

Bryan Catalano

Good thing her book is a hit LOL!


I believe being forced to listen to LuAnn's song and Bethenny's whinning along with looking at Alex's face sent her running to the local bars...poor Sonja.


On and to add about Tereeesahhhh G and her chucky...if she paid more attention to her finances and less about constantly bashing Danielle, she wouldn't be in this mess. Poser. Maybe she should ask her new best friend Bethskinny Frankelstein for a loan..opps, she has nothing that Beth can use her for so there goes that ideal. These women are something else. Dont sling mud in glass (foreclosed) houses. Danielle was right about one thing, they all came from trash, dumps, etc. so how dare they judge her. They ALL have a pass, tried to marry into money (no matter how "laundered" it still comes out skanky) and have no class - YOU TOO CAROLINE CAMELLA SOPRANO WANNABE.


OMG!! David, please give us your take on the latest financial mess of one of the housewives! I know whatever you have to say will have me rolling on the ground with laughter. Or, you could just be completely disgusted to the core like I think most of us are.

I am just curious, and maybe someone can elaborate on this, but how did these people think that this little bit of info about their financial lives wasn't going to be public? Or, maybe they have just been sitting patiently waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop? It just boggles my mind, for lack of a better term, that someone could go on national tv and boast and brag about all of the money they spend when they are asking to have all of their debt fogiven in court? Makes no sense.

I just have a sneaky suspicion that there is way more to this story that we don't even know about. And I don't think it is anything remotely good.

Sure, good people get into trouble financially everyday in this country. But this is so much debt, and to top it off being on a reality show and fronting that you are "rollin'" it. It all seems so shady. So, so shady.

I feel sorry for the children.

But for now, I wait for the brilliant David to bless us with his take on this "mess"!

Holy crap! I just wonder what the big D thinks of all this? I am NOT a fan of Danielle but she most be getting some sort of satisfaction after being called a prostitution wh*re etc., every week on this show.

What a mess!


I’m guessing Bravo has a new show in the works, “Real Homeless Housewives of Bravo” That’s just a wild guess though! The cast; Teresa Guidice, Lynn Curtin, Nene Leakes, and Michaele Salahi.

This season on "Real Homeless Housewives of Bravo"

Watch as the housewives live in a tent city, just outside Bravo studios. Teresa attempts to sell her cook book on a street corner, while Lynn hustles her cuffs on the another corner. Tensions rise as the two women fight over peddling turf. Nene & Michaele, an unlikely pair become close friends, as they try to maintain their lavish life style, in tent city. All the women have traded in their luxury cars for Goodwill bikes, can they survive? Watch what happens!


Virginia - "as a law abiding, tax paying, financially responsible woman who practices birth control - I'M FUCKING SICK OF IT."

And how baby, fucking perfect. I feel exactly the same way.

Someone who got screwed by inflated real estate prices 05-08 and found themselves underwater shortly after they bought at the height of the market is one thing. 11 million dollars, eight houses with about 4 mortgages each, credit card debt out the ying-yang and that monstrosity of a family home, decorated in NJ-Soprano Gothic paid for with cash money, is entirely a different matter.

I read a couple articles, this is what galls me.

He's a section 8 construction guy. That means he collects government checks directly for his work.

They owe 20K or something to a fertility clinic when she wants him to get snipped anyway.

They claim to receive 100k per month from "family member" support and I want to see the canceled checks. No one is writing checks for 1.2 million dollar if you don't have a trust fund in your own damn name. That means it's your own asset and can't be protected from a bankruptcy judge. Or else it's illegal money. Either way I want to see the canceled checks; these people are all liars and criminals.



On Danielle ...

I'm in the same boat as Gilmore here. I really thought Danielle was a garden variety skank with a sordid past until the last episode. It was like no biggie, just a new threshold reached as far as casting at Bravo went.

Now? I really do think she might be an actual sociopath. There's just no humanity or remorse or anything decent about Danielle. It's bizarre.


jsl - fabulous.

Maybe the tag line should be who gets eaten first? What what happens.

It's a joke but no joke is the fact that Bravo would air it, if they could make a buck. You know they would.

Just SAYIN'!

Danielle, you suck ass! Not because of anything you may have done in the past but, how you act in the present. The stunt you pulled at the fundraiser was disgusting.

Did you really get retarded henchmen for a cancer fundraiser? For a child? What the hell is the matter with you?

I know you read this blog, Danielle. You are a narcisstic nutjob. Pay ATTENTION, PUL-EEZE!

STOP ACTING SO STUPID! Your kids are gonna need therapy for years.


OMG!! Where to begin?? Re: Tonights episode of RHONJ

Let's see....TeresaIAmIn11MillionDollarsWorthOfDebtThatICan'tPay and her little brat (BTW, I used to think little Gia was cute, even adorable. But after all of this with her parents she is just a completely spoiled brat! But, on that note, IT IS NOT the childrens fault)spend more money that TeresaIOwe11MillionDollarsAndCan'tPayItBack does NOT have to send the chillrenes to acting school. HAH! The kid DID NOT land the Christian Slater movie because of her Jerzeeee accent! Mind you, I don't mind Jersey accents at all. This family just does not speak properly.

So no forehead and the kid schlep to the agents office and they tell the kid and no forehead that the kid will get no parts in LA if she doesn't lose the accent. This does not make no forehead happy.

I used to think Teresa and her kids were so cute, adorable, and actually kind of fabulous. But now....not so much. Not after the parents faking their financial status to get on a reality tv show and then bilking creditors out of 11 million dollars.

I am really curious what the "whole" story is? There has got to be more to this story than meets the eye. I mean, does someone, ANYONE, rack up 11 million in debt making 79k a year? Hmmmmmmmmm??

David, paleeze tell us what you think of this whole mess! Your view point is priceless I AM SURE!

Jacqueline #2 is starting sh*t with D. Albeit, I think Danielle should just cool it with Jacqueline #2 because isn't Danielle like 30 YEARS OLDER than this girl??


just wondering what your take on rhonj is. i love your commentary and i wanted to know if you think they are trying to bring kim g in the same way they phased sonja in to rhony.
love love love your blog and all of your artwork.
if i weren't so cash poor i'd buy it all like crazy!

Bryan Catalano

I cant WAIT for the episode where Beverly/Danielle get "PWNED" by Jacqueline#2,( love IT Maria!!!) this is is cliche line but I have to use it, Alot of people have crappy childhoods and come thru it and become decent hardworking people.

So this doesn't fly for me as the cause of why this sad old whore is how she is today. Beverly/Danielle is Rude, Crude, Lazy Horny and DUMB. Sometimes an ass just needs a good kicking.

Bryan Catalano

Speaking of ...look at this ....


There are more housewives without money than with money.

Wasn't that the point of the shows - vapid women with money.

Now they are broke women without class.

no more money housewives:

Jeana, Tamrahhh, Lynn, all the Atlanta ladies, Luann ( much poorer without her count), Jill (sold house in Hamptons to pay for kids college)
Danielle (using her kids child support for her mani's and pedi's and clothes for her wiseguys)and Teresa.

oh well,,,,,


Team Danielle. This is why: Love love love you (without Terrresahhhh awkscent! LOL). At least you are watching your money. Can you say bankruptcy TERRRESAHHHHH CHAP 7 for goodness sake. They are not even filing 13 to pay it back (reconcilliation). Stealing much? Gotta pay for those acting and not SPEECH lessons. Danielle, raise your kids but I agree, don't back down if they are truly lying. It's called SLANDER (and possible liable because it is nationwide so check out the laws (hell ask Albie LOL -notice how he KEEPS HIS MOUTH SHUT. Smart kid. He doesn;t want to ruin his career (i.e. Beth Frankelstein's second fiancee season 1) and Albie knows they will need his legal expertise (criminal defense) in the future. Use the good brains God gave you and move on. Love and Light.
Karma is real and they are getting it already...I believe Dina's Platnium hubby has threatned her that she better leave the show what happens...

I wish Teeereash stop trying to define is truly embarassing.....just soooooo effin stupid. Let Gia speak for you. LOL.


and I absolutely agree with Maria. I am not a total fan of Danielle, but she has to be smiling from ear to ear. She and Gretchen should talk (remember Tamrahhhh acusing of Gretchen of being a cheater...and look what has happened... old whore LOL.

Bryan Catalano

I want Danielle to move to Coto, can you just see her and the girls tooling around Laguna?, those women wouldn't know what hit them, well maybe Vicki might.


Danielle's diagnosis.

I found a great website by an amateur but trained psychologist through Gawker called, A Real Housewife's View:

She attempts to diagnose many of the Reals and her attempts are awesome.

Here's Danielle's diagnosis - Antisocial Personality Disorder, highlights:
1.) Selfish, callous and remorseless use of others
2.) Chronically unstable, antisocial and socially deviant lifestyle

It's a great read.

Samantha Martin

Danielle's a fucking moron. Love reading your blog, feel bad for Sonja though, and yes Kelly should be in jail not Sonja... those crazy housewives! My bf met Tamra from RHOC two weeks ago in Vegas, I was soooo jealous! He said she was very fun and nice...


If no one has posted it up yet and you have not seen it - CLICK NOW AND IMMEDIATELY WATCH the preview of the RHONY Reunion show

Very funny


Interesting post! :)

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