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January 03, 2010



Gorgeous! Stunning work from your talented nephew! Thank you for sharing this with us, and I wish him a year free of bad bunnies.


I love reading your nephew/Martinique posts. LOVE Summer in the Winter, both the outfit and the idea of it, and I also wish him a year without bad bunnies and many, many years of sketching while watching classic films like Breakfast at Tiffany's.

M. O'Connell

And here I went on about infidelity...
So glad your nephew is doing well. Here's to a healthy 2010.


That is so awesome. I'm so glad to hear your nephew is recovering from his health issues, poor little guy! But thankfully he's doing better now, and designing new, gorgeous ensembles for martinique! Thanks for sharing! happy new year to everyone :)


I hope your nephew continues on the road to recovery. I wish he were my personal stylist!


I am such a devoted fan of your talented nephew and his excellent family. (And this post caused me to well up over and over again.)

Thanks so much for sharing the inspiration of his extraordinary talent and fortitude. Be banished bad bunnies!!!


Give your nephew a kiss and a hug, and plan for a wonderful year for your family. :)

M. O'Connell

Can we get a closeup of the T-shirt your nephew is wearing? It looks cool.


Peace and love and health!


Posted by: nicki | January 03, 2010 at 12:40 PM

I hope your nephew continues on the road to recovery. I wish he were my personal stylist!

Well said. Blessings for the New Year for you, your nephew and your family.


So happy to hear he is on the mend. I wish him a healthy year.


I'm glad he's doing better i read all the entries :)


What's so cool is that he can dress her in a specific era! I'll add my wishes for no bad bunnies in 2010 -- for your nephew, for your family, and for you.


I WOULD PROUDLY WEAR EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT ON HER!! I am a huge fan of his and always always look forward to your posts about him. I wish him all the health in the world and a total ban of the bad bunnies!!


Awwww poor heart dropped when I read about your darlin' nephew. May he be blessed and may the "bad bunnies," be banished away for eternity. BTW Martinique is fierce...please let him know that a lady in Alabama is thinking about him.

Ciao Bella,



So much love here! How beautiful and hopeful :)

I always look forward to the the enthusiasm your nephew generates, and I hope the coming year is free of the bad bunnies.


I'm endlessly flattered when anyone takes the time to leave a comment on my site. It's especially wonderful when comments are left on these postings about my talented young nephew.
Thank you.

Kate from Atlanta burbs

Tell your nephew that his designs are fantastic, but his picture was the best!

Lisa B

Thanks for updating us on Martinique's stunning new wardrobe/decade ensemble. What a proud uncle you must be.

Give your family my love~and admiration. Here's to a year of peace, no bad bunnies, much love and endless wardrobe possiblities.



Wishing your nephew no bad bunnies in the future. Great job on Martinique! What wonderful family your nephew has to support him.

Alejandra Kramer

The next Tom Ford!


Occassionally I look at your website. It's always fun to scroll through things on here. My favorite postings are about your nephew and his mannequin Martinique. I'm so very glad to hear he's doing well and back to styling her. I expect to hear his name attached to Fashion Week in 10 years time. Thank You.


Hooray for the return of Martinique! 2010 is looking up!


Sending many happy thoughts that the bad bunnies stay the heck out of 2010. I hope he keeps recovering and blessing all of us with his wonderful fashion sense!

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