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May 08, 2009



I was wondering if you were going to comment about last nights Millionaire Matchmaker!!! I thought it was one of the better episodes with LOTS and Lots of eye candy (hey a girl can dream!). I thought it was very cute that the guy came out on t.v. to his parents. Plus he wasn't too bad on the eyes either.... You Gay guys get all the cuties!!! :) Can't wait for Tuesday and the RHONJ it should be as one of the wives said of her husband... "Juicy and Delicious!"


It is uncanny how you get everyone so perfect in your drawings. You truly have a gift.
I, also thought Patty was a bit out of touch with gay relationships with her ridiculous questions. But then she is so out of touch with straight relationships too. I don't get why she wants every women to look like a skank.
Long hair only, straight hair only, spray tan, bangs, mini skirts, low cut tops.
No wonder straight men are screwed up.
Glad it is over it wasn't worth the hour every Thursday night.


You are very talented! And you crack me up to boot!!


I'm totally comment stalking you lately, sorry. But I had to say, that first sketch actually made me spit out food on my screen when I saw it. And the spray tan just makes it better!


She looks like a gross caricature of a Disney villan. And that's really saying something.


suz- Yeah, Patti seemed pretty out-of-touch. Didn't she brag about all her gay friends? Why didn't she ask them about gay dating before she spewed out some of the worst stereotypes about gay men imaginable?

Believe it or not, we're not all skanks and we're not all drunken bathhouse party boiz.

Gilmore- Thanks for being courageous enough to sit through "Millionaire Matchmaker". It's a trashy guilty pleasure of mine, but I must admit I had to get used to the pure trashiness first. It just goes to show one can't automatically add class to something by just attaching a multitude of zeroes to a $.

Rene - Chino

Gilmore I see that your post was either proofed or you're off the meds. :)

Bravo oh Bravo tempted me to watch the Millionaire MM and took me right into the Fashion Show.I am a closet Project Runway whore but I have to say that I enjoyed the edgier un polished look of the Fashion Show - Watch what happens. Me and some of the good'ol boy Chinonians are heading down to the OC to hunt down the date from MMM, that was one fine side of beef.


You MUST make the color version of that drawing available to order as a print!! You have one sold already.


Uhhh, what was wrong with the gay millionaire's face? Looks like he's had a bad face lift or something.


whenever i see her, all i think of is ursula from the little mermaid. "and i help them...YES I DOOOO."


Why would anyone hire a skank like her to find an intelligent, attractive wife?

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