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May 18, 2010



Martinique is back and as beautiful as ever...I missed her. I miss you too David...I still check with you everyday just to click on your ads...tell our nephew hello and our bf!!! My son graduates from high school tomorrow May 19, 2010 and I'm a proud mama David. He's going to college on a football scholarship and I am so blessed and thankful for it. All our hard work of traveling, sitting in the heat, rain, cold, getting attacked by all kinds of bugs, injurys he's sustained, hard azz workouts, money paid out, long practices, and good old fashioned hard work has finally begun to pay off and I will collect my interest in the next few years...I claim it in the name of Jesus. So that's an update of what's going on in my world!

Love always and
Ciao Bella,



god bless him and that big beautiful creative brain of his!!! pure genius!

Jennifer Jayhawk

I LOVE these posts. So cool! I can't wait to see him on Project Runway.

Patrick Cleary

I love your drawings and Real Housewives postings, but I have to say that the Martinique posts are my absolute favorite part of this site. Your nephew is incredibly lucky to have such a supportive family.


Wow, your nephew is really really talented! I see a bright future as a stylist at the very least. Does he do the makeup too? Her eyelashes are amazing. Your pride in him is obvious and he is lucky to have such a supportive family.

Amy Scott

You make my day. I don't check in with you nearly enough. The stories of your nephew floor me. It gets me in a soft spot knowing creatives get to blossom in an environment that's right for them! I love, love , love your work, and that includes your nephew.


I heart Martini postings

Hey David, it has been a while since I have been able to catch up with my favorite blog. Martinique has come into her own, Thanks to her savvy stylist, I really enjoy these post also. Shame it is not 1987 - it is a little known fact that I took a sales job with a "fresh from China" embroidery company at the time. My biggest account produced for Nordstrom and Fedco at the same time, go figure. The LA garment district was my territory,I did very well since I spoke English. Your nephews $25 would have gone a real long way at that time there were some real great things available I even took a cousin down there to get her prom dress for an amazing $30.00. Now the "wholesale only" are just that and all the pieces available on the street are mediocre. Hope all is well.

I was on Gretchen's closet via Face book - tempted to buy her "closet" poster just for a conversation piece in the guest bathroom - I'd have to take down the shadow box with the signed Heidi Fliess "Heidiwear tee" first-
but figure red I best wait till I buy one of your originals first.

Rene - Chino, CA


Wow, amazing! Your nephew is sooooo talented (just like you :) )!!! He has such an eye for fashion and you can tell he puts thought into it down to the smallest detail....Bravo, little guy :)


Yay! I love Martinique and your nephew. What did we ever do before Forever 21 was around and we could buy cheap outfits that still look good?


How about helping your nephew set up a blog with fashion tips etc... I eagerly await all of Martini's photos!


Love, love LOVE Martinique... What a fantastic nephew you have!

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