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March 11, 2009



That was a nice stroll, thanks. I love your day fast pass idea, no waiting in line. I can just see you with Adam, your 1/2 bottle size gobblets of cabernet in one hand as he gives you some fun hair. Yes, fun hair, a reference from your "what you have seen at the gym" series.
I have to admit I do not follow idol, I did enjoy the show "hey paula". I wish I would have found your blog back then. I was a major fan of "being bobby brown" I would have loved your take on that. Maybe Adam will catch wind of your offer, if not enjoy your sweet, sweet fantasy baby.


god i hoipe i'm famous enough one day to receive your treatment

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I like Adam too, a lot, but my wife doesn't. He gives her the creeps. Not that I would wish this on him, but I think if he doesn't make it all the way to the Idol finals, he could have a great career as an Elvis impersonator. Don't believe me? Just watch his closeups next time and see . . . hey, how about a drawing of Adam as Elvis?

I'm also a big Johnny Cash fan, and I thought Adam's Middle-Eastern flavored take on "Ring of Fire" was truly inspired and that Cash would have loved it, even if Simon didn't get it. June Carter Cash might have been rolling in her grave though . . .

Adam Lambert

fan here!..He is so good..he nailed "play that funky music"! Can't wait to see him sing next week..if he is safe tomorrow of course..but I'm sure he will be! If not, I will devotedly wait for him to come out with his own stuff.

I love this artwork too! it's awesome.

american idol live videos

i am definitely a fan. I think he sings so awesome.

Laura Banks

Love, love,love the Lambert man. I've never wanted to make out with a gay man before, but there is always a first. Anoop Dog, the funny red-head, Lil Rounds, hit the open highway. Adam is the most extraordinary performer to date on AE. He will tone down the theatrics - or not. Think Queen, Steven Tyler. If this guy gives you the willys, you need your willy examined.

Love the drawings. Made me laugh out loud. Almost as funny as Meghan's singing.

Laura Banks, author of Embracing Your Big Fat Ass

Julia Rivers

I was shocked and pissed last night that Adam was put on the spot then sent to the final 3. I'm sure AI is being bombarded with millions screaming that it's rigged. It may be that Adams fans have become complacent thinking that he already has enough votes. Apparently not!

I'll be calling in a lot more for the next 3 shows to get my Adam votes in. I picked up 100 'Vote Adam' buttons and a vote Adam T-shirt from . The t-shirt gets people talking about it and the buttons are great for giving to friends to capture more votes. Spread the word to and get Adam some new fans and votes. Matt's fans will probably now vote for Kris or Danny, so Adam will need all the votes he can get.

Join the 'Vote Adam' campaign:

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