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February 08, 2010



This is the most amazing reality competition show on TV. I love it albeit I can only watch it when my fiance is asleep. I love RuPaul. I couldnt tell who would be the breakout star of this season ala Ongina and Nina Flowers. Which brings me a thought, I never saw Zahara Bebe a/k/a Ms. Cameroon on any eyewear ads or the Absolute Vodka tour.

Elizabeth Traylor

I saw Bebe @ Score nightclub on South Beach for the Absolut Vodka tour. I had the pleasure of meeting her and Rebecca Glasscock. I couldn't stand Glasscock on the show, but she looked amazing in person and thankfully left the shade in reality tv land.


am glad to hear that Bebe did perform. I saw Rebecca (as a boy though) in Macy's. She was very nice and gracious so ur rite about her leaving the shade in TV land.

Like RuPaul use to say "You betta work bitch!" I love this drawing. RuPaul has stepped it up this season. Love the behind the scene show with all the messy drama.



id scanner

The original illustration is excellent, and the final is also, of course!
I reinforce your decision to draw it first and only then scan and edit on the computer.
It's always better to paint and fix stuff on a computer than with paints and markers.

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