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May 19, 2010



i hope that he gets well, and will be praying for his health. He is just sooo good at coming up with looks! if i ever get enough money to afford him i will make him my personal stylist. <33

Nursing tops

oh i wish him well and all the best! good luck for your nephew!

Jennifer Jayhawk

Your sister is awesome!!! I hope your nephew's health improves. He is so talented. I had never heard of "Forever 21" until your posts.


Bad bunnies are terrible!!! I want him completely well. Our nephew is so talented and should be featured in ads styling Martinique for Forever 21. That would be absolutely fabulous! Your sister deserves an applause for being such a compassionate mom and for being encouraging of her sons talents. Those stinky bunnies MUST go AWAY!!! They must leave now in the name of Jesus!!! I prayed for our nephew and have faith in GOD that he will be well. Thanks for the fab photos of the hawtness that is Martinique. I'll talk to you again very soon David.

Love you and our nephew
Ciao Bella,



How wonderful! How are your nephew's small motor skills? I bet he'd love, if he doesn't know already, how to start actually making some clothes for Martini--even if he just starts small with belts, scarves, simple things... or if not making them, taking all these fabulous photos and making a look book (like in iPhoto or something) for Martini. Could even include some Photoshop fun or pics of clothes Martini can't afford yet. ;)


What a wonderful family you have...Kadooz to your parents for raising such wonderful kids..You and your sister inspire me to be a better parent and person. Your nephew is so talented and destined to be the next Rachel Zoe


Oh I hope everything is well and will be well with your nephew, I'll be sending good vibes your way. He has a promising future ahead of him!


Love you and ADORE your nephew - just sent your link to Rachel Zoe's facebook page - who knows??!!


All the love in the world to your incredibly talented and motivated Nephew.


I thought I commented on both Martinique posts but I guess I forgot to key in the code to make them stick.
Two things - first, much love and prayers to your talented nephew. I hope the bad bunnies leave and never come back.

Second - a shout out to Angela - congratulations to your son on his graduation and scholarship. My son played football too I know how much work it takes. He's my baby he is graduating this year too.

Take care


Gilmore, I hope your nephew knows what a big, devoted fan club he has all across the interwebs! We're rooting for you, 11-year-old nephew!

Mary Claire

You, your sister & your nephew are all big inspirations to me! I hope when I have children I will be able to nurture their interests and creative personalities 1/2 as well. I hate hate hate that the little guy has to deal with those bad bunnies. He is a total rock star and I wish him health, wellness and utter happiness!


This is like a Virtual Martini! A great site for when your nephew cant get to the store. I found this by accident and loved it! He can create unlimited looks! :)


So sorry to hear about the "Bad Bunnies", your nephew is so talented and creative, I wish him nothing but the best. Sending good vibes his way....

I hope "Forever 21" hears your calls and I do like the other commenter's suggestion of sending this link to Rachel Zoe's facebook!


Any word yet from F21?
Seriously they should step up because even tho I don't post after each Martinique siting on your blog, I really enjoy and look forward to them.
Let's hope your nephew can swap the bad bunnies for Good Bunnies. He is a treasure.

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