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August 24, 2009



This was a gr8 episode though last wk's episode was the best. Question, if Maryanne's blood poisoned bill, when Jessica bites Hoyt's mother, will Jessica get poisoned as well.

Jason tricking the townfolk was the smartest thing he has done ever. I am sure this will infuriate Maryann. Do you think Eggs can be saved? Prolly not once he realizes all the evil Maryanne has made him do. What about Carl Maryann's manservant? Do u think he can help overthrow Maryann?


Queen Sophie-Ann is the queen of vampires in Louisianna, not the queen of all vampires.

And Sookie is part fairy.


damn Julie. U should put warner SPOILER ALERT.


OOOOOOOH it was a g freekin great episode. I've been looking forward to Rachel Wood all season, I hope she doesn't dissapoint! I LOVE her!
That was your best recap yet!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love your True Blood recaps. It's like hearing from my best friend...if my best friend was brilliant and witty:)
I almost missed the first scene with Sookie and was too, too short! What a tease! But the rest of the show more than made up for it even it was fifteen minutes too short.


Gilmore, your recaps make me wanna watch each episode over and over again! Great stuff.


Thanks everyone for your comments! Really appreciate when y'all take the time to share your thoughts.

Hey Borgqueen! Great question about Jessica biting Hoyt's mom. Hmmmm.... I wonder if Maryann's spell affects their blood besides their eyes? Not sure. Will be interesting to see what happens with that next sunday. And definitely Jason's God trickery was excellent. Would be great if Carl turned against Maryann, although he does seem fully under her command. As for Eggs--- whatever happens to him I just hope he's shirtless. :) Would be great if he could be saved.

Julie! Oops I should have said she was just the Queen of Louisiana. And Sookie's part fairy? You must have read the books.

Alexis! I hope Rachel will kick ass in that role. Sure she will. Thanks!

Magnay! That Sookie/ Eric scenes was way too short--- I agree. I look forward to more of her fantasy scenes. Thanks for your nice words too.



Blisterina! Your comment posted as I was responding to everyone else's comments. Thanks for your message. I'm going to watch last night's episode again tonight. I may need an intervention. :)



I hate that I must wait till this comes out on dvd. Where is the atl housewives recap?! Why u make me wait so long but you post this & it came on last night? I can't even read this till next year, I am going crazy!!!


Trinity. Welcome to the internet, 2009. I don't have HBO, I torrent the show every Sunday night. When the season comes out on DVD I prefer to buy it since it has fun extras, but you can watch it the same time everyone else does.


First of all Gilmore I love your blog and I love love your true blood recaps, and I especially freaking love all you drawings!!

I think when I was reading the comments about Carl I was just thinking that Carl's eyes are never black, he seems to know exactly what he is doing, he is a voluntary Maryann freakshow slave person, I wonder what his deal is. Also I wish they would explain why the cop isn't taken over by Maryann, does he have supernatural powers or is his heart pure or what WHAT??? I can't wait until next week, and I loved the Eric seen with Sookie and did anybody see Eric in Lady Gaga's new video he is all over it :)


Hey, Great post, cant wait to watch the episode!! I just wanted to say that the scenes with Sookie and Eric are TOTALLY foreshadowing to what will hopefully be season 4. Gilmore, if you read any of the books read the 4th one, it has enough material in there to prolly make your head explode from Eric's nakedness!!

Love the blog!!


The hubby says we should wait til the season is over, then netflix it, because then we could watch them all at once! But who can wait?


Thanks G, I didn't think that was legal. Please tell me what site is safe, if u could. Thanks again!


Poll - Is True Blood the new Buffy?

SPOILER - Alan Ball has said that he plans on intoducing Werewolves in Season 3.


OOh Maria!! Great point about Carl and the cop. As for the cop, in the first 1 or 2 episodes he did go to a party and his eyes got black once. But since then he has remained drunk so I wonder if the alcohol is blocking Maryanne's ability to manipulate the cop. Carl always gave me the impression that if he could run, he would, but he can't...until maybe now with the vamps coming to help the town. I love Rachel Wood. I hope she does a good job with the role.


Thanks for getting back to reviewing TB! And think we'll both be shedding tears when the season is over and we have to wait a full year before season 3!!!

P.S. And people....if you've read the books (like i have) DON'T spoil it for others, if ur going to say a spoiler then write SPOILER ALERT or's just rude.


OMG OMG OMG finale tonight was crazed and amazing! Won't give it away for you west coast viewers, suffice to say you'll be on seat's edge,and there is some sadness. How will we make it until the start of season 3?


Gilmore, what happened to the last couple episodes?!? They want recaps tooo!!!

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