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October 19, 2009



Hooray She's back! I was beginning to go through withdrawls... Wonderful Work way better than some of the stuff ive seen on Project Runway! Keep it up!


Option 1 is lovely, but a big, big YES to Option 2!

I can't believe the kid's only 10 years old. You know what I thought looked good when I was 10? Toe socks. The striped ones.


awesome! def the second one :) i love the hair and the dress!


Martini won't be tardy for the party in these Hot outfits!


Yay! The fabulous Martini is back. I was upset because I was developing a crush on her, is that weird? Anyway, your nephew is amazingly talented and I'm sure that he will be a household name someday.

joe to hell

its very J Lo grammy dress


I would totally wear that 2nd dress if he made me one! It's gorgous and fun! This kid has great taste and kudos to his parents for letting him grow as a designer!


Wow those are honestly two of the prettiest dress ideas! I love the second one with the fabric around the neck. What a talented kid! I hope he gets into a great art/design program when he grows up, he will make a real mark in the fashion world.
Thanks so much for sharing :)

WOW! He's got some serious talent!! I'm one of the relatively new people to the blog so i MUST go track back and see his other brilliant designs! I also LOVE the second one - that is PICTURE PERFECT!


I love the Martinique updates! I'm 26 and I have no idea how to dress myself; t-shirt and jeans all. the. time. I wish your nephew were my son, so I could have access to his creativity every day!

Keep encouraging this talent!

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