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September 29, 2009



Unfort. I think there is only about 1 or 2 more eps. left so you won't be "hooked" too much longer :0


That's funny! I find myself staring at his lips too. :P


Jeff should actually get a refund for his lip job it does not look uniform to me and that is why it stands out (to me). It is fuller in one section and then indented in another kind of like Lauri Waring on RHOC. Why would a guy mess w/his lips?


Love the fact that Jeff Lewis claimed his whole family was full lipped, but when his brother was on an episode he had regular lips. That and the "never in my 37 years" comment just killed me.

Doodle Whore

His puffy lips are as thoroughly mesmerizing as Kim's wig, Vickie's pig nose, or Sheree's tuck.

I'm ashamed I love this show

Yet another show that is part of my Tivo ritual. I adore her Miss Hotness Jenni Pulos!! Yum!

This last episode where Jeff (put a capital Q on Drama Queen, please..) confronts Ryan using his name to generate web traffic was delicious. Ryan's 'you can't fault me for being a deceptive conniving business bitch' comment was classic passive aggressive.

Having been screwed by a business partner in the same way, I found myself screaming at the screen 'KILL HIM NOW JEFF! Take a tasteful vase and just bash his head in with it!! Zoila can clean up!!'

yeah, I can hold my liquor. Don't judge.


Hm. Never got into this show. I think because, from Bravo's promos, I thought it was a mockumentary (a la The Office) and was disappointed that it wasn't!


I think Jeff is sexy

Theresa A.

Jeff is far more trustworthy than Ryan.I hate Ryan's snicker. Jeff has never stabbed Ryan in the back.With Jeff, what you see is what you get. Spirit was there to "move Jeff's heart." Remember the saying I'll do it when the "Spirit moves me"? Well when Spirit moved Jeff's heart, his/her spirit left (died), the Spirit's job was finished. A spirit has no sex, either male or female. Spirit HAS a STORY, the human odor was meant to be & for Jeff to endure. GET IT?!!! Please pass this info on to Jeff. P.S. Jeff's lips are irrelevant. Thank you for the opportunity to comment.
Theresa A.


UGH!!!. I think Jeff Lewis's lips are ugly.He has pieces of excess skin hanging down on each side of his upper lip. He is so arrogant & insulting. Ha!! (must think he's the perfect package.) Far from it.


i like jeff hes sophisticated.. a bitch.. he is sexy and he is on top of his game bitches!!!! hes a high class queen!! but their is somethign wrong with the lip injections.. im watching 'watch what happens live' and their is some serious indentations going on his upper lip?? what the fuck it wrong with that? its like he has sections of hard silicone?! its WEIRD!!! (KELLY-RHONY) just weird!

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