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March 10, 2009


J to tha Da

I love Nina... but Bebe's my fave. She's so fierce it literally hurts. But I'd be fine as long as Rebecca doesn't win. Do not like her at all.


It is on VH1 now, they rebroadcast the show. LOVE IT!!!! I like Chanelle.

David Dust

I LOVES me some Nina Flowers. And I SWEAR she could be Charo's drag daughter. GREAT drawing!!

RuPaul's Drag Race is truly the best show on TV right now. Check out my recap of last night's show here:




Did you notice this coincidence? Rupaul tells the contestants what they will be judged on:

Nerve and

Hmmm, what does that spell? LOL

Nina is my favorite, too.


OMG! My daughter and I have switched to watching this show now that RHoOC is over for the season. We are torn between Nina and Bebe. Just as long as that Rebecca doesn't win! Makes me love Logo even more, where else am I going to see "Latter Days", "The Eyes of Tammy Faye" and "Showgirls" but Logo?

Borg Queen

David Dust - Ur a genius. I love this show too, especially since Project Runway is in litigation. They prolly gave RuPaul only 6 episode but this should come back especially if they gave ANTM so many seasons. Let's start a petition.

Borg Queen

Sorry I gave props to the wrong person. Rhoda ur a genius. Nina is my favorite. I didnt think she could do corporate woman realness since he is so "punk and edgy". But Nina slayed it.


I was really disappointed with Shanelle on the show last night, the rebroadcast on VH1. She looked gorgeous and would not have been sent home if she had just not been so over the top needy putting herself up to go home. I loved her booty shaking. I did not like and have not liked the music for the lip sync show down. Maybe they are restricted by their budget as to what songs they can to play. I would love some Thelma Houston, "Baby don't leave me this way". It is going to be sooo good the lip sync throwdown between Bebe and Nina, because we all know there is no way Rebecca will make it to the final 2. Very clever there Rhoda, love it.


Ongina was my favorite of the original group but Nina is definitely next on my list. Girl is fierce, talented and awesome and seems to be really sweet as well. I was heartbroken when my Ongina was sent home, but I would be very happy with either Nina or Bebe taking the win. Both are wonderful at the art of drag.

Shannel is absolutely gorg too, I was quite sad to see her leave, even though it seemed as if she was done with the whole competition.

Tammie was another favorite of mine, it's a shame that the competition really wasn't her thing, and that none of the challenges played to her kooky retro strengths. She's quite an adorable guy out of drag too.

LOVE this show. So sad that it's almost over, but at least I won't have to worry about sneaking in my viewings when my husband is asleep, he doesn't have the same appreciation for the queens that I do. :)


I miss Tammy. She was the best! This show is awesome!


I've been watching this show since it started and Nina Flowers is definitely my favey!


Thanks for pointing me to this show! Oh how I miss Tammie Brown!


I freaking love Ongina. This show is my favoritest thing going! The fact they have to lip sync for their life kills me. SO CAMP <3


OMG! I'm out in Vegas for the week, and all of a sudden Gilmore starts blogging about THE. BEST. REALITY. SHOW. EVER! Oh yes, and I also LOVE Nina! She's certainly the most original of all the gals remaining. Bebe's elegant & also worthy of the finals, but IMHO Rebecca should have been sent home 3 weeks ago! If it weren't for the producers intervening to keep her on, I'd love the show even more.


To see more of Nina Flowers visit her Myspace page. Awsome pics and much of her history is there. There is also one for DJ Flowers...see him out of drag.



I'm going to Kill you

Want to hear more from Tammie Brown?

I'm Going to Kill You! Podcast had the honor of sitting down with their new friend the icon, inspiring musician, performance artist, drag queen and TV Star as she dished dirt on her life, her love of avocados, Mexico, her time on Rupaul's Drag Race (including her opinions of the judges and cast members, and an EXCLUSIVE taste of her SPARKLING NEW MUSIC. Check out to listen!


i teach at a very famous fashion college (i won't bother to name) and my students put me onto this show. i'm going to end up needing rehab when it's on hiatus- you just know logo hit it with this and they're going to bring it back with the budget it deserves. tammy was my hands down fave but she never had a chance. nina deserves to win, but i always thought shanell was the one to beat. that girl's ego did her in.


omg i NEVER noticed the judging with Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent! BEST EVER! i love how sneaky sneaky that was!!!

LISTEN UP BITCHES! i got an email for the casting of season 2... GO GO GO! and remember... don't fuck it up!! ;)


Ongina was the best and she did NOT deserve to be out so soon. Especially when you think that someone like Rebecca carried on till the final. That was ridiculous to me.

In my opinion it should have been Ongina, Shannel and Bebe in the final with Ongina winning (Although I love Shannel too)

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