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March 08, 2010



Well...that is incredibly cool!


In my next life I am coming back with your talent.!

Robin M.

Soooooooo Beautiful:)


I have to say, I love your photos of the body painting the best. Well done.

bravofan diane

awesome work. Love it.


Every October in Key West there is a huge party called Fantasy Fest and body painting is a big part of the week. There are numerous contests but there is one specifically for body painting. You should come down and enter.


Classic meets pop. El Greco meets Patrick Nagel. I like the standing pose.


Wow you are so talented. Damn talent really runs in your family (ala your nephew).

Lou LaMarre

I especially enjoy the photo of him laying painted on the portraits. Very new feeling ideas. Thank you for sharing with all of us!!!

Frank Coclord

very n ice


Love it! I can't decide which I like best. I do like your friend laying about on all the pictures, but I think I like the one standing and turning away. This is way cool!

Louda B

I love you! These are awsome and Love to hear your spin on the Housewives... Youa re so real! Hope you are all better!


The eyes peering out from his arms and legs are fantastic; they jar the senses just seeing them in this context, I can imagine how this work looks in person. Gorgeous.


Thank gawd you are comming to your senses. The Housewives thing is tired and I miss you work. Which is another reason I've stopped visiting your page. Would love to see more of your art work and less Housewives.


that is amazing! I wish I had your talent. Such beautiful work!


Whoa - coolest thing ever!


Don't listen to Vince. He is just jealous of your success and popularity. Success breeds envy and justification.

You must never never never stop doing caricatures of Alex and Simon. There are possible global catastrophic consequences.

It is possible that your warped drawings of Bravo TV kooks are part of God's important Plans.

And you can still be an artiste.

I'd suggest a pseudonym.


That is beautiful, what amazing work!


You are just too damn talented, I LOVE all your work. And it's crazy how fast you are! (I'm sublimating my jealousy into admiration. For now.)


You are so incredibly talented :) i admire your work

Henry Coelho


David is amazing at what he does and I was just more than thrilled when he approached me with the idea, and so I just HAD TO DO IT!!

The whole experience was just beautiful.

I feel honored to be one of his models for his art and will continue to support him in any which way I can.

Thank you for the opportunity David!



i think your paints are awesome I really like the one with the faces.


Is amazing the talent that you have keep working you are excellent.

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