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February 17, 2010



Martinique looks like a handful. Fussy and very fasion forward. It is a good thing your nephew is confident and sophiticated. Like a young Christian Siriano in a blue jumsuit with purple train and oversized beanie.

When Martinique gets difficult, I am sure he knows just how to handle her.


I looovvvvveeee Martinique's new look and it's definitely runway ready. Your nephew is so clever and so intelligent. Talent just runs thru the family. I'm also happy that his parents are encouraging him to follow his dream of fashion designing. I can't wait to see him on the runways, waving and bowing to his legion of fans.

Love it! Tell our nephew hello for me and that Ms. Angela says, "you go boy!"

Have a great rest of your day and I'll holla back soon.

Love ya David and
Ciao Bella,



Oh, wow... I am newish to your blog (just the last month or so) and until today, new to the whole Martinique phenomenon. I just read all the past entries and I have to tell you, I actually got a lump in my throat a couple times. How wonderfully amazing that your family is so encouraging of a child being his true, creative, flambouyant self...

What if every child was raised this way - open, encouraged and nurtured? My gosh, there would be a zillion, well-adjusted, self confident, expressive, happy (okay, and fabulously dressed) people in this world. Therapy and anti-depressants would cease to be words in our vocabularies.

Life would be simply..."martiniquesque"... perfect.

Your nephew has a GREAT personality and sense of humor. And you seem to have a great family and are a amazing influence on him.

Thank you so much for sharing...this truly made my day and gives me hope.


Life would be simply..."martiniquesque"... perfect.

Words to live by for sure! :)

Love it!


"The whole glam pilates look" !! Oh, holy jeezis, I just blew iced tea out my nose!! I'm sorry Gilmore, but you've definitely got some competition on the spit-take-inducing badinage front. You may have to hand over the crown sooner than you think...


I want 890 feet of hair!

Adoption of Jane

I want to text with y'all.... i am cryin laughing right now!!


glam pilates!!!!! best thing i've ever heard...ever!

Every time I read about your nephew and Martinique it makes me smile so much. He's so talented!


You are amazing. Your sister and brother-in-law are amazing. And most of all, your nephew is AMAZING!

If every child were raised with open-mindedness that your nephew is being raised with, I am 100% convinced the world would be a better place.

Martinique blogs always make my heart smile.


I am blown away at the eye your nephew has for fashion. I also love your artwork. What a talented family. Will there be any more Martinique photos soon???

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Great blog!
And in the context of this post - absolutely fantastic and weird conversation, your nephew has a lot of self-consciousness and well-developed sense of fashion:)

But even you're quite fine :) the clothes you wear are really nice! I loves the integration of the jewelry and the dress.
And very nice earrings of course! Beautiful design.

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