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February 10, 2009



Honey, you are just too awesome with the right-on-the money postings! I was actually powering off my cpu when I checked in and saw your awesome post and sketches!

WOO-HOO, I am just imitating Vicki which must have been on too loud. because my poor little Welsh Terrier, Scout let out a yelp and ran upstairs! Funny, she effects me the same way....Anywho...Tranny hooker on the cruise was actually attending the insurance seminar, HOSTED BY VICKI so that she could set up a new career "selling insurance" when she gets too old to swing on the ol' pole down there in Vegas. And we all know how rich Vicki is, so rich that she is now promoting some sleazy diet pill on the internet along with Jeana. Since they are the two porkiest TRHOC, we know how well these new diet pills work.

Finally they showed Jeana and her daughter Kara up in Berkeley at my old alma mater. THERE WERE (LOTS) OF LOW LIFE SCUM LIVING IN SOME TREES THE UNIVERSITY WANTS TO CUT DOWN TO MAKE WAY FOR THE STADIUM (go bears). More homeless druggies and alkies were "camping" or passed out under the trees...Stay Klassy Bezerkley.

When I was living down there some wasted crackhead was hiding under the parking structure at my "secure" apartment bldg. He chased me up the stairs and shoved me into the building. I took off one of 3 inch heels and started beating him in his head and face while screaming my guts out. When he started screaming and clutching his head I beat it too my apartment and called 911. 6 HUGE Berkeley cops seemed to arrive instantly. They advised me to buy a can of hot pink spray paint and aim for the face so that they can identify the crackhead when he runs away. I hope Kara is more street smart than she appears to be, cause Berkeley/Oakland have some really scary folk out on the street! So Kara, get on down to Ace Hardware on Telegraph and get a can of that fluorescent hot pink.


How excited was I to log on this morning and find your Housewives post already! So much better than the actual show. Although last night I was sure that the quote you would have jumped on was Vicki saying "If you can get one stripper off the pole, you've done your job" - of course, referring to your beloved tranny who has apparently quit stripping to become Vicki instead. I don't know - that career choice would be a toss up for me. Anyway, thanks for making my morning!!


All I could think about during this episode was how some previous commenters noted how Ryan looks like a date rapist... and then he goes on to comfirm his perviness by hitting on his mom's cousin!


The previews for the NY housewives did look good. I can't wait to see it! I do wonder what happened to the New Jersey housewives.


Jeana certainly is abusive to her daughter.
I think I counted 20 times she was going to slap her daughter ( even joking about it is abusive).
What a snob, too.
Homeless people are not bums.
Berkeley has wonderful cultural diversity and if you don't appreciate it then go home.
I guess being scared of cultural diversity is what you get when you live in a gated community and apparently never leave it.
I wondered if Vicki's cruise was a pyramid scheme. She would get these 8 people to sell insurance for her.
Tamra,you are still gross.


Okay gang, I may just repeat this after this weeks show but I just had to bust a spleen and vent about part of tonights show. More to follow tomorrow.

Okay: Vicki is on a cruise ship, supposedly hired to motivate all the other people from her Ponzi scheme, Amway structure, Shacklee organization. Anyway, everyone is kissing her butt and she's blowing kisses back with those botoxed lips, dry skin, pocked marked face and the camera captures it all. I digress. Vicki's son, Michael is on the cruise for the sake of being on the cruise yet Vicki wants us all to believe that he's there to further his career that he hasn't even begun. His career at this point is downing brewskis with limes and forgetting to spike his hair.

The cruise theme is "Life with Vicki". HOLY HELL, can I disembarke and get on that cruise ship, "Live in a Bosnia" I'd have a better time. Vicki then decides to climb a rock. I've seen tree trunks smaller than her butt climbing that rock, and the beauty part of the tree trunks I've seen, they don't scream, don't shout back, don't shout you down and they look smoother than her skin.

Now, to Kara. She's cut from the same cloth as Colton and Shane. Abusive, priveledged and out of touch. Berkely brings nothing but morphs of Nancy Pelosi. The road trip with Kara, Jeana and the ultimate queen, Franki was like watching the survivors on the Titanic reach the bottom and shout, "We've got the whole ship to ourselves".

Gretchen is a laugh box with nothing to offer. She says "Hi", she laughs. She says, "Let's make a toast", she laughs. She takes a bite of her food with those veneers, she laughs. She brings nothing to the table but a full set of chompers, a bad set of extentions and a really bad story of loving an emaciated loser that plyed on "Hawtys" all his life, "documented" and wanted to be as much a part of this train wreck as Gretchen. Gretchen, yet again, partied with her college girlfriends and talked so loving about Jeff being back in the hospital and everyone felt sad.

I digress again. Help me people. I'm trying to bring CHANGE.

Change you can believe in.

Okay, Tamra, goes to Iowa to visit her father who abandoned her at the age of 25. NO, her father wasn't 25, she was. How abandoned can you get at the age of 25. My parents lit candles, hired voodoo witches and hoped I would abandon them when I hit 22. No wonder her father high tailed it out of California. Tamra was a cling-on. Anyway, Tamra shows up at some nearly defunct house that her father is living in with his wildobeast girlfriend and the house was part of a flood. All the way to the third stair step, which Tamra claimed to be her bedroom. So, they all talk nice, Ryan the leach was back in the picture and the grandfathers girlfriend looked like she just finished cleaning the tractors. Her arms made Aunt Bea's arms look like model material.

The camera moves then, to Lynn and Frank going out on a weekend date while the deliquents are home with Lynns mother who just finished polishing off the altar wine, the cooking wine and the sterno that fueled the camping stove in their half baked house.

Anyway, Frank still hasn't shaved, Lynn tells Frank that Raquel backed into a Winnebago and Frank looks like he and Marion Barry just finished eating their crack pipe. Lynn then takes advantage of Franks dubed out demeanor and says, "I just found some cigarette butts in Raquels purse. Frank looks at Lynn, one eye is looking at the sunset, the other is waiting for the sunrise and he says,
"They weren't hers". GIVE ME A BREAK. Some bag person must have dropped a pack of smoked butts in Raquels purse. Okay, I won't digress anymore, other than this. Lynns other daughter is shown partying and I thought she looked like Geoffery from Toys R Us. Does her neck get any bigger??
Frank then tells Lynn how hot she looks in her dress. Funny but Lynn wasn't wearing a dress. I'll fill you in on the remainder of the show when I can find my enema.


Okay, Part II of this fiasco from Orange County. Trust me, people don't live like this in OC. We have more class. BUTTTTTTT, here's to the freaks of this television show. Jeana takes Kara to Berkley and they have a hellacious fight about whatever and then they calm down. Jean's nipples are looking like hooks for a clothes hanger while helping Kara unload the Suburban. Boring.

Life with Vicki takes on a new dimension as Vicki has people stand up to give testimonials and there are six people in the seats and about 100 empty seats. Seems like Life with Vicki ran everyone out of the break out session. All the while, Don is STILL sitting at the bar. Don KNOWS about life with Vicki. Brianna also knows about life with Vicki. She joined the army in WARTIME. It's got to be more peaceful in Iraq. Too funny.

Gretchen heads out from the bar she had drinks with and drove them absolutely NUTS with her constant laughing. All her married friends with their infants headed to another bar to have yet again, more Drinks. What a Mom's day out that must have been. I'm just hoping the mom's weren't breast feeding. Sangria breast milk makes a baby JUST a little uptight.

Just wanted to backtrack about Frank wanting Lynn to do a pole dance. Yeah, RIGHT!!!! The pole hasn't been installed in that sterile house they live in. They first have to move the shrimp they always and often eat from the countertop and put the pole next to Lynns cuff love contraptions. Can you imagine Lynn Pole Dancing? I hope it's better than her foray into Tennis. Otherwise she's going to hop on that pole, try to make a spin and get a serious carpet burn or a laceration from Franks season long five o'clock shadow. Speaking of cuff love, did you see the size of the cuff on Lynns right arm? It looked like a coupling for a sewer and drain pipe.

Finally, Tamra and her dad at the waterfront, both crying about Tamra being abandoned at the age of 25. I think Vicki should have been crying more, having been abandoned on her "Life with Vicki" cruise. Tamra had more of her father in 3 minutes,in tonight's episode than Vicki had with her "People" on her "Life with Vicki" voyage the whole weekend. How can you be abandoned at the age of 25? He probably had his fill of Ryan when Tamra dumped his lame ass on her father to raise him when she wanted to go out on her own.

Ryan turned on his John Wayne Gacey stare when he met yet another of Tamra's aging friends and started the touch feely, "Hey little girl, would you like a piece of candy" come ons. I guess Ryan likes the older women instead of the ones his own age. That's because those women are just like dog crap. The older they get, the easier they are to pick up. I can't wait till next week when we all get to see the winner that Jeana goes out with. I'm betting it will be just two dates. Once he gets Jeana's girdle off and sees that belly expand like yeast rising in an oven, he'll make a run for it and join a monastery.


I sometimes think my Cabernet is laced with absinthe.


I'm still stunned you posted this so quickly. After I get over my shock, I reply to all the splendor that is Housewives.

P.S. "Bangs n' Veneers" is my new favorite combo.


"I'll" reply.

Methinks someone put moonshine in my coffee.


Mmmmmm, absinthe....

I must have been overtired from going to the gym so much but I couldn't get interested in last night's episode. I kept falling asleep during Vicki's Tragical History Tour on the boat.

Lynn and her hubby's desperate inappropriate pawing of each other struck me as fake as Gretchen's teeth/hair/boobs.

But Tamra, with her 'feel sorry for me' edit just about caused me to lose my mind. Her poor father is living like that in a destroyed home and she, who probably spends more on booze monthly than it would take to rebuild his home, does nothing?!?! I don't care how estranged family is, when a devastating thing happens you pull together to help the other party get through it. My family is from New Orleans and 30 of them lost their homes in Katrina. For all of us not living in the area we funneled any extra moneys we had into helping them clean up and rebuilt, regardless of family feuds and past history. You do it because it needs to be done. You don't show up a year or six months later whining about ancient history that happened when you were a freaking adult. She is delusional and self involved and headed for an enormous karmic realignment. It won't be pretty.

Mike! You should come write for my site. Hysterical!

Gilmore, you need to booze heavily more often. Your best yet! Love you! Keep up the outstanding work.


I think the pole Frank was talking about wasn't the type made from metal.
Ya get it?


Just a couple of comments because the previous posts have captured perfectly what I had to say.

First Vicki...Your butt looks like chewed gum. Why would you have a camera pointing straight at it! And does she have seizures? What's that bugged-eyed head shaking thing she does all the time!

Tamra...Not so much tonight's episode, but I thought she was some big real estate mogul??? She was all career driven and now she is hosting stay-at-home-mom pool parties??? And her cousin... "Have you seen my mouse tattoo? Oh, my pussy must have ate it." Iowa Cuz was reelin' in some cougar bait, me thinks!

And all you girls...lay off the botox and invest in some chemical peels on your chests! No matter how much your face doesn't move, your age spots give you away.


You were so on top of it this week that I haven't even watched the episode yet, I'll have to come back when I have!


Why is Don going to get in trouble for not attending Vicki's lightly populated "conference"? He isn't in the insurance racket is he?

It might be just me, but Kara is starting to look hot, and I think I caught a bit of a vibe between her and "Uncle" Richie. Methinks something hinky is going on there and suspicions began a few seasons ago when he was always throwing her in the pool. Now he lives in San Fran area too? Hmmmmmmm.

As for Tam-RA! being abandoned at 25, well, I agree with poster above. WTF?

Gotta go and google the NY Post story that started the fight on RHONY so I am read up for next week's premiere.


This week’s RHOC episode should have been titled: Nature vs. Nurture.

1.Vicki is in the Nurture column. Get a grip and cutoff your lazy, money sucking, good-for- nothing son. Yep, no credit cards, car payments NADA! Yes you can criticize Jean for her verbally abusive children, but take a look at Michael…he did not raise himself. Enabler!

2. Jeana’s daughter Carahaaa’s new breast implants *are not* in the Nature column. Hmmm we did not see any film of her getting them done. But timeline photographic evidence along with the unnatural gravity is proof.

3.Tamera is in the Nature column: apparently bizarre sexuality comes from Tamera’s father’s side of the family. At this point I should not have the heebie-jeebies when Ryan preys on women. Especially the OC wanna be cousin! Hey cousin, it takes a lot of time and money to be an OC hot mom. The bleaching of what is left of your teeth shining against your leathery skin does not cut it. Maybe Tamera can give you a scholarship?

4.Lynne’s daughters are in the Nature column. I just loved old grandma coiffed, manicured and dressed in her Channel drinking a highball cocktail. Raquel if your are going to drink at least do it with good hair and makeup like your granny.

5.Gretchen. Maybe if you stayed home and NURTURED Jeff with the little time you have left with him, people would think that you are actually good NATURED. Besides, how the hell are you going to get your name as the sole beneficiary if you are not around for him to sign the paperwork??


whoa. suggestion-limit your comment space. with a quickness. Gilmore has the blog folks, theres a reason yall dont.

Team Bethany! in the preview did you see her in that bikini?! 2 things; her boobs. thats its. they are 2 things when they should be cohesively one body part. how do people with this much money have such terrible boobs jobs?? i live in a one bedroom apartment, get paid not well at all and my boob job looks completely real! i had to tell my boyfriend they were fake! im sure he lied but still. they're THAT good.

Momma T

Why do I keep falling asleep duirn ght RHOC?? I swear, I continue to give them a try - and yawn-a-rama, out like a light!
P.S. All I really need is a night out with Gilmore and awesome commenter Mike - wayy more fun than any of those boring women....


Doll, don't feel bad about the wine consumption. I pop open a fresh bottle of champagne for every episode and just toss the cork over my shoulder like Betsy Guiness. It's actually quite unwatchable sober.

I would like to see a drawing of the scary cougar cousin of Tamara's and her mouse eating pussy. WHAT IN THE HELL WAS THAT?!?!?! Some pick up line that a truck stop whore uses on a long hauler to "break the ice"? I felt like bleaching my eyeballs after that. And my ears. Tamara is definitely the classy one in her family.

I'm ashamed I love this show

I love Jeanna's split personality! All sweetness and light...get her in the car with her daughter and bitch will CUT YOU!!!!

Lynne is so dumb she should not leave the house alone. Girl could wander into a wood chipper or set herself on fire at the gas station. Seriously. You actually think the ciggies in your kids purse are her friends? Bitch, please....

Gretchen Gretchen Gretchen...who are you fooling? Your fiance goes back in the hospital but you still have time to visit gal pals. I'd love to know if she got anything from Jeff's death. He wasn't poor:


I was staring at tranny boob exposure before I saw the shirt too but sweet baby Jesus did we all look at her eyebrows? Even the fiercest of drag queens would considered a bit of subtlety. And Michael not attending her L.I.F.E. with Vicki seminar. Has she ever met her own son before? Sadly she was the only one surprised by that. Am I mistaken because I remember Kara being kind of sweet in the past seasons, for the most part at least. She truly needs to pop a Midol for all of her PMS-ing she's been up to this year.


Tranny boobs, Wooo hooos and faux tears with Tamra and her dad. I'm going to miss this dialogue when the season ends. I just can't bear to watch the REAL MONEY with the Housewives of New York. These Yentas really do have the bucks but they are so obnoxious and they really do have a clue. The Real Housewives of OC have neither a clue nor money.

Oh yeah, just one other observation, Tamra went to Iowa to visit her "Stud" father and she said, "Simon couldn't make the trip because he had a business appointment". Oh YEAH>>>>>>>>> Simon had an appointment with either:
1. Unemployment office
2. The Tequlia distributor for a job interview.
3. The dermatoligist
4. A night out with the guys, looking for "REAL" HAWTIES
5. Sitting home watching porn
6. Browsing Craigslist for REAL HAWTIES.

I think, ALL OF THE ABOVE. You go Simon.


Gretchen should start a seminar called LIFE with Gretchen and school women who are looking to make money. No one can top her skillz - she bagged a rich dude that is half dead and travels from state to state, bar to bar, and counts the months until Jeff kicks the bucket. She's endured NINE grueling months of putting on makeup, getting her hair done, shopping for embellished spandex and waiting for Jeff to get out of the hospital and into the morgue. But the pay is worth it ladies....just watch her cackle all the way to the bank.

Jeanna's whole family is effed up. All of them are abusive. And Kara plays to the camera just as much as Gretchen does. There's a vibe between her and Richie just as there was with Simon at the shooting gallery. While she's talking about the tree dwellers and pot heads infiltrating Berkeley, they are talking about the overindulged sluts I am sure.

Loni Anderson's twin sister - Tamra - needs to get a life and over the "HOT" - that shit is tired.

Yeah Lynne, better be careful while you're greasing Franks pole out on the balcony, not only can the neighbors see you, but all of BRAVO. That's not the Verizon Network that followed you into your hotel room, that was a real camera and crew.

Every scene with Vicki ended with boat horn, but it should've ended with a whoopie cushion. Hearing a fart rip every time she makes an appearance would be appropriate. And whatever happened to her assistant she hired during last season - the blonde she took to have her snatch waxed in public? Guess that worked out huh? Let me guess - she didn't tell Vicki how much fun she was having, and how much she loved her, and how awesomely successful she is?


I posted this to Lynn on Bravo but my posts never seem to make it. So maybe someone Lynn knows or Lynn herself will see this;
Yesterday in Chicago a young man was awarded 2.5 million dollars because of this:
He and friends were drinkning (underage) at a friends house. This young man left the house drunk and got in a care wreck that left him with a spinal cord injury- he sued the parents of his friends whose house where he was drinkning and was just awarded 2.5 million dollars.
The parents just narrowly escaped criminal prosecution.
This goes for Tamra,too. Encouraging people to get drunk at your house could lead to very serious consequenses.


It's more than money at stake. A mom in my area got 27 months jail time after being caught allowing teenage drinking at her home. Lynne could go to the pokey for this.. the lady was originally sentenced to 8 years.


lmao @ being abandoned at 25! Brat!

Petite Maoiste

I am stone cold sober and I saw that saline lump with the faux nipple peeking out from beneath the flesh colored camisole, too.

Congrats on the shout out from Gretchen, LOL!!!!!!!!!!


Why do women meet male friends" and insist on thier kids calling them "uncle" whatever.That "uncle" Richie is an overgrown kid,and the whole conversation at that resturant complete with Kara using the bottle to immulate the penis that she wishes she had,was childish,and that grown thirty something man (overgrown kid)was not stopping the dialogue,he was enjoying it.Doesnt she have her kids call Frankie,"uncle" Frankie as well? Kara has the same seethingly obvious daddy rage that her brothers internalized.That kind of anger/hatred was revealed when her and her mother showed the dead/callous interiors calling the homeless "bummers"How entertaining that must have been to them to be in Berkely where there are alot of heartbreaking score of mentally ill people who have no means of living a stable comfortable life.I think Tamra knows Ryan will be around longer than Simon will.They are soulmates,Ryan and Tamra.What a skeezy cousin that was.The skeevy way she was trying to show her "tattoo" joke coud have at least been funny.but even that sounded like something from a 60's smoke filled hole in the wall shitty bar/truckstop.Donn,you know you often think of what a lucky bastard Vicki's ex husband was,for getting out of that nightmarish marriage to your current wife.You Brianna and Michael should all be getting treatment for PTSD.If Brianna did go into the army (Im proud of her going into nursing-she desreves so much credit) then she needs to get as far as she can from that maniacal self centered self absorbed mother of hers.Michael I feel for you too,even though it would be good to see things turn out well for you and you start to feel like wanting more in your life as an adult and not a partying kid.Lynne's family is a text book case of what an eating disorder dysfunction looks like.Look up addiction Lynne.It came out as eating /food /body image issues for your family.There is help and counseling for that,but you have to admit there's a problem first.Please do something,those girls are not able to do that for themselves,you are a fully grown adult and you need to see this as a family happens to alot of people.


You just have to laugh when you see Vicki. She brags on her website about having over 400 agents working for her world wide and yet only six showed up for her "Life with Vicki" cruise this past summer. That's less than 2 percent of her employees. If you look at statistics, it is said that 20 percent of the employees of most business' do 80 percent of the work. This means that from Vicki's employee showing on her "Life with Vicki" annual business cruise, 1.2 people on that cruise will be producing anything of substance for her "CotoInsurance" company. I'll bet it's the chick with the tranny boob bolt ons that does anything. She/he is probably prospecting on the corners of Hollywood and Vine. Maybe she was the inspiration for Vicki going to Chicago and wanting to let her girls come out to play. I'll bet those booby's look like two bowling balls in sport socks. The only thing between Vicki's titty's is a belly button.

the procrastinator

Enough already with the mile long comments. can we talk about the post? Of course, the "lady" with the fake-out nip-slip was no lady. Her ring finger is longer than index finger - a dead giveaway. I noticed that she very artfully covered her adam's apple.

david have you reconsidered your stance on blogging about millionaire matchmaker? like "housewives", your blog could be better than the show. bravo should have you on their payroll.


Ok, let me first say I scared the shit out of my dogs by screaming "OOOH HOT TRANNY MESS!" when the lovely creature came on screen. I tell you, if she is a tranny, she's damned good (um, except the eyebrows)Or has a fantastic surgeon, because her boobs looked great! How the hell did Bravo miss that tit shot? Exteneded tit shot at that! Someone roofed them too I think.
Ok, L.I.F.E. (lame insane fucking egotists) with Vicki. Jesus, this bitch is completely delusional. It's getting better (worse?)every week. All 9 people trapped in those "seminars" all day must have been comped to even go, I cant figure out how they even got that many people to show up to begin with. Poor Donn and Mike.. you could see the daggers coming out of her eyes when Michael blew off her "educational experience" Did you seriously expect your 20-something son and his buddy to sit in a room all day on a cruise? Seriously?!
What a hoot! What restraint it took for her not to scream "MICHAEL!!YOU DONT LOVE ME, YOU DONT COME TO MY EDUCATION SEMINARS" and the group "woo hoo" at the end? Holy Mary, I lost my cider at that point.

Tell me this, when the hell is Gretch at the hospital with poor Jeff? That woman in every scene is yacking about how "difficult it is to deal with" Or "See how strong I am to be taking care of my fiancee with leukemia, who has just taken a turn for the worse so I need to go be with my friends and booze it up" while she traipses to a different city to party once a week. To "Wind down and have fun"
When does this bitch NOT have fun? Poor Jeff. I'm sorry, but if my husband were sick, you'd have to drag my ass OUT of the hospital. That poor man.No wonder she hasnt had him sign any papers, she's too busy partying.

WTF is up with Steven Tyler and the stripper pole? Eww! Her meat curtains lips kill me, and I cant even get my mind around her doing a pole dance for the guido. Ick.
"I found cigarettes in Alexa's purse, again" but they're not hers? Come on people, maybe she's banged her head on the pole too many times? Or the bonghits are affecting the brain?

Jeana and Kara and the bummers..Do people really say this shit? BUMMERS? Ok, let's maybe try to HELP one instead of coining fun and catchy per names for them. They're not in the OC because they can't get in the gate! Why would you go to school in Berkley and not expect to see hippies? It's BERKLEY for chrissakes!
I cant even touch that either. I lived on Ramen for about the first 2 years I lived on my own, and would be insanely grateful for my mother's token gay to be giving me anything let alone a whole apartment's worth of accessories. The whole portion of that trainwreck was just Kara bitching, and Jeana whining about tree huggers and bummers.
I am actually really excited for the NYC version this week. They seem to be equally as vapid, but at least semi-intelligent and I'm way over Rapey eyes' Mom and her "Tell me you loooooove me Daddy" crap.
What's up with all of the women in the OC needing the people in their lives to constantly declare their love for them? I've never seen more pathetic insecurity in my life. Vicky, TamRAAA and Jeana.. they're all needy wackos.
Maybe it's the saline.

I'm over the OC. bring on the NYC Bitches!
I kind of miss Alex and Simon and their french speaking weirdo brats and the Crocs of all colors.I actually really liked Bethenny (hate her spelling of the name though) and Barbara Streisand's sister..

Where did you find half gallon sized wine glasses? I need some..the 8 oz-ers just dont cut it!



Did I mention that I threw out my TV and just read your blog now? You go on with that vino collapso and that crazy pen of yours - I can't get enough.

Love from NYC,


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These pics are spot on. Captures their personality perfectly.

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Sheila Boulton

I have just started watching reruns of this show and am hooked! Now I am hooked on this blog - love the drawings! Every one of them captures the person prefectly.
Responding to the question from the very beginning, regarding the cruise ship, and what it was - it was the Monarch of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean ship. It is one of the oldest and smallest RCL ships, but for some bizarre reason the producers did not show exterior shots of it, they chose to show images of first a yacht and then a small unknown cruise ship.
Of interest is that I just looked googled it and Coto insurance is hosting the third annual cruise this spring! (It says the first cruise was in the summer of '08 and was a huge success!)

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