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January 18, 2009



I love reading your posts! Truly entertaining and very talented!


I can't believe Tamra trying to get Gretchen naked wasted...that's etiquette at it's finest I suppose. Though Tamra should really know when to stop, hopefully being an adult.

Momma T

That is the BEST! I loved watching Tamra mop too - I laughed out loud. Why don't these people have full time staffs????
I actually felt sorry for Gretchen at the dinner party - Tamra and Vicki were just mean.
Momma just wants to watch one (JUST ONE - that's ALL I ask!) episode with Gilmore - that would be the ultimate RHOC moment!!!


Oooh i too hated that "to be continued", but i bet Gretchen lets Ryan smash!!! I was on to her ever since that 4th of July trip, where she was acting extreeeeemely loose with her family.

I dont blame Tamra at all, and it's about time all of Gretchen's dirty laundry gets aired out! I always feel bad when they show the scenes where she is with Jeff's kids and 'pretending' as if she cared about him. I wanted to barf when she received her bling in the mail, and this is not out of jealousy, but because her relationship is soooo fake!

Lynn is so annoying and I hated all of the moments where she would try to discourage Gret from drinking. who the hell are u (to Lynn), she is a grown woman, let her get naked wasted!!

And Lynn's daughter, ughh, the scenes in the bowling alley were so disturbing, I mean, I too did those things when i was younger, but it seems so much worse when it is displayed on tv as kind of a joke - hopefully this gets brought up on the reunion show, I would love to get Lynn's take on the issue, or maybe she'll just yell cutttt!!! instead of addressing the issue.

And as for Vicki, I love her no matter what, and as usual she needs extra hugs, kisses and love, but don't we all???

Love the sketches as usual...

ps. i too enjoyed the scene with Tamra mopping using her swiffer and rocking those heels!! shes too fab! lol


David, you are so impressionable! Tammy Sue writes a few compliments about your site and drawings and you draw her favorably and kiss her ass! Such a dissapointment.

Gretchen doing Yoga looked better than skanky Tamra would look even on her best day 10 years ago.


I normally love your caricatures but the picture of Tamra is anything but. It looks very pretty but has no likeness. Also, the recap was bit disappointing. Are you treating Tamra with silk gloves now since she reads your blog?


LMAO at this post......namaste! And to all the people "on to Gretchen"....why do you care? she's with a man (who looks like he ages in dog years) who is older than her and he's loaded....BFD....he's getting what he signed up for and so is she - good for them!


Honestly, Tamra is gorgeous, and there is no way to "draw" her and make it look goofy. There is no facial feature of hers that is mockable.

Her son Ryan's nostrils, though?

And where did Vicki get her nose from? Her mom and sister looked normal.


Thanks everyone for your comments. As always, your feedback is enormously appreciated. Funny though--- the negative ones usually stick out and I want to address those. I'm by no means attacking those comments as I want all opinions to be shared here. Good, bad, and disappointing. :)

Lorelei and Haiku: I know most, if not all, of the housewives read my site. I know this as I've gotten emails from nearly all of them. Even Vicki. And I'm clearly not drawing all of them in such a beautiful manner. I did several drawings of Tamra and none of them looked like her at all. For some reason I have a hard time capturing her. That one I posted came the closet to resembling her. I didn't think it was so favorable. I wrote my unbiased opinion about the show. Don't know what else to say..... We all won't agree.

Thanks again to everyone that comments here. I state my opinions, you state yours...... it's all good. As I said before, all opinions are welcome.

Gilmore. Your humble reality TV illustrator and commentator.


I would guess Vicki's nose is a nose job not done well. But she probably asked her doctor for an upturned nose and boy did she.(not too bright that one).
Tamra (what to say) She is Britney Spears all grown up. Very Very SAD. Too late for Tamra to get the trailor park stink off of her.
Jeanna talks a good story but doubt she is really much of a good friend to anyone.
Lynn- you really are a lenient parent. I think you are too late in being a parent to your kids- you are going to be taking care of their problems all your life. Better leave a bunch of money in your will.
And finally Bravo- didn't this used to be a channel that had some intelligent programming apparently no one was watching (not too many intellectuals anymore) so you were to the trashy channel competing quite well with the trashly reality shows on VHI.


I usually love the sketches, but Tamra's looks nothing like her. Besides, it would have been much more in tune with her behavior at her klassy party had you shown her making the blow-job face at Vicki while Gretchen was talking. I used to like Tamra and credited her as a fairly honest person, but this episode exposed her dark side (or at least, the side marred with thousands of sun spots side). She's a screechy, judgmental, jealous twunt. She and the pig-snouted Vicki are two peas in a pod.

Childlike Empress

Every time I see a drawing of Vickie I laugh hysterically. They are so funny! That said, I do have a soft spot for Vickie - I like that she's a hard worker.

Did you hear that Ryan flashed a disgusting sign to his friends and the camera? Apparently it was called a "shocker sign" ... you'll have to google it. He apparently intended to do this to Gretchen.


Even though I was watching this episode with my usual anticipation of Gikmore's recap, I have to say I was revolted by Vanessa's behavior with her pals at the bowling alley!

I also drank underage and most likely made a spectacle of myself, however this young lady and her friends seem determined to make a name for themselves in the Police Gazette!

The "elegant dinner party" was anything mess was more like it. These women are all dressed in sheep's clothing. Lauri is starting to look like Amy Vanderbilt, BRING HER BACK!!


I can't remember if it was this episode or not but I think it was this one, where Vikie said she thought Lynne must be high. She said there was no way anyone could be that calm without smoking pot. I laughed and laughed about that. That was GREAT!! That wasthe funniest thing I have ever heard Vickie say! Tamara is the most interesting and her husband is hot. I like all the drawings. They are a hell of a lot better than anything I could do and I am guessing better than anyone else here. Also this is his website. If you don't like it don't come to this website.


I just want to say I can't stand Tamra!! I didn't like her last season either, but I couldn't really put my finger on why, but this season shows me. She's so jealous of Gretchen and rightfully so. Gretchen is not doing anything wrong and she's totally gorgeous.


You rock!

I've visited your site for quite some time, now, and I just wanted to say that I enjoy your renditions of the ladies/your commentaries just as much as I enjoy the show! xo


Tamra looks fab? She used to be hot, but now she looks like Loni Anderson - not hot. And she's starting to wear her alcohol on her middle - all of her clothes are stretched to the max. Time for Dr. Plastic to perform some lipo.


Vicki's nose in real life looks like a subway tunnel. I'm expecting at any time to see a light inside and a diesel locomotive as it makes an exit from those horrid cavities. Lynn and Frank always look like they just finished cleaning the factory floor. Simon, geez, one of the misfortunes of having high definition television is the ability to see all the pock marks in his face. Maybe Gretchen can use her foundation putty knives and spackle those craters for him. And as for Gretchen, I'm sure there was a full on boning that night but I can pretty much GUARANTEE you that it wasn't by that freak Ryan. He couldn't sport a woody in a warehouse full of free hookers, unless of course they were all guys. Did you see Vicki's one sister at the family get together? She made Dog the Bounty Hunter look like the guy on the beach who gets sand kicked in his face all the time. What's with that bonfire too? Who lights a two story bonfire in their back yard with gasoline and then leaves the gas can inches from the fire? Vicki's mother reminded me of the evil leprechaun who snuck out from under the bridge to steal your lucky charms.


Tamra and Vicki are only making Gretchen look all the more sympathetic. I agree with the other readers who say Jeff knows what he signed up for and so does she, so bully for them.

Tamra and Vicki are just threatened and jealous. Tamra's behavior on this episode was quite revealing. We've seen her talk behind everyone's back on this show, and now we see her pimping out her own son and intentionally getting a younger woman seriously intoxicated.

It's pretty sick.

Most of the people on this show are completely morally bankrupt. I watch the show and am grateful none of these women are my friends.

I'd have to watch my back.


Wow, this ep was pretty heinous, but you know what the worst part was? The "drinking is bad, mmkay?" disclaimer at the beginning of the closing credits and the lame PSA from MADD tacked onto the end.


I have to disagree with you Virgina. Tamra looks fabulous! I am only 27 and don't have near the body she has (mostly because I'm a man (a fabulous gay man at that..haha!). I only pray to look as hot as her when I am 40!


I will say I looked down my nose at Tamra the hottest housewife in OC this episode. Gretchen needed no help being exposed, I think this shined a light on Tamra. Aside from that I am also shallow so lets go there for just a moment shall we? Tamra the hottest housewife also looks like OC's Patron Saint Mamie Van Doren Queen of Newport Fashion Island and former movie temptress, trust me she is easier to spot than Angelyne on Hollywood Bl. Just take a look at Tamra and present day Mamie and ask yourself if Mamie couldn't be mommy to Tammy?


I have never been Gretchens biggest fan, but really after Tamra's little show, I think I dislike her even more. I wonder what it is that bothers her more? That Gretchen is prettier, or that Jeff has more money.

It's sad really, I always liked Tamra before this.


Casey- your comments about Vicki's nose and her mom are hilarious!

Gilmore- your Upwards Facing Gold Digger made me fall out of my chair! You're hilarious! I love your drawings AND your take on episodes! Keep doin' what you're doin' cause I'm hooked!!!


quite honestly, my heart died a little for Gretchen..I imagined myself the day after that tequila night.. on film ..oye..
Tamra? ick..from Hottest Housewife(?) to the Most Matronly..and she of the constant animal-print dresses.. is she trying to get Vicki going again? Seriously, Tam.. tone it down.. you look like a charicature..and Gilmore can't get ya just right! You're too ..cartoonish?
Let's think, Tam..about what you're teaching your low-life, immature, selfish son about 'Respect for Women'.. not to mention, the nugget thing? a lost baby??
hahahaaa.. so sad that we were meant to actually fall for that?
Y'know what I'm actually thankful for?
That Jeff died before this mess aired.. even tho I'm sure he signed on with full is all a damn shame to his memory and I'm relieved he never saw his last months made such a mockery...and for entertainment.


I am shocked that nobody has touched on Tamra's pathetic toast that included a tear or two. "Friends/Family" my ass!!! She is so fake. Can't stand her. I used to really like her. But, she is a pathetic excuse of a least to Ryan. I don't see the rest of her children on the show, which is probably a good thing. I think most of these women are ugly on the outside and inside. I am not sure how much longer I can watch the show. It is a challange. I am SO GLAD these women are NOT my friends. That would be really really sad.

oh boo hoo

Oh boo hoo, why is everyone crying a river for Gretchen, she signed up for this and could've very well declined those shots!

And most of you are only bashing Tamra because you know that she reads this site.

Tamra is much more attractive than Gretchen, who looks like Jay Leno on crack!

Sally O'Malley

I love Mr. Gilmore mucho, mucho, mucho!!!! LOVES! However, I, in all honestly felt the same as Lorelei & Haiku when I read this week's recap and it was a total bummer :-( Not that it reflects negatively on my adoration of this blog and the wonderful spirit of this fine artist, but I do feel his reply was defensive to both comments & I mean this as no slight and with the utmost respect because I wuvs him :-)

Up until Tamra's truly ugly behavior last week, I did like her, but now she's just a desperate hag who looks way older than 40, okayyyyy!! :-P With her chola lipliner, lol!


Bravo - yoga gold digger position -HIL-arious! Gretch and her SheBangs ... bless her big white veneers.
Boo to your detractors, G. Fer chrissake, folks. Did you pay Gilmore to draw for you? It's the facial expressions he's parodying and that one of Tamara's lip curl is right on.
So what if you think G's too kind to the gals? He knows this is cheesy entertainment, nothing more. Lighten up and dont take these women so seriously.
And Tamara swiffering in heels - classic.
Vicki - even if your friends and your family dont luv ya, your loyal fans do! From a safe distance, that is...


If Vicki had plastic surgery why didn't she fix her Jowls' ??


Tam is bitter that Ms. G has no baggage to check. Simon knows the wealth Jeff has, he is in the automotive field. Simon was an employee, Jeff, as Kara would say "the boss man". I can see Tam & Simon stewing together in their misery. Simon did not have the brains Jeff did, nor the capacity to achieve in the automotive world the respect and $ Jeff had. Tams has been a baby machine and at 40 she knows she has no chances of scoring the kind of money Jeff had or even the amount that trickled down to Ms. G after his passing. Simon will always be limited in his earning power due to the fact he does not have the brains or the charm or the youth. It will never be in the cards for Tams and she knows it as does Simon. Their behavior was purely motivated by jealousy, they were feeding off of each others own lack of happiness . That will eventually lead to resentment towards each other, focusing your own short comings on someone elses success and happiness does that to a person. I see it every day here in Atlanta. No matter how much one has when the next person has more it drives them up the wall. Thanks Gilmore you are a true talent.


I have warmed up to Tamra this season. I especially applaud her laser like determination to "out" Gretchen as the nasty skank many of us believe her to be. It seems obvious to me that Gretchen would pole dance on Jeff's coffin if it got her camera time.


Jeff is right about Tamra and Mamie. Especially on her Wikipedia page. So Gilmore, all you need to do is draw Mamie when depicting Tamra.


Tamra is the only thing that has kept this season interesting.Wearing that dress in her big house preparing for a 7 course dinner and slurping down an oyster then proclaiming "That's better than a beer bong!" That was it for me. She had me at beer bong.


I'm a woman but I can can appreciate the fact that Gretchen is the hottest of them all and that they are obviously jealous of her. That picture of Tamra look less ugly than she really is. Viki and Tamra are like too cut throat dykes.

Julia Wysong

FANTASTIC artwork! Very funny. I especially love the pictures of Vicki, they look just like her.


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