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August 20, 2009



OMG the last few episodes were amazing but Godrick was my favorite. The scene btwn Godrick & Eric on the roof. Though Sookie prolly endeared herself more to Eric since she did what Eric couldnt: stay with Godrick until the end.

My bff thinks Bill will turn Sookie so Eric cant have her. I disagree cuz Bill would never force anyone to stay with him as Marina (his maker) has tried with him. My bff feels Bill will feel that he is protecting. I disagree cuz I think part of Bill's love for Sookie is that she is human and his tie to the human world. Please give your thoughts on this.


I definitely got misty-eyed at the scenes with Godric and Eric and then with Godric and Sookie.


My fav is still Lafayette, and when girfriend takes her earrings off-I am glammed! And, I liked Godric better before we saw him. When he was more mysterious, I could not get past his resemblance to the aliens in that Tim Allen/Sigourney Weaver movie.


You are Brilliant and i love coming every week to see your reactions to the show, i have read all the books so i know who ends up doing what. I just love that during the show ill think to myself," how will he react to this?". Then i saw the scene with eric naked and thought oh man i cant wait till this post comes out!!

Love the site


Thanks for posting the Eric & Sookie pics. I thought I was going to burst in flames when that scene came on. HOT!!!!


A friend and I watch the show different homes. So we text throughout. The texting came to a screeching stop when Eric was in bed naked!!


hahaha i love true blood and loved how u mentioned the maryann dance "shaky-shaky pulsey-pulsey dance" hahahaha you are awesome :P

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