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November 13, 2008



Gilmore, I love you. That's all. Thanks for sharing.


I'm drooling - you are SO DAMN GOOD!!!
Momma loves her some Gilmore!


did this informer give you any information on who "big poppa" could be??

J to tha da

I heard that Big Poppa is Lee Najjar a big ATL real estate guy.


Wow! Please please PLEASE let this smackdown appear on the reunion show!


Is there really a Big Poopa? (typo but it fits) I thought he was just a big "Prop-a" created by the producers to WEDGE Kim into the show (much like they must use to put on her too big wigs and too small "shirts" (not blouses)and tooooo much makeup)

And thank you for 'splaining Lisa's druggie-hyper personality, I smelled the Ritalin from here. (I have to confess I did like one of Keith S's songs, but I'm like that.)

And Ne Ne may have been a stripper, and she may be loud, but she is the most eloquent of all the HW's. Deyawn is just pathetic and She-ra "axes" people when she has a question, and is so phony even Palin sees thru her.
My daughter was having her daily acedemic crisis, worrying that she wasn't smart enough for her latest college and I asked her to spell Cat. And guess what! She knew it wasn't K-A-T! So, don't worry, too much trashy tv doesn't melt your brains America! But if it does, Gilmore the super hero, revitalizes us with his humor and his art! Te Amo Gilmore!


Big Poppa is Quincy Jones... hence why she was able to get the vocal coach, producer and studio time so easily. He set it up for her.


I heard it was Kim that was the stripper not NeNe. It would fit for Kim. Funny thing, its like nobody like Kim, hmmmmmm wonder why?

R. Chaic

oh hell, they're ALL trashy, pathetic, social climbers. Sheree's house is AWFUL with the faux painting everywhere; Kim lives in a row-home for chrissakes, so Big Poppa can't be that wealthy; DeShawn tried to PLAN a big fundraiser two weeks before the event (she's an IDIOT, and who hands over the design of their house to someone else? tacky and classless), and NeNe married her father, looks like. Let's face it, they're all a bunch of tacky-assed bitches trying to buy class and status, typical of social climbers everywhere, they're just louder and more obnoxious.


In-fooooor-mer, You know say daddy me snow me-a go blame

a licky boom boom down


I truly believe that both NeNe and Kim are ex strippers or hookers. They truly do have street mantality.

Wow. That's a lot of useless yet totally titillating information to digest so early in the day. LOVE IT! Please get more inside info on Kim's cheap-ass Dollar Store wigs. They're hilarious!


I can't help it, I love this show. I even tried to watch the other Housewives shows but I didn't like them as much. I really hope there's a season 2.


Here's the latest update from Lisa that was on the Essence website.


Big Poppa is in fact Lee Najjar.
J to tha da I'm curious how you found this out!

RealViewerof ATL

Get your facts right... Kim, the broken down gold digger, verbally assaulted Lisa and defamed her.


You are so on the money with these chicks! Check out my take on their event disasters...


I've heard from a someone who works at the Cheetah (a strip club in Atlanta), that Kim used to dance there. And her "boyfriend's" (Big Poppa) identity can't be revealed because he's still married.


How old IS Kim's eldest daughter?

How old was she when she became pregnant? Where is the father? Who is/are the father(s)?


I donot think any of them have class. Money does not make you have class. I have alot of respect for Nene. She is real. She tells it like it is. It would be good if she toned it down a little. I agree with all the posts i have read. You all have legitimate comments. If you are hardworking you can make alot of money. If you can lie, cheat, steal, and sleep around. Then money comes easy. There are three of them i feel, have done this to get ahead. I watched this show today. I laughed and was very disgusted. They are an embarassment to all "Women" of America.


DeShawn has a horrible speech! I can't stand her laziness, lazy parenting, lazy wife, just lazy as hell! I have seen classy and she is truly a ghetto female who tries to use money to define her individual status. She needs to sign up for speech therapy. She reminds me of a out of shap black Jessica Simpson. She is truly rehearsed in everthing she says on camera. My 4 year old cousin can speak better than she can.


i love nene she is da bomb! now she keeps it real! kim shes so fake just like her fake hair,boobs, nose etc.etc.etc. all kim and sheree ever did was talk about nene! i love the part about how nene is a stripper and she was like im still a stripper! i strip for my husband! haha bitches you cant get her down! kim and sheree say that nene is a drag queen actually kim and sheree look more like drag queens. ya feel me. anywho plain and simple nene was my favorite real housewife of atlanta! she keeps it real! i heart nene

pee dee

Let me Break IT Down:

People love NeNe for one reason. You can take away the cameras, the money, the diamonds etc. and NeNe would be Okay. She would make a life for herslef and her children. She is like many of us (fans of the show.
Can you honestly say the ANY of the other women could survive being a hardworking, productive parent or wife (without the cash). Lisa Hartwell is a fighter, true enough, but I don't know if she could handle being stripped down to nothing.

NeNe would be just fine. I could see her on Survivor like " WHAT? Ya'll better get it together."

Cynthia Hemphill

I loved watching the show. Sheree wants to be more than what she is. She does not know how to be a Real friend to anyone nor does she know anything about fashion. She wants people to look up to her Fake Azz.. To bad NeNe got burned by that trick. At first I liked Kim she seemed to be down to earth and cool. I soon learned that Kim was two faced and uses sex to get what she wants. Oh and by the way Kim YOU CAN NOT SING!! And they showed Sheree supporting her but Sheree knows "Goodden Hell Well that Kim old Azz can't sing." That showed me that Sheree is a full of Shyt! Hey and who didn't know that Big Papa was married..Lisa started the mess between the ladies. Remember she was the one that told Sheree what NeNe said. DaShawn, I liked her a lot. She was quiet and classy to me. NeNe made the show. At first I did not like her but the more I watched that show the more I realized that she was the coolest and most down to earth person. And by the way NeNe husband was the most intelligent of the men on the show. I loved his comment during the last show. Lisa husband was just as messy as Lisa.

nicole eddy

I started watchin the show and automatically didnt like Kim.Those wigs!!! It's funny she thinks she is hot.I sit and wonder the whole time I'm watching,what does her real hair look like.Is it that ugly she has to wear a wig or does she not have any at all. The reunion show I thought someone mentioned her havin cancer.She seemed to get a lil mad about the statement.She is as fake as this Christmas tree in my house.Other than that I loved the show.

curious Williams

Nene is a seasoned actress who keeps everybody in anticipation of what might or could be her next move. She is very down to earth. The show deserves a second season.


You did a great job on this blog.


God I love this show! Can't believe it will soon be over.

Can't watch the other Housewives show, they pale (no pun intended) when compared to HW of Atlanta!


Ne Ne...Dude looks like a lady

Jada Holms

I love, love loveeeeeeeeee NENE and Lisa they make the show. Kim is bad looking with makeup or not, old women that's been $%#^ one time too many by old $%ZX#%ss man with very small balls. If he had that much $$$ than why is she so......... tore up child? She or He by Shree.....OK? broke and confused....BOO - who YOU! Candy....babygirl your not a baby anymore, it is to late just Escape and tardy for the party cause your too old baby.

Account Deleted

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