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December 03, 2009



Oh I have done the same thing! One time I threw a surprise birthday party for my husbands (now my X husband) friend. I had the party on Aug 3 and his birthday wasnt until the 30th! It was a big party too! I mean I threw a BASH on the wrong day! It was great! He loved it! (the birthday boy) I was not embarassed at all since everyone acknowledged the wrong date and just continued to party! ;) Numbers, what are ya gonna do huh? Victoria


Happy early Bday to ur nephew too.


PlEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch the new MTV show "Jersey Shore" and caricature these people. They are BEGGING for it - especially Snookie.

I'm ashamed I love this show

Faux Fur vest - check
Skinny gray jeans - check
Surprise use of flip-flops - Priceless.

Cheers to all the creative kids that will make our future easier on the eyes.


Happy Birthday, Nephew!

Having been a spikey brunette in my yout', I vote for "Rock Star" - although I agree with I'm Ashamed that the flip-flops make the second outfit.


I want that vest! I've read your blog for a while and I am in awe of your nephew and his gorgeous creations!
BTW, I agree lovesit. Please, for your own sake, watch 1 episode of Jersey shore. They are online at MTV.

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